Chapter 56

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Chiko of the Cat Tribe
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
I get on Ado and we ride to the place where the mana collects.
“Ado, turn left here.”
“I’m going too.”


Sasa Sasa Sasa
We steadily advance through the cave.
“Ado, turn right here.”
“Me too.”


Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance further.
“Ado, next… Left.”

En-san interrupted me.
Moreover, the answer is correct.
“Right, it’s left.”
“Deshu, deshu~”
“Fufu, I also can somewhat understand the flow of mana.”

W, what! En-san.
He may not be Ancient Green Dragon just for the show.
To think he would be even able to tell the flow of the mana.


Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance further in the cave.
The light of the mana is getting gradually thicker.
“Ado, on the next road turn… Right.”

En-san interrupts me again.
But, unfortunately… he’s wrong.
“Ado, it’s not right, but left.”
“Nu, my prediction… fell short…”
En-san’s mana detection may be incomplete.


Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa


Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa


Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa


After running for a while…
We have arrived in a big hall.

“Whoa… amazing deshu~ This room is shining deshu.”
“Nu, this much light… this is also a first for me. Just how much mana has gathered here? I can’t even imagine.”
“Right deshu ne~ Dazzling deshu. Pikapika paradise deshu~”

The room is bright as day at noon.
Countless mana spheres are floating around.

When we enter inside…
A huge sphere of light is in the middle…
The huge tree’s roots are strangely growing inside it.

“That huge lump of light… is the tree’s roots?”
“Deshu ne~”
“From what I can see… it’s strange. That is very abnormal.”

When I approach and look closely…
Some kind of device is attached to the huge tree.
Is that a magic tool?
This may be what caused the mana flow to be disturbed.

When we approach the magic tool to inspect it in detail…


En-san shouts loudly.
I absentmindedly get off Ado in a hurry.
I felt a chill.

Patsun Dododododo

On the place where we were standing just a moment ago.
Countless sharp holes appear in the ground.
A trap that activates when getting close…
Something came flying from the above, but…

When I look up… a magic circle?
A magic circle is drawn on the ceiling.

W, what’s that…
This is my first time seeing a magic circle like that.
It looks dangerous.

“Lord… let’s return to the entrance.”

Sasa Sasa
We avoid the magic bullets raining down from the ceiling and evacuate to the entrance.
The room became bumpy.
The one who put the magic tool there may have trapped the whole room.




“Don’t get any closer…”
“Deshu ne~ That surprised me deshu.”
“Lord, should I destroy the room?”
En-san says something dangerous.
If I do something about that lump, the huge tree will be mended, but…
We may completely destroy the tree if we damage it further.


“If we break it won’t the mana run wild?”
“It’s possible. So much mana has been trapped after all.”
“Deshu ne~”
“Right nya, it’s dangerous nya~”


Who is this nya?
Ah, I made a mistake.
Who is this?
The girl standing suddenly next to me.
A single cat-eared girl is standing here.
The girl entered our conversation smoothly.

“Who are you deshu?”
“I have not noticed her either. Who?”
“Who are you?”

The girl stares at us and blinks in surprise.
Her big cat eyes are staring open wide.
Yellow eyes with black pupils.

“Nya? Talking about me nya?”

She moves her cat ears and tilts her head to the side.
Good gracious.
There’s only you.

“That’s right, we are talking about you, Nekomimi-san.”
“I’m Chiko of Cat tribe nya. Nyanya.”

The catgirl Chiko introduces herself with a lovely pose.
She’s nyanyaning.
Ku, so cute… cat ears.

“Understood. Chiko. Why are you at this place? Also, since when?”
“I’m wondering myself. I didn’t feel your presence.”
“Ado too~ Surprised deshu.”

“Kyakya” Chiko laughs with twitching ears.
Her tail also moves in synergy.
Chiko who wiggles in various ways.

“My presence concealment is quite high leveled nya. You would not normally notice me nya.”
“Then, why are you here?”

“I have come to retrieve the mana nya. I’ve heard an intruder alarm nya.”

So that means…
Surely not…
The magic tool installed to the huge tree…

“The one who draw magic circle on the ceiling… was that you, Chiko?”
“Right nya, it was me nya. Was it fun nya?”

“So it was yoooooooooou! I thought I was going to dieeeeeeeee!!!”

I lightly grab Chiko by her neck shake with her.
Cat fur is soft.
The fluffy Chiko is swaying.

“Nyanyanya~ Stop nya~ I feel dizzy nya~”

How rude of me.
I remove my hands at once.
It seems I went with my feelings.

“Fu~ wa~ Fu~ wa~ nya.”
Chiko breathes deeply.
It seems her breathing has calmed down.

“Good grief nya~ Violent nude boy? nya. You are quite wild nya.”
“My bad. Sorry. I’m Tokugawa. Nice to meet you.”
“It’s alright nya, I think I overdid it with the trap nya.”

I and Chiko reconcile with a handshake.
Her pads are different from Ado’s paw pads.
It’s rich in elasticity.

Ah, this is not the time to be savoring the feel of cat paw pads.

I have come here in order to investigate the huge tree’s problem.
The cause of that problem is standing in front of me.
I have to solve the problem immediately.

“Chiko, about that magic tool. Won’t you remove it? It may be the cause of the huge tree’s unusual phenomenon.”
“Nyanya? Unusual phenomenon nya?”

I tell Chiko about the wyverns.
That something has happened to the tree’s fruit.
If that something isn’t perhaps because of the tree’s mana flow.

“Something like that happened nya~ I didn’t know nya~ Nevertheless becoming acquaintances with wyverns nya~ Tokukawa is amazing nya~”
“Then, Chiko. Can you remove the magic tool for now? There may be something different causing this.”
“Alright nya~ This tree is important to me too nya. I would be troubled if there was some accident nya~”

Sutasuta Sutasuta
Chiko went inside the room.
And started working on the magic tool…

The device came off of the huge tree.

“Nu. That was surprisingly easy. How is it, the state of the huge tree?”

En-san enters the room.
Countless magic circles are drawn on the ceiling.

“W, wait, En-san. Have you forgotten about the magic circles?”
“Deshu, they are still shining bright deshu.”

En-san expression freezes.

Immediately after that.

Dododododododododo Dodododododo
A tremendous amount of magic bullets started flying towards En-san.

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