Chapter 57

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Divine Mr. Vampire
Dododododododododo Dodododododo

En-san screams.
A cloud of dust dances around.
There are is no sign of the magic bullet storm stopping.

“Chiko, please! Stop the trap!”
“I know nya. Was it this one nya? Push nya.”

Chiko operates something…
The magic bullet storm immediately stops.

“Everyone, it’s okay to enter now nya~ I have removed the trap nya.”

I and Ado restlessly look around to make sure.
We carefully enter the room.
Nothing happened.
The magic circles on the ceiling are not shining.
I’m glad.
I feel relieved.

After confirming our own safety.
I look at the cloud of dust…
There, I see En-san’s figure covered in mud.
It seems he has eaten a few of the magic bullets.
There’s a pattern on the ground.
His body only looks dirty, it doesn’t seem like he has suffered an injury.
The dragon scales may be quite hard.

“En-san… are you okay? I heard a great scream.”
“Deshu ka?”

The muddy En-san stands up.
He quickly removes the soil from his body.
“Nu. That felt like rain to me. It just surprised me a little.”
“I’m glad. You are safe.”
“En is hardeshu.”
“Nyanya. En is tough nya. Even though it was quite a strong trap nya.”

“Nu, won’t work on me. You need even stronger magic bullets if you want to break through my scales.”
En-san answers cooly.
Dignified, although covered in mud.

Chiko admires En-san while “I see, I see.” nodding her head.
“Tokukawa’s friends are all strong nya~ I have never seen such monsters as En and Ado nya.”
“En-san and Ado are both ancient species, after all.”

I think that’s probably great.
Because I have not seen many monsters yet, it’s difficult to realize their greatness for me.
Since even the former sage El Jiisan was really surprised.

“Nyanya, you serious nya~ I thought ancient species are just imaginary monsters nya.”
“I’m an actual existence.”
“Ado too~ Ado too~ Existence?”
It seems the word existence was too hard for Ado
I was also weak at kanji characters as a child, I think?
“Ado, the word existence means that you are an actual being… In other words, it means that you ‘Exist’.”
“… Yea. Ado is existence deshu, existence deshu~”
There, there.
I pat Ado’s head.
It seems Ado has become smarter again.

Now then, since we were able to safely enter the room…
Let’s accomplish the purpose we have come here to do.

“Chiko. Have you removed the magic tool from the huge tree?”
“Yes nya.”

I see…
The lump of light has not disappeared.
The accumulated mana stayed like that.
Which means… the unusual phenomenon may haven’t been solved.
It would be better to confirm the present conditions.

I bite the huge tree’s root.
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I investigate the flow of the mana while sucking.

What is it…
Certainly, the obstruction that has been hindracing the mana flow has been removed, but…
The mana collected here is interfering.
The flow may not return to normal unless we move this lump.

There’s only one thing to do.
I will suck it all.
All mana that has gathered here.
I may be able to rescue the huge tree that way.

Let’s do it!
Huge tree’s rescue!


Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu


I can tell that my body is filling up with mana.
An enormous amount of warm light is flowing inside me.
My body is becoming nice and warm.

“Go, gohujin-shama’s… pikapika shine is increasing deshu.”
“Ah, Lord… just how much do you… to what extent can you…”
“Nyanyanya~ Just what is happening nya?”


(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Mana Bite Lv1” has become “Mana Bite Lv2”.)


I heard god’s voice.
But, it does not matter now.
As long as there is that lump before me…
I will continue absorbing!


Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu


(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Mana Bite Lv2” has become “Mana Bite Lv3”.)



Not yet…
There’s… still mana left.
As long as there is this lump, the huge tree won’t be saved.
The wyvern’s problem won’t be solved.
In that case, I must absorb everything.
It all depends on me.

The limit of mana tolerance in my body has been exceeded a long time ago.
It feels like my body is going to explode.
But… I can hear a voice from somewhere telling me that I can still go on.
Then, I shall exceed the limit!


Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu


“Goshujin-shama looks like a godeshu. Angel deshu, pikapika deshu.”
“Lord… it seems like you went and did it… you have broken through a wall…”
“Nyanya~ Nyanya~ Tokukawa what are you doing nya~ You are sparkling more and more nya~”


(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Mana Bite Lv3” has become “Mana Bite Lv4”.)

(Evolution requirements have been met.)


I sucked up all the mana.
This is the end.
The lump of mana has completely disappeared.
The huge tree’s roots became normal.
I can even tell that the flow of mana has become normal.

The wyvern mission has been accomplished…

Has my sensed been enhanced…
Or is it the influence of the mana in my body…
My body is shining with overflowing light.
Energy seems to be emitting from part of my body.
I have become the light.

Suta Paku
A soft touch…
Ado has embraced me.
“Goshujin-shama~ Angel-shama deshu~ Very warm deshu~”
Ado’s fur is tickling me.
She puts her face next to me and rubs her cheek on mine.
“Stop, stop it, Ado, it tickles.”
However, Ado’s cheek rubbing doesn’t stop.
Punipuni two cheeks are rubbing against each other.
Really… Good grief.
Ado is hopeless.

“Lord. Ku… You have exceeded my expectations… Nu, bad… tears.”
En-san is shedding tears.
He seems to be impressed by me for some reason.
He may be delighted by my growth.

“Nyanya, nyan nya~? Nyan nya~? Nyanya nyanya. Tokukawa is beaming nya~”
The cat girl Chiko seems confused.
Her cat eyes are sparkling.
She may be attracted to light since she’s a cat.

Everyone is exaggerating.
I just absorbed mana.
But… I feel like I could do anything right now.
The energy overflowing inside my body is telling me.

I’m certain the god’s voice told me about the evolution…
I didn’t obtain any experience so…
Is it not through level up, but skill acquisition or…

Either way.
It would be best to take this opportunity and evolve.

“Please, show me the available evolution paths.”

(Display available evolution paths?)

I hear the god’s voice.
Is it my imagination…?
I feel like I hear it more clearly than usual.




(Displaying evolution paths.)
(Please choose the evolution.)


Current: Baby Vampire
Evolution Paths: Baby Angel Vampire
Baby Mana Vampire
Baby Siren Vampire


Everything is a baby, huh.
There was just one evolution path last time… it’s three this time.
It seems I’m able to choose now.

・Baby Angel Vampire…
Judging from the name, a vampire of the angel lineage.
Although vampire and angel is the complete opposite in my mind…
What a strange life form.

・Baby Mana Vampire
Because there’s mana in the name, so it’s a vampire specialized in mana?
It might be able to use magic or other effects using mana.

・Baby Siren Vampire…
Siren=that thing from Greek mythology, right?
The upper half of a girl and lower half of a fish…

Now then…
What evolution path should I choose…
I’m at a loss…

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