Chapter 71

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wyvern’s Training
The next day.
After waking up and having breakfast.
I decided to leave for the square.
This is in order to fulfill En-san’s request to train the wyverns.

When I arrive at the square…
The small wyverns are already assembled.
They are unsteadily bobbing with their necks.
“It’s wai-sans deshu~”
Ado tagged along.
I actually intended to come alone, but Ado wanted to go together.

“All right. Everyone, it has been decided that I will train you today in En-san’s stead.”
I greet them.
“It’s Tokukawa~”
“It’s En Jiichan’s master~”
The wyverns get noisy.
Because they are my followers, I’m able to easily understand their words.

“Well then. I think we should start practice.”
I take out blood and bones from the item box.
I have created many balls.
“Oou.” “Increadible~” I hear the small wyverns exclaim.

“First, I want to see everyone’s aviation ability. I will throw a ball in the air and you will catch it.”
“Ado will throw too deshu~”
It may be better to leave it to Ado.

“Alright, then, stand in one row first.”

“Let’s go!”
I throw a ball in the air.
The wyvern in the front flies up.
He caught it well in his mouth.
Quite a quick movement.

“Alright. Ado, throw the balls one by one into the air.”
Poi Poi
Ado steadily throws the balls into the sky.
Paku Paku
The wyvern catches the balls.
It seems his aviation ability is quite good.
Is this normal?
Or a boon of En-san’s training?
Which is it?
“Alright. Ado, throw a lot more.”

Poi Poi Poi Poi
Ado increases the number of balls she throws.
Paku Paku Paku Paku
The wyvern follow.

“More is coming deshu~”

Poi Poi Poi Poi
Paku Paku Paku Paku

With the increased number of balls thrown, some of them weren’t caught.

“Alright! Ado, you can stop now.”
I have a general idea of the wyvern’s aviation ability.
It seems that he’s able to fly in the sky quite freely.

“Alright. Let’s take a look at the next person.”

The scenery of Ado throwing balls and wyverns catching them continued.
We take a break after everyone was tested.

“Ado, good job.”
“I can throw more deshu yo~”
Ado doesn’t seem to be tired at all.
It looks like she wants to throw some more.
So energetic.
“Then, should I have Ado help me again?”




After the break ends.
I create a certain something with the『Blood Bone Alchemy』.
I carry it on my back.
“Goshujin-shama~ Is that a flag deshu?”
“That’s right Ado, you are correct.”
I’m carrying a flag on my back right now.
It’s swaying in the wind.
I feel like Momotarou.

The wyverns look at me in puzzlement.
That might be a natural reaction.
They definitely don’t understand the meaning.
I have to explain it then.

“Everyone, the next practice. It’s simple, I want you to try and steal this flag from me. That’s all.”
The wyverns get noisy.
“Eeh?” “Hm?” “A tag?” they ask.


“Ado, will you let me on? I will be escaping on your back.”
Ado transforms into the beast mode.
I get on Ado.

“I reward those who take this flag from me. Well then, let’s start!”

I get on Ado and run towards the prairie.




Sasa Sasa
We arrive at the prairie.
The wyverns are chasing from behind.
Ado is splendidly escaping.
“Ado, they are coming again.”
“Deshu ne~ Don’t get caught deshu yo~”

Sasa Sasa
We run around the prairie while dodging the wyverns’ attacks.
I observe and feel the wyverns’ aviation ability.
They seem to be weak at low-altitude flying.
Ado is able to easily dodge their surprise attacks.

And then…
The time passed.
In the end, we were able to escape successfully.
The wyverns have regrettable expressions.

“Aight~ Everyone worked hard. Keep at it the next time. You need to cooperate and drive the prey into a corner. It’s better to cooperate and take the prey one by one.”
“Well then, let’s have another go.”

Sasa Sasa
I get on Ado and we dodge the wyverns’ attacks.
After repeating it many times, the wyverns started cooperating.
It seems my course has been successful.




“Aight~ Let’s end it here today. Everyone worked hard. This is your reward.”
I distribute potato chips among the wyverns.
Because they are En-san’s favorite, I thought the wyverns would like them too.

As a result.
“Delish~” “What is this?” “Amazing.” “It’s crispy and delicious!”
Yep, yep.
It seems to be very popular.
Potechi are delicious after all.

“Let’s do the same tomorrow. If you take the flag by the dusk, I will reward you with potechi. Well then.”
I and Ado return to our room.




The next day.
While doing the same training…
The wyverns splendidly stole the flag from me.
The wyverns attacked us as if their lives depended on it.
They must have wanted the potechi to that extent.

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