Chapter 61

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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How to Spend a Day Off. Idling in the Bed and Reading Manga
I feel a cold touch on my cheek.

“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
When I open my eyes… I see Ado’s figure.
She seems to be licking me lively today too.
Did I get used to being woken up like this?

“Awake deshu?”
“Yes… I’m getting up now.”
When I look around, I don’t see En-san just like yesterday.
Chiko is still sleeping.
I’m glad~
It does not seem like I was the last to wake up.

Chiko sits up while rubbing her eyes.
“Morning nya~”

“Morning deshu.”
“Morning, Chiko.”
“Nyanya, everyone is so lively in the morning… Chiko is weak in the mornings nya. I will sleep one more time nya~ Goodnight nya~”

Chiko falls back on the bed and crawls under the futon.
“Suu~ Suu~” She fell asleep instantly.
Chiko is a sleepyhead, huh?

“Then, Ado, let’s go get breakfast.”
“Deshu ne. My stomach is starving deshu.”




Sutasuta Sutasuta
I and Ado enter the dining room.
We were handed the same meat and fruit by wyverns again.
The menu for breakfast may be the same every day.
When I appraise…

Others: Chicken Meat
Description: Generic chicken meat.

Others: Yellow Fruit from the huge tree
Description: I ripe fruit from a huge tree. Although big, the flesh of the fruit is delicious.

It’s the same after all.
Gabu Chiyu ChiyuI bite my fangs into the meat.
It’s indeed quite juicy.
There may be nothing better than waking up to a slice of meat.

Next, the yellow fruit.
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
This one is fruity.
A juice with a refreshing taste.

I’m full of energy after eating the meat and the fruit.
Ado is in finishing munching.

“”Thank you for the meal.””

“Ado, let’s return to the room then.”
“Deshu ne.”
I and Ado return to the room.




In the room.
Because we have had a great adventure in the underground dungeon yesterday.
Today is completely a day off.
I fully intend to idle the whole day.
Ado seems to be reading a picture book.
It’s in a size for humans, but… why do wyverns have something like this?

Chiko is playing with the bone after returning from breakfast.
Instead of holding the bone in her mouth.
She’s punching the bone while rolling on the floor like a cat.
It seems she’s having quite the fun.

As for me…
I’m idling in the bed.
My body feels slightly heavy… most likely because of the evolution.
Even though I didn’t feel it yesterday…
It may take time for my body to get accustomed.

I don’t want to move, but I’d like to do something.
Since it’s like this, it’s time for that ability.

The ability I stole from that person↓ in Anima Temple.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who excelled at leisure.


“Online Shopping’s” turn.
Now then…

“Shop Open.”

A familiar online shopping screen appears in front of me.
Since I don’t feel hungry.
And I’m idling in a bed.

I choose “Books” and look into the “Comic Books” genre.
O, ou.
Masterpieces assembled in full force.
Now then… Let’s choose something familiar.
I click the window.

And buy.
“Ninja Manga.”


A manga appears in front of me.

“Nyanya? Nyana~ Suddenly appeared nya.”
Chiko gets surprised while punching the bone.
Her eyes are startled.

I haven’t explained “Online Shopping” to Chiko yet.

“Chiko, this is my ability. I’m able to produce a variety of goods from space. Although I say produce, it’s bought with money.”
“Nyanya~ Amazing nya~ Tokukawa is outstanding nya.”

Chiko says in amazement.
I decided to lay down on the bed and read the manga.
Then… Ado and Chiko approached with great curiosity.

“Goshujin-shama~ What’s that deshu?”
“Right nya~ Picture book nya?”

“This is… called a manga. A story expressed in letters and pictures. Well, it can be considered a kind of picture book.”
“Deshu ka~ Ado wants to read too deshu~”
“Me too nya~”
The eyes of both girls are sparkling.
I can’t decline them.

“I see… then should we read together?”
I lie down on the bed.
Chiko on the left. Ado on the right.
The three of us read the “Ninja Manga” together.


[While reading]


“Goshujin-shama~ This is amazingly interesting deshu.”
“Nyanya~ Right nya~”
“Hey, hey, treat the manga carefully or you will tear it apart.”
Chiko and Ado seem to get entranced by the manga.
As expected, it’s impossible for three people to read at once.
I bought a new manga.


“Pirate Manga” and “Basketball manga.”


Me ← “Ninja Manga”
Ado← “Pirate Manga”
Chiko← “Basketball Manga”


After all… manga should be read alone.
It’s not something three people can read at once.
I want to read slowly by myself.

While idling in the bed…
I read the manga.

Now this is what I call a day off.

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