Chapter 63

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Cat-eared Chiko, the Plant Professor
The stay in wyvern’s nest~
A perfect comfortable life.
The meal is fairly delicious, the bed is soft as an angel.
The scenery from the huge tree is good too.
It totally feels like a resort.

Not yet.
I move a little and confirm my body’s condition.
My body feels heavy because of evolution.
I tend to rest here until it gets light again.

While reading the manga on the bed…
Chiko takes something out from an item box hanging on her waist.
It looks like a syringe.
Rather, Chiko also has an item box.
Is it because she’s an adventurer?
Which reminds me, En-san also has one.
In our party, only Ado doesn’t have one.
That being the case, I should give Ado one as a present soon.
It would be better if everyone had it.

“Chiko, what are you doing?”
I ask curiously.
Because I have free time after all.
“I’m going to examine the huge tree nyaow. This is my main occupation nya. I’m a plant professor nya~ It’s my first time coming so high nya.”
Which reminds me…
She said something like that at the base of the tree.
Then, should I accompany her?
It would be better to check the level of science in this world.

“Chiko, I will go with you.”
“Ado wants to go too deshu.”
Even the idling Ado wants to tag along.
“Alright nya~ Let’s examine together nya~ Knowledge is better when shared nya~”
By the way, En-san is teaching the wyverns about the sky again.
He quickly disappears every morning before I wake up.
En-san is diligent.


Tekuteku Tekuteku
We explore the wyvern’s nest with Chiko in the lead.
I have asked Waitarou if it’s alright to examine the tree, but.
“There’s no problem. If it’s Tokukawa-sama, I’m sure you will discover something great.”
He was full of strange expectations.
I’m troubled.

We are walking now on a big branch towards a place the wyverns call an『Orchard』.
It’s a place where a lot of fruits are growing.
It seems that the fruit served in the dining room is cultivated in this orchard.
When I look down while walking…
I see a lot of leaves, but no bottom.
Once again, what a wonderful tree.
Just how tall this tree is?
It’s definitely higher than the observation room in the Sky Tree.

“I’m excited nya~ It’s a scenery I have never seen before nya.”
A happy cat-eared Chiko and dog-eared Ado.
We are trotting on the branch.
They seem to be completely satisfied with the scenery from the huge tree.
Looking at Chiko’s cat ears… they have unexpectedly risen.
“Come to think of it, Chiko. You said you are a plant professor, right? Did you go to some school?”
“Right nya~ I’m a research student nya.”


This world has schools.
I wonder what’s it like outside~
I only know the dungeon.
And only the 50th, 49th, and 48th floors.
“By the way, where that school is? I have never been outside so, I won’t know even if you tell me the name, though.”
“The school I go to is one of the research town’s schools nya. It’s a place with many schools nya.”
A research town~
This world may be unexpectedly quite developed.
Well, it may be considerably sophisticated since there’s an item box.
It would be impossible to create an item box in modern Japan.

“Tokukawa and Ado should go to school too when you get out~ It may not be necessary, but nya~ Various knowledge is convenient nya.”
“Ado wants to go to school… what is a school deshu?”
Ado doesn’t know.
She’s making a question face.
Since she’s tilting her head to the side and looking at me.
Then, I have to teach her.
“It’s a place where everyone studies together.”
“Then I want to go deshu… Ado will become strong together with Goshujin-shama deshu~”
“You two will become scholarship students no matter what school you enroll to nya~ You will get paid on the contrary nya~”

Well, it won’t be bad to think about it once we get outside of the dungeon.
It would be best to learn common sense and various knowledge about this world.
“But, Chiko. Are monsters allowed?”
“It’s alright nya~ There are schools that are OK with monsters nya~ Tokukawa and Chiko are closer to humans than monsters so it will be alright nya~”
Is that so~
It might be possible to get along with people of other races.
Something like El Jiisan becoming a member of hero party~
“Then. If it becomes like that, we will be depending on you, Chiko.”
“Leave it to me nya~”


Tekuteku Tekuteku
We have arrived at the “Orchard” while speaking.
Many colorful fruits are growing there.
There’s even the yellow fruit I’m eating at the dining room every day.
“First of all, let’s examine the fruits composition nya~”

Chiko approaches the nearby fruit…
And pricks it with the syringe.
Then, a window pops up with various data displayed.
“Fumufumu nya~ It’s quite a rich fruit nya~”
Chiko frowns looking at the data.

I and Ado tilt our heads.
“Chiko, did something happen?”
“Deshu ka?”
“This magic tool is able to examine every component of the fruit nya. It contains more mana and more components than the fruit on the ground nya. The mana concentration is especially high nya.”
I don’t understand well, but there’s apparently a lot of mana.
Is there a lot of energy?
“Fruits containing a lot of mana are precious nya. Because they are abundant with nourishment nya. This fruit will definitely outrageously sell if brought back to surface nya. It may be a good idea to pick a few and sell them for research funds nya~”
A questionable smile floats on Chiko’s face.
Like casting pearls before swine state.
Chiko’s eyes are sparkling.

“Meow then, meow then, let’s examine other fruits~ Let’s dig up the gold nuggets nya~”
“Deshu ne~”
We follow the brimming with energy Chiko.

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