Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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[In a Dream?]
I wake up and check my surroundings…
It’s not the wyvern’s nest.

An empty space.
White tile-like floor and blue sky.
But, the sky is not moving.
The movements of clouds are stopped.
A windless space.
Almost as if… the time stopped in this space.
When I look around.
I see only the white floor spreading endlessly.

Big jars are placed on that spreading floor.
A number of jars bigger than me.
Jars the size of an adult human.
Just what is the meaning of this?

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I have decided to walk.
I don’t know how I came to this space.
I was here before I noticed.
I don’t know where the exit or entrance is.
I have to confirm my surroundings first…

While walking between the jars.

Gacha Gacha Gacha
Sudden shrill sounds.

That surprised me.
My heart skipped a beat.
While thinking about what’s going on.
I turn towards the direction of the sound…
Several of the jars have broken.

Gacha Gacha Gacha

My heart is startled.

Several more jars have just cracked.
They suddenly break.
I don’t know why they are breaking.
I only hear the exploding sounds.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
When I approach the broken jar…
A corpse? similar to a mummy is mixed between the broken fragments.

The hell is this?
A mummy inside a jar…
I don’t understand.

When I look at another broken jar…
It seems to contain a similar mummy.

I look around restlessly.
This large white space is packed with jars.


Surely not…
no way, no way…
Does every jar contain a mummy inside?
Space which spreads endlessly.
Nothing, but jars placed on the white floor.

Which means…
The number is incalculable.
Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of millions.
If mummies are in every jar…
Just how many of them are there…
The population of Earth was certainly around 7 billion.
It won’t be surprising if the number of jars is similar.

Calm down!
Calm down, me!
It’s not good to get weird delusions.
I must look for the exit from this strange space first.
That’s right.
Let’s do that.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I walk between the jars.
I walk among the countless number of jars.

Gacha Gacha Gacha

Another jar has broken.
That sound is bad for my heart.

The jars sometimes break while I continue walking.
Of course, mummies are inside.
Mummies lying among the fragments of the pots.
Just why are these jars breaking?
It doesn’t seem like the mummies inside are breaking them.
The mummies are not moving an inch.
A mystery…

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I walk not minding the mummies.
Anyway, I have to proceed.
I don’t want to get near an exploding jar.

I had a sudden thought.
I just had a thought.

By some possibility…
I may be able to repair these jars.



Besides… looking closely…
These mummies and jars are a set.
It’s just a faintly, but…
I can see the black lines.

By any chance…
If I put these lines back together…
Can’t I restore the jars back to their original shape?

I wonder?
It’s just a thought, but…
Somehow, I’m not willing.
I have a feeling that I shouldn’t be restoring these jars.
That it’s a taboo that must not be done.
A territory one shouldn’t touch.
A technique a person shouldn’t get involved in.
I thought so for some reason.

How to say this…
My heart is impatient.
The wall of my heart reacts.
A mental defense reaction?


I touch the mummy and the jar with my hands.
The curiosity won me over.
My body moved.
I restored Chiko’s beaker yesterday.
If that’s the case…
I may be able to restore this jar and the mummy.

I hold my hands out.
And use that skill.

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

I’m trying to connect the faintly visible black lines.

It doesn’t go well.
Something seems to be obstructing me.
It seems like someone is interfering.
When I try to connect a line.
The line gets disarranged.

Almost as if…
Someone was watching me and tampering with the lines.
I move the black line in front of me.

“Guguguguguguguguguguaaa! Ugaaa!”

T, that hurt!
A sharp pain runs through my head.
Sudden intense pain in my head.
I separate my hands from the mummy and the jar.
It’s like my head is going to explode from the acute pain.

I fall down on the ground.
My cheeks touch the floor.
A cold floor.
My consciousness is becoming dull from the pain.
It’s slowly disappearing.
The scenery in front of me is becoming blurry.

Sutasuta Sutasuta

I hear footsteps.
Somebody seems to be approaching me.
Slowly approaching footsteps.
But, my view is vague.
I can’t see the other person’s figure well.

“My, oh my, an intruder after so long. I was wondering who it was… so it’s you… to think you would already come this far~ Isn’t this the fastest record?”

A calm tone.
The shadow of a person before me touches the pieces of the jar.
I can’t see the face.
Only the feet and hands are visible.
I only know that someone is near.

“Besides… my, my~ Haven’t the jars break? Well, that’s alright… can’t be helped since there’s an intruder. But, you… you shouldn’t try to fix this.”

The shadow of the person looks at the mummy and the broken jar.
It picks up the fragments and observes it.
The shadow looks at the fragment and taps on it.
It seems to be reading something from the pieces of the jar.

“Hmm. You still shouldn’t be here. Indeed, it’s too early. Now, you should return to your world. You will surely not remember this place when you wake up.”

The shadow of the person points its hand at me.
And a warm light wraps my body.


The last thing I saw… was a broken jar and a mummy.

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