Chapter 64

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Changes to the Blood Bone Alchemy?
“Let’s end it here today nya~”
“Deshu ne~”
We went around the orchard pricking countless fruits with the syringe.
Ado went “Deshudeshu~” cheerfully stabbing syringes in fruits.
Chiko’s face looks overjoyed because of the data collected.
I also had fun observing many fruits.

“Chiko, how was the examination~?”
“Let’s see nya~ The ecosystem around the huge tree seems to be completely different nya~”
“The bottom doesn’t seem different from other trees, but the top is completely different nya. There’s a wide difference in the density of mana nya.”
“Meaning the top is stronger?”
“Right nya. The concentration of mana is most likely gathering at the top nya.”
“I see~ Mana, huh~”
It’s slightly surprising that the mana is gathering at the top and not in the roots.
It’s mysterious that the mana is gathering at the upper parts of the tree.
In addition… I have not seen the top of this tree yet.
How tall the tree reaches is a mystery.

“Then. Let’s return to the room.”
“Deshu ne~”
“Nya. Let’s analyze the data in the room nya.”

We leave the orchard and return to our room.
Sutasuta Sutasuta




After we return to our room.
Chiko experiments with the magic tool.
She’s looking at the window with the gathered data.

Ado is worn-out and she’s sleeping in the bed.
“Suu~ Suu~” She’s soundly asleep.
Sleep brings up a child well.

Speaking of that, I confirm my body condition.
I have evolved『Baby Vampire』→『Baby Angel Vampire』.
I feel like I have transcended something, but…
Except producing the light nothing strikes me.
I feel like I should be able to do something, but…


I suddenly hear the sound of breaking.
When I look at the direction of the sound… Chiko.
Something like a beaker seems to have broke.

“Nyanya~ I have done it nya~”
Chiko collects the broken pieces and puts them in a trash can.


W, what!
My sight has distorted for a moment.
It seems to be coming from the broken piece.
“Black lines of Distortion” is reflected in my sight.
My sight is obstructed by an intermittent line.

“Chiko, can you wait a moment? Don’t throw it away.”
Chiko makes a puzzled expression.
I approach the beaker’s broken pieces and hold them in both of my hands.
And use that skill.

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

One of the abilities I obtained in Anima Temple.
But, there’s no blood and bones this time.
I reconstruct the beaker pieces to a similar point.
I connect the elements.
I restore it to its original shape.

Pikapika Pikapika

“Nyanya? Nya… the beaker has returned nya.”
Light is emitting from my hands.
The beaker has wonderfully returned to its original state.
It’s in the original shape.

Haa~ Haa~
I calm my breathing.
What just… happened?
I have restored the broken beaker.
I have used the Blood Bone Alchemy without blood and bones.
I have just connected the “Lines of Distortion”.
These lines… just what are they?
I have never seen anything like that before.

“Tokukawa nya, what was that right meow? The broken beaker has been restored nya.”
“Ah. That was one of the effects of my skill ‘Blood Bone Alchemy’… I think. I was not able to perform this skill before blood and bones until now.”
Just what was that…
Is this one of the effects of angel evolution?
What is the meaning of those lines…
“Black lines of Distortion”…

I’m suddenly attacked by fatigue.
My body became heavy.
It feels like all energy in my body has left me.

“I have never seen such perfect restoration before nya. It’s not an ordinary alchemy nya. Restoration without materials… that surprised me nya.”
“Ah. I have become tired so I will lie down. I don’t understand that ability well myself.”

Sutasuta Sa
I have decided to take a rest.
What were those lines…
I fall asleep while thinking about that.
While dozing off…
I recall the “Black Lines”…
I feel like those black lines… are something that I shouldn’t have seen…

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