Chapter 104

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sky and Ground 1
Following after Mr. Bunny, we enter the dome-like room.
It’s similar to the room I came to before.
Rather, it looks exactly the same.
However, there’s no Virgo here.
“It’s empty~”
“Deshu ne~”
“Nu, I don’t feel his presence.”
Sasa sasa sasa

We couldn’t find anyone in the room when we searched around.
Virgo is not here.
“Even though this was the place I felt his presence in before going to sleep.”
“It’s as En-san said. But, since we entered the new path, I couldn’t feel any signs.”
“Nu, I’m the same. It may be because of this special space.”
“Deshu ka~”
“Just where did he escape to? This seems to be a dead-end, though..”
We are wondering, but…
Pyon pyon
Mr. Bunny is full of vigor.
I thought it might want to show us the projection again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
There not the projector-like thing put out on the pedestal in the center of the room.

Pyon pyon
Mr. Bunny jumps up and down.
It may be trying to convey something.

“Is something there?”

I ask Mr. Bunny.

Pyon pyon
The answer didn’t come.
Oh my, there’s a change in Mr. Bunny’s movement.

Mr. Bunny points up, at the ceiling? with its hand.

“Is there something wrong at the top?”

Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny shakes its head vertically.
It means “YES”.
Something may have happened “Above”.
By any chance…

“Is there Virgo above?”

Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny shakes its head vertically again.
It looks like I was right.

Is there Virgo above us…
But, where above is he?
And what for…

“When you say above, do you mean above this room, in other words, the place where we were before, at the end of this path?”

Nn nn
Mr. Bunny shakes its head from side to side.
It seems that I was wrong.

Mr. Bunny points its hand above again.
It points its hand up while bouncing up and down.


“You mean more, even more, above?”

Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny shakes its head up and down.
I seem to be right.

“Above, is it…”
“Nu, speaking of above… the huge tree’s top?”

Nn nn
Mr. Bunny shakes its head from side to side.
It seems En-san’s answer was wrong.

“Is it more, and more above deshu yo~”

Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny nods.
Ado’s seems to be right.

“That means… At this floor, I can only imagine it being the ceiling of this dungeon’s floor. There’s nothing higher than the huge tree on this floor, after all.”

Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny shakes its head up and down.
It seems Aisha was also correct.

However… It will be a problem if Virgo is located at the dungeon’s ceiling.
“Nu, but you know. You can’t approach the ceiling. I was struck by lightning when I challenged it.”
Right, right.
Means of getting to the ceiling… There’s none.
“Deshu ne~ You were burnt black deshu. That was funny deshu.”
“That it was. It was difficult even for En-san.”
“Hou. It was difficult even for En-san’s scales? However, Virgo has a lightning spirit. He probably wouldn’t receive lightning damage. It’s the question if he is able to jump there.”
If it’s Virgo… He might be able to reach the ceiling…
“But, why is Virgo trying to reach the ceiling? If he plans to escape, it would be better to run to other levels. His target is the spirit of the tree, in other me, who he mistook me for, but… Did he give up?”
“I don’t know. However, let’s chase after him. He’s not a fellow to give up so easily.”
“Nu, that’s right. My claws are getting lonely.”
“I also agree. If we let that fellow escape, he might cause more damage. That means… Return by the path and get out of the huge tree」
When we decide our next course of action…

Pyon pyon
Mr. Bunny points at the wall.
There was… a path?
A path was made all too soon.
Moreover, it’s not the path we came from. It’s a new path.

“Where does this path lead?”
Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny points at the top.

“Is it connected to the outside?”
Hyoko hyoko
Mr. Bunny shakes its head vertically.
Apparently, the path is connected to our place of destination.
Mr. Bunny might have made it for us.
It’s a mysterious room.
But, we should use this path.

“Alright, everyone, let’s hurry ahead. Ado.”
I jump on Ado, we leave the dome-like room behind, and run at the newly made path.
Zaza zaza zaza

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