Chapter 66

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Treasure Hunting in the Prairie
A lukewarm touch.
A flickering feeling.

“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
When I open my eyes…
I see Ado.
Ado with her dog-ears pulled back.
“Awake deshu ka?”
“Yes. I’m awake.”
Rather than a deja vu, it’s an established way of waking up.
A refreshing way of waking up.

My head feels heavier than usual…
Why is that?
I think I had a dream, but… I can’t recall the contents.
I’m certain.
Even though I feel like it was an important dream…
Why is that?
I can’t remember at all.

“What’s the matter deshu~? Goshujin-shama?”
Ado looks at me anxiously.
Her dog-ears are unsteadily bobbing.
Bobbing Ado.
“No, it’s nothing. I’m just absentminded a little after waking up.”
“Is that so deshu~”
Ado makes a face of relief.
A different pair of animal ears are behind Ado.
That movement is…

“Finally awake nya~”
Right, it’s Chiko.
Chiko seems to be up early today.
She’s stretching? out her whole body.
Her cat eyes are half-closed, so she may have just woke up.

When I look around the room.
I don’t see En-san around again.
He probably already went out.
He seems to be teaching the wyverns in the morning.

“You have been sleeping since then nya~ You can sleep well, Tokukawa nya~”
“Right deshu. You have slept a lot deshu.”
It seems I have slept for quite the time.
I certainly feel more refreshed.
I might have slept for more than ten hours.
“I see~ I had a sound sleep after a long time.”
“Deshu ne~ You slept a lot deshu. Let’s go eat a breakfast deshu~”
“Nyanya. Right nya~ Eat to brim over with health nya~”

Hiyoi Pita
“Let’s go quickly deshu~”
“Right nya~ Don’t slack in the bed nya~”
“O, ou.”
I had my hands stolen by Ado and Chiko and was dragged out of the room.




Tekuteku Tekuteku
After having breakfast in the dining room, I stroll around with Ado and Chiko.
My body has become pretty much light.
It seems the load from evolving into Baby Angel Vampire has been finally lifted.

“Nya nya~n. Pokapoka nya~n. Nyanya.”
“Ado pokapoka too.”
The two girls energetically move their ears.
Is it the mysterious light? after a downpour in the dungeon?
But, why?

This light?
Although this is a dungeon, the light is making me become spirited.
As if it’s was outside…
I won’t understand even if I think about it~

We are heading towards the grassy plains near the wyvern’s nest.
There’s a prairie in the branches of the tree.
“Oh, we have arrived.”
“So vast deshu~”

An unthinkable vastness on top of a tree.
Dozens of branches combined together creating a base covered in the grass.
Wyverns are idling here.

“Nyanya~ I’m going to run nya~ So excited nya~”
“Goshujin-shama~ Ado also wants to run deshu~”
“Ou, go play.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado and Chiko run all around the prairie.
A contact of cat and dog ears.
Yep, yep.
Their ears are swaying.
So relaxing~
A healing sight.
I sit down and take a rest on the grass.





Looking at Ado and others while lying down.
It’s En-san.
He’s doing something with several wyvern children on the prairie.
Looking at that… he’s teaching them a take-off method.
A small dragon makes a noise in front of big wyverns.
En-san seems to be hustling.

Zaza~ the wind passes by.
The wyvern’s nest is calm.
Despite being so high on the huge tree.
It doesn’t feel like it.
I recall the 50th floor.
If Nirvana Flowers grew here, I would mistake this for the grassland on the 50th floor.

I take out candy from my pocket.
I purchased this with the “Online Shopping”.
I observe the swaying leaves while soda flavored candy in my mouth.
While tasting the candy in my mouth…

I got surprised and ended up swallowing the big candy.
That surprised me~
My stomach is surprised…

I was completely taken by surprise.

“Nn? Goshujin-shama~ What’s the matter deshu?”
“Nono, it’s nothing. Rather, what about you, Ado?”
“Is that so deshu? Chiko has found something deshu. This way deshu~”

Ado pulls on me with her soft hand.
A comfortable elasticity.
There, there.
Let’s have a look at what the girls found.

“Alright, Ado. Let’s go take a look.”

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I’m guided by Ado to Chiko.


“Nyanya? Over here nya~”
A happy Chiko in the corner of the prairie.
She seems very happy.
“What’s the matter? Chiko.”
“Something is buried here nya~ Meow cat senses are tingling nya~”
What Chiko points at is…
Not particularly different ground.
It’s an ordinary ground.
“Here? I don’t see anything, though.”
“Right nya~ It’s here nya~”
“What a fun deshu ne~”

Does the cat tribe have a sharp sense of smell?
I don’t understand quite well, but~
Let’s investigate.

“Understood. I will feel the ground with magic…”

I thought I could detect it with the magic search through the roots, but.
We are already on top of the tree.
This is a place on top of the tree with many branches.
If that’s the case…
I may be able to detect something through the tree.
Let’s give it a try.

I touch the close huge tree.
I bite the tree while pouring magic.
Tsu~n Tsu~n
I investigate with magic.
I pursue the circuit of the branches.
I feel the ground beneath Chiko.

There might be something.
I feel a faint sign.

“Goshujin-shama~ Faito deshu~”
“Nyanya~ Do your best nya~”
Ado and Chiko support me nearby.
Because I closed my eyes in order to concentrate, I don’t see them.

When I return my consciousness back to the probing…
Indeed… something’s there.
There’s something under this ground.
It seems to be coiled around the branches.
Let’s try taking it out.

I pour magic into the ground.
I boost the something up by causing the branches to rapidly grow.

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