Chapter 69

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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En-san Scales Are Treasures?
En-san is dead tired on the bed.
He’s taking a rest.
His charred coat restored completely before I noticed.
His regeneration power may be extremely high.

“En scales are strong deshu~”
“Nyanya~ Treasures nya~”
Ado stares at the shiny scales.
En-san sheds the unusable scales to the side of the bed.
Chiko quickly throws them into her item box.

I’m a bit interested so let’s appraise the scales.

Others: Scales of the Ancient Green Dragon
Description: Treasure. Material far surpassing various materials, armors, and weapons.

En-san himself is precious after all.
The scales seem to be valuable too.
I understand why Chiko is throwing them into her item box.

“Nu, I will give you as many scales as you want. I don’t need the old ones.”

Although En-san is laying on the bed, he’s confident as ever.
Sasa Poi Sasa Poi
I fill my item box with scales too.
I want to get valuables too.
They may be useful one day.

“My bag is full nya~ I’m rich now nya~ I won’t be troubled with research funds anymore nya~”
“Ado is hokahoka too deshu~”
An overjoyed expression forms on Chiko’s face after filling her item box full of scales.
Ado who holds a scale in her hands also seems to have fun.
I’m also glad that I was able to get treasures.

“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
Ado rubs her cheek against mine.
“What’s the matter? Ado.”
“I want you to make me something of this deshu.”
Ado holds out En-san’s scale to me.

Let’s see~
What should I make?
Something that would match with Ado~
That means…
Let’s do that.
Yup, that.

I retrieve blood and bones from my item box.
Ability activation!

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
What I made is a collar.
It has Ado’s name and attached portrait.

“Look, Ado. A new collar.”
“Wawawa~ Thank you deshu~ I would like Goshujin-shama to put in on me deshu.”
Good grief.
Can’t be helped~
“Ado, turn around.”
“Yes deshu~”
Ado turns around.
I unfasten the clasp and take off Ado’s old collar.
I attach the new collar from En-san scale.
Ado’s dog ears lightly sway.
“It’s done Ado. It fits perfectly.”
“Thank you deshu~ Pikapika deshu~”
Ado looks at her reflection in a mirror.
She makes many poses in front of the mirror.
Her tail pleasantly shakes.


“Nyanya~ So the collar was made by Tokukawa nya~ How skillful nya~”
“Does Chiko want one too?”
“Is it okay nya~?”
“Of course.”
“Then, I will request you nya~”
I retrieve blood and bones from the item box again.
“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
A collar with Chiko’s name was made.

“Chiko, it’s complete.”
“Nyanya~ Thanks nya~ I would like you to put it on me too nya~”
Good grief.
Can’t be helped~
Mozomozo Pachi
I attach the collar on Chiko.

Chiko restlessly runs towards the mirror for some reason.
She checks her appearances from various angles.
Demi-humans may like collars.

Ado approaches me.
What’s the matter?
“What’s wrong, Ado?”
“I want to go for a stroll deshu~”
“Me too nya~”
Chiko came too.
They probably want to go out with their new collars.
“Alright. Let’s go then.”

“Outside is good. I will stay here, but you should go out and play.”
With En-san’s words, I left the room together with Ado and Chiko.




Tekuteku Tekuteku
While walking towards the wyvern’s nest’s square.
“Tokukawa-sama, are you alright?”
Waitarou calls me with a worried expression.
Did something happen?
He’s being worried about me for some reason.
By the way, Chiko and Ado are playing with the wyvern children.

“Waitarou. What do you mean? There’s no problem?”
“Is that so? I’m glad. I’ve heard from my friends that Tokukawa-sama and other have received a Divine Wrath.”
Divine Warth…
Is it about that?
When En-san challenged the heavens.
He was thunderstruck while going towards the dungeon floor’s ceiling.

“Are you talking about the lightning?”
“Yes. I heard a loud noise several times.”
It’s related to En-san after all.
The wyverns call the lightning a Divine Wrath.
How curious.
Is there some reason for it?
“Everything’s all right. En-san will recover immediately.”
“My goodness, that’s excellent. However, as expected of Tokukawa-sama. To receive Divine Warth and still be in good health…”
En-san’s scales are tough after all.
I don’t know what would happen if I was the one to get hit, though.
“It wasn’t much. But, why do you call it Divine Wrath… Is there no one who reached the ceiling before?”
“Ceiling is… a dreadful thing. A young wyvern recklessly flew up, but I have not heard of his success. Everyone who gets hit by the lightning suffers from a serious illness.”
Is that so.
Well, it was an impossible task even for En-san from the ancient species.
It may not be so easy to reach the ceiling.

“However, there’s an old legend… of a wyvern who barely managed to reach the heavens. That he reached the heavens after surpassing the Divine Wrath… but, that’s just a story from old days, I’m not sure if it’s the truth or not.”
“Is that so…”
I thought it was impossible.
So there may be someone who reached the ceiling~
Although looking at Waitarou’s face, it does seem like a story from a distant past.
“I’m glad you are safe above all. You all might have received the protection of the legendary wyvern. Besides, if it’s Tokukawa-sama and the others, you may even reach the ceiling.”
He strangely has high expectations of us.
Safety comes first.
“Haha. The lightning is strong so it would be difficult.”
“That’s so, isn’t it? However, it’s told that there’s an outrageous treasure at the ceiling. I look forward to seeing what’s there.”
Treasure, huh~
Is that so~
If that’s the case… it may be good to challenge it myself one day.
“Well then, I will take my leave now.”
Waitarou leaves.

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