Chapter 70

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After that.
I chat with the wyverns at the square.
It’s Waishirou and Wairokurou.
I became able to delicately distinct them.
“Tokukawa-sama, then, we will take our leave.”

I check the clock in the square.
A considerable amount of time has passed because I chatted with many people.
The time passed in a blink of an eye.

Sasa Sasa
“Nya nya~n.”
It’s Chiko and Ado.
The two girls run to me full of spirit.
Doka Bashu
Ado jumped at me.
They were playing with the wyvern children until a while ago, though.
It seems that they are done.
“Welcome back.”
“I’m back deshu~”
Because it seems that Ado wants me to pat her head.
Ponpon I gently pat her.
“Deshu~ Deshu~”
Ado is in a good mood.
Her dog ears are bobbing.

“Tokukawa nya. The collar was a huge hit nya.”
“Everyone was surprised deshu~”
“Right nya~ A collar made from Ancient Green Dragon scales is rare nya~ A house could be built with one of those nya~”
It’s that valuable, huh~
En-san’s scales.
Although I used just a little to make the collars.
But, I see~
That is so~
Ancient Green Dragons are extremely rare species.
Enough to surprise even the sage El Jiisan.

“I see, I see. That is good.”
“Deshu ne~ As expected of Goshujin-shama.”
“Nyanya~ I’m rich nya~”
Ado’s and Chiko’s ears sway in satisfaction.
I think that the quality of their fur depends on their mood.
Cause it’s silky smooth now.
“Well then, we should return now.”
“Deshu ne.”

Tekuteku Tekuteku
We return back to our room.

“Nu. You are back? It seems Ado had a proper run.”
“Deshu yo~ I played a lot deshu.”
“Me too nya~”
“I’m back.”
I look at En-san.
He’s sharpening his claws in the bed.
His claws might have changed together with his new scales.

Tekuteku Boshu
Tekuteku Boshu
Ado and Chiko leap into the bed.
They sink into the soft bed.
Dreamy state of mind.
They look comfortable.

“Hey, hey, Ado and Chiko too, your furs need brushing before bed or it will become bad, you know?”
“Tired deshu~”
“Me too nya~”
Good grief.
Can’t be helped.
I will do it for them.
I retrieve a rubber brush I purchased in the “Online Shopping”.
It’s a plastic brush with the bristles made out of soft rubber.

“Ado, I will do the brushing so don’t move around.”
“Yay deshu~”
I check Ado’s coat who is lying face down.
A lovely tail is facing me, but…
It’s disarranged a little.
First, I fix the tail hair with the rubber brush.
I brush Ado’s tail from the root to the end with the rubber brush while paying attention to not damage her skin.
“Kuo~n. Deshu~ Paradise deshu~”
Ado starts dozing off in comfort.
When I lightly touch her back with my hand…
Her temperature seems to have risen.
This is a standard time for sleep.
Let’s finish quickly.
After fixing the tail I focus on fixing Ado’s fur.


“Deshu~ Dozing off deshu~ The brush is squishy and feels good deshu~”
Ado doesn’t open her eyes anymore.
She has completely activated the sleeping mode.
I continue to carefully brush Ado’s fur.
“Suu~ Suu~ Suu~ Suu~”
My, oh my.
It seems Ado has fallen asleep.
Her stomach moves regularly.
I think I should end my brushing here.
I cover Ado with a blanket.

I turn around because I think I heard another “Suu~ Suu~” sound.
It seems that Chiko fell asleep too.
I cover her with a blanket.

“Really, Ado and Chiko are so carefree. The demi-humans are like this since the olden days, though.”
En-san says with sparkling claws.
He’s looking at his claws from various angles.
I think that he polished his claws good.

“Has your body recovered, En-san?”
“Nu, Lord. It’s quite good now. However, I need to rest for a little longer.”
En-san scales seem to be growing nicely.
The color is still light green, though.
They will surely become beautiful emerald green as before soon.

“Right. Lord, I actually have a request.”
“Nn? What is it?”
“In fact, I would like you to take over the wyvern’s training while I lay in bed.”
“Teach the sky” It’s that one, right?
I am not able to fly, though…
Is that all right?
“En-san. I can’t fly, you know?”
“If it’s Lord, you will figure it out. I will give you pointers.”
Is that so~
Then, I will give it a try.
“As expected of Lord. The wyverns are loitering around the square now, so please begin tomorrow in the morning.”




Like this, it has been decided that I will train the wyverns.

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