Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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[In a Dream?] 2
When I woke up and confirmed my surroundings…
I wasn’t in the huge tree.

An empty space.
A white tile-like floor and blue sky.
But, the sky is not moving.
The movements of the clouds are stopped.
It’s a windless space.
As if… a room where time stops.
Even when I look around.
All I see is a white floor spreading to a plaza.

There’s nothing but big clay jars in that plaza.
There are several hundred jars bigger than me.
No, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands.
The line of the horizon is not visible because the jars are placed as far as I can see.

Human-sized jars.
Just what is it?
What are they used for?

But, I feel like I have something to remember at this place.
Did I come here before?
It feels like I came to this place before.

Tekuteku tekuteku
I walk among the lined up jars.
I’m walking in a space where thousands of jars are lined up.

Gacha gacha gacha
A jar near me has broken.
A mummy-like corpse comes out from inside.

I got surprised.
But… this scene… I feel like I have seen such a scene before.
I continue walking while being surprised.


Tekuteku tekuteku
I keep walking among the jars.

Gacha gacha gacha
A jar near has cracked.
A mummy-like corpse is inside.


Tekuteku tekuteku
I keep walking among the jars.

Gacha gacha gacha
A jar near has cracked.
As expected, a mummy-like corpse was inside.


Tekuteku tekuteku
I walk further.

Gacha gacha gacha
A jar near has break again.
A mummy-like corpse was inside again.


While walking…
The jars occasionally kept on cracking.
Mummies appeared every time.
The familiar sight kept on continuing.


Tekuteku tekuteku
I keep on walking.
Just keep on walking.

I continue walking, aiming towards the final destination.


A line of black distortion appears before me.
Black lines of a broken jar.
The scattered fragments are like puzzle pieces.
Almost as if I assemble the fragments according to the black lines, it would turn back as it used to be.

“Blood and Iron Alchemy.”

Words float in my heart.
Will this jar get repaired if I use that skill?
And then…… I thought like I had fixed a jar once before.
But… how was it that time?
Did I do it well?
Or…… did I fail?

How was it?

I am troubled.
I can’t recall.
I can’t remember anything at all.
First of all, it’s doubtful whether I have been in this place before.
I can’t be sure.

But, should I give it a try?
My heart is trembling.
I can’t restrain my curiosity.
I target the jar and use the skill.
I concentrate.

“Blood and Iron Alchemy.”

I restore the jar and the mummy according to the black lines.
The jar is taking its original shape.
But… the black lines are distorted.
The distorted outlines are fading.
It fades and becomes so thin as if there were no lines at all.
But, this… it may not be possible to restore its original form.
Something is obstructing the restoration.

But, I forcibly adjust it according to the lines.
I restore the jar’s form by force.

It’s shaped like a jar now.
While thinking it turned back to its original state…

Gacha gacha gacha
The restored jar instantly breaks again.
The mummy-like corpse falls out.

I feel disappointed.
I feel down.
I thought I would definitely restore it properly the next time.


I tried reconstructing it once again.

Gacha gacha gacha
The jar that seemed to return to the original form breaks just as before.
Gacha gacha gacha
As expected, the jar which seemed to return to the original for breaks again.

Gacha gacha gacha
The jar breaks again.


Restore, break, and repeat.
I try again and again.
The sounds of jar breaking echoes around the space.
Because it’s the only sound that there is.


And before I noticed… perhaps because I was exhausted… I lost my consciousness.

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