Chapter 62

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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How to Spend a Day Off 2
After reading the manga while idling on the bed…

The room’s door open and En-san walks in.
That reminds me… where did he go?
I didn’t see En-san since the morning.

En-san looks around the room.
“Fuu~” he sighs.

“Everyone is lax. Idling on the bed. Even though the weather is this nice. How about going out?”
“Ado is reading deshu.”
“Me too nya~”
“I’m also reading.”

“What… Eggheads are?… In addition, that Ado becoming a bookworm… Where did the real Ado go? Even though you were running so lively at Sage’s house…”
En-san receives a shock.
En-san is an outdoor type after all.
He was probably confined in the Temple of the Warriors for too long.
He probably goes so often out because of that.

“En-san. Where did you go?”
“Nu, I was teaching the wyverns about the sky. Their way of flying is weird after all. They are just young chicks.”

As expected of En-san.

Active even during the day off.
He may have a strong consciousness.

“Ado, Chiko, get out of the bed for special training.”
“No deshu.”
“Mew too~”

Both are absorbed in the manga.
They reply without taking their eyes off it.
They read while rolling on the bed.
Ado is reading face-down style.
She lies on her stomach, her hands over the pillow with the manga right in front of her face.

Chiko is reading face-up style.
With her back on the bed, she’s stretching her arms towards the ceiling and reading the manga.
That must be quite the burden on her arms.
The two girls have no experience in reading manga in the bed.
It can be clearly seen just by looking.

“Really… how deplorable.”
“Now, now, En-san. Today is a day off, after all.”
“That’s right deshu.”
“Right nya~.”

En-san is at a numerical disadvantage.
Ku… He says with a grim expression.

“Can’t be helped. I will go for one more flight. You are welcome to join me anytime.”
En-san leaves the room.

We keep on reading the manga.




A few hours later.

When I look at the direction of the opening door…
It’s En-san again.
“Still reading…”
En-san looks around the room with a sorrowful look.
Depressed En-san.


“How about it? Want to move your body? Hey, Ado, how about it? The weather outside is nice.”
“I’m reading deshu~”
Ado is still reading.
She reads without moving.
She may be making a big step into the world of manga.

“Then… what about you, Chiko? You are from a Cat tribe, you know? Don’t you want to wander around? I bet you do.”
“I’m also reading nya~”

“Ku… lazy demi-humans… don’t you want to become stronger for Lord’s sake? Even though such fierce evolution happened just in front of you… how negligent.”
O, ou.
En-san is strangely more enthusiastic than ever.
Am I the cause?
It seems he was inspired by my evolution.

“Ado… Ado feels that Ado will get stronger by reading this manga deshu. Somehow… I think that. Pirates are strong deshu. Ado will get amazingly strong if Ado eats a strange fruit deshu.”
“Mew too nya~ I might get stronger if I play basketball nya. The left hand is for support only nya~”

It seems the two of them have completely become a manga people.
This may not be a good influence, but…
Both are overflowing with strange energy.

“Ado, return to reality. There’s no way you can get stronger just by reading. That is not a magic grimoire, you know?”
“Now, now, En-san. It’s important to raise motivation. Let’s put it aside for today.”
“Nu, it can’t be helped if Lord says so. If that’s the case, I will be taking a rest too.”

He sits on his bed.
And frequently peeks at me.

I understood the meaning of his eyes immediately.
I purchase a new manga with “Online Shopping”.
By the way, it’s a “Go Manga”.

“En-san. Would you like this? It’s a manga of ingenuity.”
“Nu. I see… if Lord wants me to no matter what… I will give it a try.”

En-san starts reading the manga he has received.




Several hours later.

“Lord. I’m convinced. I feel like I will get stronger by reading this manga.”
“Ado thinks so too deshu.”
“Mew too nya~”

New manga believer obtained.
En-san wonderfully joined the group.
It seems he defected to the supporters of the manga.

“With this divine move, I will surpass you.”
“Ado will~ Eat an amazing fruit. Logia type would be the best.”
“My left hand is for support only nya~”

I don’t understand well, but…
Everyone’s motivation became high.
Manga is interesting after all.

Our day off passed like this.

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