Chapter 67

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Treasure Hunting Continues
Gugugu Gugugu Boko!
“Nyanya~ It came out nya~ Treasure chest nya~”

When I open my eyes…
A similar treasure chest I found at Sage’s house appeared.
It was coiled around tree roots.
It came from under the ground again.

Which reminds me~
It may be just a coincidence, but I haven’t seen a treasure chest above the ground yet.
They have been only buried under the ground so far.
Although I they should always appear above the ground in games.

“Opening deshu~”

While lost in thought.
Ado and Chiko are already opening the treasure chest.
This development…
W, wait.
The contents of the treasure chest were taken from me by Ado and she has mysteriously evolved.

That being the case!
I quickly approach the treasure chest.
I stand close to the treasure chest just in case.
“Nya nya~n. Open nya~”
After the treasure chest opens…
A lithograph? is inside.
It’s not the evolution gem.

I, isn’t this possibly…
That thing?

I call that gentleman without thinking.
Please, your expert opinion.

Others: Fragment of the lithograph of fire 1/4
Description: Something good may happen if you collect them all.

It’s that after all.
I already have two fragments.
This is the third one.
The first one is from the Transfer Gate on the 50th floor.
The second one is from the Temple of the Warriors at the 49th floor.

I retrieve the two other lithograph fragments from the item box.

The fragment fits perfectly.
I can almost tell what’s drawn on it.
A bird-like creature…

“Tokukawa~ What’s that nya?”
Chiko pokes at the lithograph with her cat nails.
“Is it edible nya~?” She mutters.

I think this is not something you could eat…
It surely is as Chiko said.
What is this?
I ask again, but… there’s no other answer, it’s just a lithograph.
I don’t quite understand.
Chiko knocks with her nails.

“I don’t understand it quite well too, but it probably has a meaning.”
“Right deshu~ Ado also found one deshu~”
“That’s right~ Ado is admirable, really great.”
I pat Ado’s fluffy head.
A comfortable soft feeling.
“Then, I don’t need it nya~”
“I see, then I will take it.”

I store it in my item box.
Only one fragment remains.
When the last one is found, just what is going to happen…
So exciting~

“Then, I’m going to continue searching for treasures nya~!”
“Ado too~”
“Follow meow nya~”
Ado and Chiko start running around the prairie.
As expected, demi-humans are good at running.
They move so fast.





After that…
“Nyanya~ Here nya~ I feel like something is here nya~”
“Ado too~ Ado too~”
Ado and Chiko point at a place where their intuition tells them something is buried.
I touch the huge tree and pour magic.

Gugugu Gugugu Boko!
“Nyanya~ A miss nya~”
“Deshu~ Nothing deshu~”
“I’m going to find the next one nya~”
“Ado will search too deshu~”

Ado and Chiko run around.
I lie down on the grass and watch the two girls search for treasure.
When they find something, I check it with magic.


Gugugu Gugugu Boko!
“Nyanya~ A miss again nya~”
“Deshu~ Nothing’s here deshu~”


Gugugu Gugugu Boko!
“Nyanya~ What’s this nya? A bone nya~”
“Deshu~ It’s white deshu~”

Gugugu Gugugu Boko!
“Nyanya~ A broken magic tool nya~”
“Deshu~ It’s falling apart deshu~”


After digging many times around the prairie.
I have returned the enlarged branches to their original sizes.
I can’t let the prairie full of holes.

“Exhausted nya~”
“Deshu ne~ Finish deshu.”
“The end nya~”



We lay on the grass.
In the end, we found only one treasure chest.
We have uncovered various things, but almost everything was just junk.

“Well, we found the fragment so all is good.”
“It’s thanks to my sense of smell nya~”
“Ado also worked hard deshu~”
“Of course, you did~”
A stroke Ado behind her dog ears.
Because she was moving a lot?
Her hair is disarranged.
Brushing is necessary later.

“Then, let’s return to the room.”
“Yes nya~ Let’s go nya~”
“Ado wants to gorogoro in bed deshu.”

We return back to our room.

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