Chapter 103

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mr. Bunny
Su~ Su~ Su~
Virgo is smoothly replenishing his mana in the dome-like room.
The mana’s quality is high, the quantity abundant, he’s replenishing without worries.

(Almost all of my mana has been replenished. Nevertheless, what a strange room. The mood here is different from everywhere else. Also, that bunny who occasionally appears… Just what is that…)

Pyon pyon
The bunny has appeared again.
It’s coming in and out of the walls.
It moves mysteriously.

Virgo grasps his thunder katana.
Because he verified that he had recovered enough mana, he swings his katana as a test.

When he swings his thunder katana, a slashing attack flies off.
An electric shock jumps and hits the bunny.

Biribiribiri bashu
The bunny moved its tail and returned the slashing attack.

“Ho~u. Aren’t you good? So you are not just an ordinary bunny.”

Za za
Thunder katana is swung, and white slash launches.
The attack hits the bunny again.
This time, two at once.

Biribiribiri bashu Biribiribiri bashu
The bunny moves its tail and returns the attacks again.

“Looks like it wasn’t just a fluke.”

The bunny bounces up and down.
It looks like its having fun.

If this bunny has enough power to return my attacks…
It may be able to speak.

“Incidentally bunny, what is the mana in this room connected to? It’s different from normal mana, right? When I was outside, I couldn’t detect the mana in this room.”

The bunny doesn’t respond.
Its eyes are blinking.

“You don’t know? Oh, well.”

(Since I have replenished my mana, the problem now is my enemies, the dragonewt and the spirit of the tree. I have come here to hunt the spirit of the three. I don’t know where they are now, but I have to defeat the spirit. In that case, I have to fight in the most advantageous place. Right, a place overflowing with mana. Because my opponent is chasing after me, all I have to do is lead them to that place)

“Bunny, where is the place with most mana?”

Pyon pyon
There was a reaction from the bunny.
It moves its hand and points at the ceiling… it points to the top.

“Up? You mean at the top of the huge tree?”

Hyoko hyoko
The bunny shakes its head horizontally.

“Wrong? Then, where?”

Pyon pyon
The bunny points above.

“Not the top of the huge tree, but the dungeon’s ceiling?.”


Hyoi hyoi
The bunny shakes its head vertically.

(Looks like I was correct. But, the dungeon’s ceiling won’t work. I don’t know how it works, but each floor’s ceiling is very high. Although I can move in the spirit form, the travel distance is limited, it’s not enough to reach the ceiling. Now then, what should I do?

Virgo is troubled.



Woken up by En-san, I stand on the guard duty.
I watch the outside while everyone sleeps.
I watch Virgo by following the flow of mana, but there’s no suspicious movement.
Rather, there’s no movement at all.
He’s at the same place all the time.

While spacing out, I look at the huge tree’s wall.
The sap is leaking from the wall and created a little river.
The flow doesn’t seem to end.
It keeps on pouring out.

And then…
Pyon pyon
A pink object.
Mr. Bunny has appeared.
It may be the same bunny I have seen before.
It looks towards me and moves its ears.
Almost as if it was beckoning me with its ears.

If I follow that bunny… I may be able to get into that room.
And I may be able to see another strange projection.
Virgo may be in that very room right now.

Keeping the bunny in my sight, I wake everyone up.
Yusayusa yusayusa yusayusa
“Wake up~”
I shake everyone.

“Nu, nu~n.”
“Wha, enemy?”
Half-asleep reactions.
No, I’m in fact also sleepy.
Ado looks at me with drowsy eyes and hanging ears.
“Actually, Mr. Bunny has appeared.”
Ah, uh.
I have to explain properly.
They have no idea what’s going on.

I tell them about the huge tree.
That I followed a pink bunny and arrived at a strange room.
Most likely, the same room Virgo is now in.
And above all, the pink bunny who took me there is right outside of our room.
“I see~”
“Is that so?”
“That being the case, we may be able to reach Virgo’s room if we follow after the bunny.”
“Nu, let’s go.”
“Bunny… is it? If it takes us to Virgo.”

Thus, we leave the room.
By the way, Chiko is being carried on En-san’s shoulder.
I have returned the futons back to the item box.
There’s a possibility we won’t return here if we fight.

Pyon pyon
Mr. Bunny is still outside.
When we approach… Mr. Bunny slightly moves and advances forward.
He seems to be keeping a fixed distance.
If we follow, we might reach the mysterious room just like before.

“Cal~mly, follow, cal~mly.”
“Let’s do that.”
Sasa sasa
We follow after Mr. Bunny.
Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa
When we get too close, Mr. Bunny moves.
We advance while keeping the same distance.

Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa

Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa

Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa

And then… an entrance in the wall appears.
“Nu, a path that didn’t exist before…”
“Deshudeshu~ A new path has appeared deshu.”
“How mysterious. Just what strange mechanism is this?”
Pyon pyon
Mr. Bunny enters the newly created path.
Sasa sasa
We also enter.

Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa
We advance ahead.
We follow Mr. Bunny on a long and narrow road.
It was the same when I followed Mr. Bunny before.
It may be a different place from that time, but the structure is very similar.

Pyon pyon
Sasa sasa
After walking for a while… we have arrived to a dome-like room.

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