Chapter 101

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In the center of the dome-like room.
Virgo sits on the pedestal.
Su~ Su~ Su~
While smoothly replenishing his mana…

Pyon pyon pyon
Something loiters in his field of vision.
When he looked carefully, it was a pinkish thing… a bunny.

His gaze matches with the bunny.
Virgo and the bunny stare at each other.

(An? This bunny… from where? Also… I feel a strange presence from it. It may not be a simple animal or a monster)

Koten the bunny tilts its head.
Pyon pyon pyon
The bunny moves around the room…
Just when thinking he would hit the wall… it disappears into the wall.

(What’s this bunny? It vanished… inside the wall)


(Ah. It came out of the wall)

Pyon pyon
The bunny moves around the room energetically.
It keeps coming in and out of the wall, not being concerned about Virgo at all.
Meanwhile, Virgo observes the bunny while absorbing mana.

Su~ Su~ Su~
Virgo himself and his weapons are being supplied with mana.



Zaza zaza zaza
We arrive at the closest place to Virgo.
I get down from Ado.
“Nu, Virgo’s presence is coming from below.”
“I think so too.”
I felt the same place when I was searching by the flow of sap.
“Deshu ka~”
We take a steady look at the ground.
“I punch deshu~”
Bakon dogon
When Ado punches the ground… nothing happens.
The ground shook, but it didn’t get destroyed.
“No good deshu~”
“I will try too.”

Bako dogon
En-san punches too, but… nothing happens in the same way.
Considerable power.
The ground shakes again, but it doesn’t get destroyed.
“Nu, as expected, it’s a special material.”
“That seems to be the case.”
Aisha and I stroke the ground.
It doesn’t feel different from a normal ground, but… this ground is bizarrely hard.
As proof…


Bako dogon zushan!
When Ado and En-san punch a different ground, it gets normally destroyed.
The two look satisfied after destroying the ground.
“What a fragile ground nou.”
Looking at the two, I think.
When I got visited by Usagi-san before, I followed after him, it’s not like I entered the room on my own.
It was a path I have never seen before.
In other words, I didn’t enter with my own strength.
If that’s the case… we may not be able to enter the room this time.
That means… we have no choice, but to wait for the chance…
If we wait, it’s likely that Virgo will come out on his own, or Usagi-san might appear and show us the way.
Because even Virgo can’t stay in that room forever.
It seems that we have no other choice at hand.
“Let’s wait here for a while. A chance to enter the room might come.”
“Nu, let’s do that.”
“Deshu ne~”
“Shall we do that?”
We have decided to standby at this place.


Paku paku paku
I take out meals from my item box, and we eat.
I grilled monster meat and poured Yakiniku sauce I bought with “Online Shopping” over it.
“Delish deshu. Yakiniku sauce deshu.”
“Nu. This is different.”
“I also ate something like that for the first time, it’s wonderful.”
Yakiniku found great success today.
This is the best after all.
But, however.
It’s slightly different today, there’s one more liquid used today.
That’s right, I sometimes lick the sap from the huge tree.
The mellow taste adds a nice accent.
“Sweet deshu~”
“We should bring this sap with us.”
“I can collect some in the item box.”
“I will do the same.”
I have several empty jars, so I decided to fill them up with the sap.
The sap is in large quantity in this huge tree, but there probably won’t be any outside.
It’s important to preserve some.


We have finished the meal and moved to collect the sap.
Sutasuta sassa sutasuta sassa pon
Sutasuta sassa sutasuta sassa pon
Everyone collects the sap into the jars.
We then store them in item boxes.
“Alright, this is enough.”
“I also have plenty.”
“Me too.”
“Ado, Ado… doesn’t have an item box… gusun.”
“It’s okay, Ado’s share is in my item box.”
“Thank you deshu~”


It’s nightfall soon.
I occasionally search mana’s presence and check up on Virgo.
En-san also keeps his magical power signs in at check, but… there’s no movement.
“Then, shall we take a nap? Let’s take turns. First…”
“Leave it to me.”
“Then, I will leave it to you, En-san. We will switch every two hours, with me, Ado then Aisha.”
“Okay deshu yo~”
“I also don’t mind.”
“Good, then, let’s make an inn. Ado, could you open a hole in the wall for me?”
Ado punches and the wall crumbles.
Just enough for four…
No, it’s the right size for five when including the limp Chiko.

Which reminds me…
Chiko has been carried by En-san all this time.
She has been like a vegetable since she received the attack of Virgo’s spear, but…
Is she all right?
She’s breathing, and her external wounds don’t seem to be that serious so… she’s probably okay.
En-san also said she looks fine.
She has a comfortable sleeping face.

Now then, now then.
I enter the hole in the wall and retrieve blood and bones from the item box.
I focus my mind and activate the skill.
“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
Bowan bowan bowan bowan bowan
I immediately create five beds.
Then, I retrieve futons from the item box and place them on top of the beds.
The simple bedding is completed.
“Everyone, it’s done~”
Sasa sasa
Ado enters the hole first.
She dives into the bed and rolls on top of the futon.
She looks very pleased and wags her tail vigorously.
“Deshu~ Soft futon deshu~”
Tokotokotoko suta
Aisha slowly sits on the bed.
“I also like this futon.”
En-san lowers Chiko on the bed.
“I’m leaving Chiko here.”
That being the case.
I also flop onto the bed.
The soft futon feels nice~
I could fall asleep immediately.

We decided to take a break and sleep.
I could see En-san’s vigilant figure at the entrance while closing my eyes.




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