Chapter 73

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Embarking on the 47th Floor
Day of the departure.
A day to leave the wyvern’s nest has arrived.
I feel like we have been quite a while in this nest.

We are now at the same Gate 3 which we have arrived through for the first time.
Including Waitarou.
Many wyverns came to see us off.

“Tokukawa-sama. I wish you a safe journey.”
“Yes. Thank you for your hospitality.”
“Me too.”
“Yes. I hope we can meet again soon.”

Waitarou on the brink of tears.
But, we have to go.

“Then, En-san.”
“Nu. It’s my turn, huh?”

En-san transforms into the big dragon.
We all get on En-san’s back.

“Well then, departure!”
“Deshu~ Let’s go deshu~!”
“I aim to be the fastest.”

En-san jumps off the platform.
And flies away from the wyvern’s nest.




“Deshudeshudeshu~ So fast deshu~!”
“Nya what nya~ Too fast nya~”
“I’m the fastest! Hold on.”

En-san is aiming for the fastest speed for some reason.
We are clinging to En-san desperately.
He’s so fast I can’t tell what’s what…




Before I notice…

O, ou.
En-san’s voice.
The scenery is completely different from the top of the huge tree.
It seems we have returned back to the ground.

We unsteadily get off En-san’s back.
Ado and Chiko are both lightly swaying.

En-san returns to the small dragon form.
“How was it, my speed?”
“Unpleasant deshu~”
“Enjoyable nya~”
Ado seems sick.
Her face is pale.
She plops down on the ground.
Conversely, Chiko’s eyes are sparkling.
It looks like she just got off the roller coaster.
She’s excited.

“Ado, are you okay?”
“Deshudeshu~ My head is spinning deshu~ The ground is moving deshu~”
She looks completely nauseated.
Let’s take a break for a while.
“Ado, it’s alright to lie down and close your eyes.”
Ado puts her head on my lap.
“Nu, how childish.”
“Ado is weak to motion sickness nya~”
En-san and Chiko also sit down.
It’s a break until Ado recovers.




I pat Ado’s head.
Soft hair.
I look at the huge tree while her dog ears are twitching.
Although we were on top of it just a while ago.
It’s huge after all.
Although I have the same thought every time I look at it.
It’s a grand tree.

“Tokukawa nya~ If there’s time, I would like to go to the tree basement and collect some mana nya~”
“Nu. They I shall tag along.”
“Don’t mind us~”
Chiko and En-san enter the tree basement.
The cat-eared Chiko leaves to the cave.

I pat Ado’s head while receiving the tranquil wind.
“Suu~ Suu~”
Oh my?
It seems Ado has fallen asleep.
Her face looks very comfortable.
Ado is a sleepy head.





A few hours later.
Chiko and En-san have returned from the underground dungeon.
Looks like they have collected a lot of mana, Chiko looks pleased.
Did En-san encounter any monsters inside?
His face is filled with accomplishment.
“N, well~ Goshujin-shama~?”
Ado blinks with her eyes.
It seems she has woken up.
“Ado, how are you feeling?”
“Perfectly deshu~”

Ado gets up.
She stretches energetically.
She looks all right.
“Ado. Shall we go then?”
“Deshu ne~ Ado wants to move deshu~”
Ado transforms into the beast mode.
I and Chiko climb up on Ado.
En-san flaps his wings.
Departure preparations completed.

“Alright. Let’s depart to the 47th floor. We will be depending on your guidance, Chiko.”
“Leave it to me nya~ Let’s go nya~ First, go to that cliff nya~”
Chiko points her finger and Ado starts running.
Sasa Sasa Sasa




Sasa Sasa Sasa
“Next, towards that cliff nya~”


Sasa Sasa Sasa
“Mew over there next nya~”


Sasa Sasa Sasa
“Towards that cliff next nya~”


Sasa Sasa Sasa
“Follow this path nya~”




After riding on Ado’s back for a while…
A view which I saw before spreads in front of us.
I saw it several times.
A huge staircase leading to the upper floor.
“Arrived nya~ Staircase to the 47th-floor nya~”
“We did it.”
“Deshu ne~”
“Nu. I’m looking forward to the next floor.”
Everyone feels warm and fluffy after the safe arrival.

“Ado, dash up quickly.”
Sasa Sasa Sasa
We climb up the stairs between the floors.




After that…
What we saw is…
A jungle!
“Nu. It looks similar to my 49th floor.”
“Deshu ne~ A lot of trees deshu.”
“That’s right nya~ There are many trees on this floor nya.”

The characteristics of the floors until now.
50th Floor=Grasslands
49th Floor=Jungle
48th Floor=Deserted Land
47th Floor=Jungle

Well, there are several floors.
There will surely be similar floors.
Rather, it would be strange if there weren’t similar floors.
There are also jungle only dungeons in games after all.

“Chiko. Can I ask you to continue guiding us?”
“Leave it to me nya. I will guide you crisply nya~ Let’s go that way nya~”
We run to the jungle with Chiko’s guidance.
Sasa Sasa Sasa

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