Chapter 68

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Challenge! To the Dungeon’s Sky
“Nu. You finally came back.”

When we return, En-san is already relaxing in the bed.
Come to think of it…
En-san disappeared from the prairie before I noticed.
I could no longer see him around in the middle of the treasure hunt.

“Ado~ Hunted for treasures deshu~”
“Right nya~ It was exciting nya~”
“Nu. So that was from treasure hunting~ The holes all over the prairie. Then, when are you going to hunt for treasures next? I will join you.”

There are no plans or anything.
It was just a sudden treasure hunt today.

“I’m exhausted so I’m good for today nya~”
“Ado had enough deshu~”
“W, wha… you are already done…”

En-san looks lonely.
He may have wanted to treasure hunt with us.
En-san silently looks at me.

“Well, we will surely do it again sometimes, let’s have En-san participate at that time.”
“Leave it to me. My skills are itching!”
Energetic En-san.
He’s brimming with energy.

“I’m sleepy from moving so much nya~”
“Ado too~ Sleepysleepy deshu~”
Ado and Chiko rub their eyes.
They are already dozing off.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
Petari Petari
“Suu~ Suu~” Suu~ Suu~”
The two girls started sleeping the moment they fell on the bed.
They were running around so much, after all~
That may be the proper outcome.

I approach the two and cover them with a blanket.
Suu~ Suu~ Ado’s and Chiko’s fur are swaying.
They look very comfortable.

“Nu. Lord should also rest. You must have used a lot of magic during the treasure hunt.”
“Yeah. Then, I will go ahead.”
Suta Petari
I lie down on the bed.

What is it?
I don’t feel too much fatigue.
My amount of magic might have increased with the evolution.

When I close my eyes… I start dozing off.
My eyelids got heavy.
My consciousness becomes vague immediately.
I may enter the land of dreams~
A faint scenery comes to my mind.

That is… a space I have never seen before…
A vast space with many jars.
Someone is talking to me…









I wake up and have breakfast as usual.
After that.
We gathered at a place En-san has told us about.
An extension branch of the wyvern’s nest.
A place I can overlook the 48th floor from.
A vast dungeon is spreading below.

Though I saw the bottom a bit before… this place is rather high.
Indeed, it’s too high.

This moment.
Ado clings on me.
Ado has a fear of heights after all.
Can’t be helped.
She probably got conscious of the height and started thinking about how high this place is.

“There, there, Ado. Everything’s all right.”
“So high~ I’m scared deshu~”
“Ado is not good with heights nya? How strange nya~”
Chiko joyfully looks at the scenery below.
She seems to be alright.
I think being afraid of heights this high is quite normal.

“Nu. Ado is so slovenly.”
En-san says with a little upset expression.
The pressure.
But, but.
En-san was the one who told us “Anyway, I want you to come to this place”…
Just what does he want to do here?

“En-san, do you have something here?”
“Right nya~ There’s nothing nya~”
“Deshu~ Hiyunhiyun deshu~ Scaryscary deshu~”

“Fufufu. I intend to have you witness my challenge.”

What, what?
What again?
En-san with smart expression.
He has a philosophical atmosphere around him.

“What are you doing nya~?”
“I am going to challenge the heavens.”

This is inside a dungeon, though…
Is he going to the ceiling of this floor?
Although I can’t see the ceiling of this mysterious floor…

“Heavens deshu?”
“Right. I’m going to challenge the feat no one has done before. I learned about this while teaching the wyvern chicks about the sky. Then, it occurred to me. I will be able to reach the ceiling if it’s me…”

“Nyanya? Is that safe nya? The wind seems very very strong nya~”
“Absurd. Carefully observe me.”

Powan Basabasa
En-san transforms into the big dragon form and jumps out of the huge tree.

Zaza Zaza
En-san flaps his wings and steadily rises.

“H, high nya~”
“Deshu~ En, amazing deshu~”

Zaza Zaza
En-san’s altitude steadily increases.

When we rise our heads to follow…


A bolt of lightning directly struck En-san.
En-san is dropping with a cloud of black smoke coming out of his body.

“Nyanya? What nya~? Lightning inside a dungeonya?”
“En~ Is falling deshu~ Mokumoku deshu~”
“Ah, there’s certainly a smoke”

He’s just like a falling airplane.
He’s falling while making a line of black smoke.
En-san has regained consciousness around our eye level.
He flaps his wings and lands.
He’s nicely burnt.
Yakitori, no Yakidragon En-san.

En-san immediately turns into a small dragon form.
A burnt black dragon.
“A, are you okay nya~?”
“Deshu… There’s a smoke deshu.”

“I was just a little careless. Indeed~ To think there would be lightning… The damage is not a big deal. I was rather surprised.”

I’m glad.
It seems that En-san didn’t receive much damage.
The dragon scales may be very tough.

“Kuu… I’m going to try one more time!”
Powan Batabatabata
En-san instantly turns into the big dragon and flies to the sky again.

En-san is indomitable.
A great challenger.

“En is amazing nya~ Tough nya~”
“Deshu ne~”
“Yeah, yeah.”

While watching the sky.
En-san flies up high in the sky…

It came! The lightning!


“Nyanya, En has dodged the lightning nya~”
“En is quick deshu~”

He avoided the lightning only for a brief moment.

Pikapikagoroon! Pikapikagoroon! Pikapikagoroon!
Several lightnings strike at En-san.


En-san falls with a cloud of black smoke coming out of him again.
As expected, dodging three lightning strikes is too hard.

En-san somehow returns back to us.
He’s tottering a little.
En-san turns into the small dragon form.
He questionably falls to the ground.

“E, En-san, are you all right?”
“Nyanya~ Pitch black nya~”
“Deshu yo~ En is whole roasted deshu~”
Ado seems to be having fun.
En-san stands up and blows the smoke from his body.

“Hohoho. Indeed~ Who would have thought there would be three lightning strikes. But, do not worry~ It’s buzzing a little, but there’s no problem. I will recover if I lie down for a while.”

A lively En-san.
The lightning struck as if it totally aimed at him.
Rather than a natural phenomenon…
It’s like someone is shooting magic at him.

Does it mean it won’t let monsters approach the ceiling?
This dungeon…
The questions don’t end.

“Then, let’s return to the room. It would be better for En-san to take it slow today.”
“Nyanya. Let’s idle in the room nya~”
“Ado also wants to become roasted deshu~”
Ado “Fuu~ Fuu~” breathes heavily and plays in the smoke coming out of En-san’s body.
“I shall lie down.”




Like this.
En-san’s challenge of the heavens came to the end.

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