Chapter 58

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Second Evolution!
I’m presented with three evolution paths.

Evolution Paths: Baby Angel Vampire
Baby Mana Vampire
Baby Siren Vampire

The appropriate evolution for me…
When it comes to which evolution is most appropriate for the present me…

The answer may be decided.
Not that I’m divinely shining in mana.
I may not be satisfied with a common race.
The present me is a sparkling vampire.

Choosing Baby Mana Vampire is impossible.

I have to choose from the two remaining.
But… there’s no need to hesitate.
A siren and an angel…
Both are out of the normal ecosystem.
The one most appropriate for me right now…

There’s no need to think about it.
The answer has already been decided.
Since the three paths were presented to me, there was only one choice.
It’s decided.


“God’s voice, please begin the evolution.”


“Into the Baby Angel Vampire, please.”


(Evolution has been started.)


It came, it caaaaaaaame!
A torrent of energy arises within my body.
I can tell that a lump of energy is moving inside my body like a typhoon.
A lump of exploding energy.
My insides are caught in a typhoon.

“W, wha, Goshujin-shama~ Deshudeshu~ Hot deshu. Too hot deshu.”
I feel the touch of dog ears separating from me.
Ado couldn’t withstand the temperature of my body and had to separate from me.

“Lord… surely not… perhaps… this light… the light of evolution? But, a light like that… I have never seen anything like this.”
En-san’s surprised voice resounds in my ears.
An ancient species, a millennium-old dragon is shocked.

“Nyana~ Nyan nya since a while ago. I don’t understand nya. Just what is happening nya.”
Gii Gii
The catgirl Chiko reached the maximum confusion.
She begins scratching the ground with her nails.
I suppose this is not a sharpening of claws.
She probably can’t control the confusion in her heart.

The energy inside me reached a critical point.
Not good…
I can’t maintain consciousness because of this torrent of light.
This much light…
I hold on.
Not good…
I try holding on more.
But, suppressing it…
I will suppress it.
I can’t hold down such amount of energy.
The torrent of energy is going to explode…
I can’t… suppress it.
TO think it would be this much…
It’s going to explode…
This is…
At this rate…
This torrent of light…
Will wrap everything up and shoot like a shooting star…



A storm of light explodes.

“What’s that, this light!!!”

I can’t withstand the blast.
Ado, En-san and Chiko got blown away.
The storm of light envelops the room.
Every nook and cranny of the room get enveloped by the light.





At the place where the light subsidies…

A single vampire has appeared.

Shining divinely like an angelic demon.
A being that has transcended a race.
Going beyond the limits of a monster.
A monster that set a foot on the holy sanctuary.


Right… this is me.




I appraise myself.

Race: Baby Angel Vampire
Level: 1



The swelled energy inside my body causes me to burst out in a laugh.
I feel it.
That I have become a completely different being.
I might have broken through one of the monster’s walls.

When I look at my hands.
They are sparkling.
Just like when I became the Baby Vampire.
They seem even more beautiful.
This is me.

“Goshujin-shama~ Angel-shama~”
“Nyanya~ Angel nya~”

Sutasuta Sutasuta Sa Sa Pyon
Ado and Chiko cling to me.
They may be fascinated by the divine light.
Dog and cat ears are tickling my cheeks.
It’s very ticklish.
Good grief… mofumofu children are loners.
The animal ears draw closer…
They are lovely children.
Soft cheeks start rubbing against mine.

“It tickles. Ado, Chiko.”
“Goshujin-shama deshu~ Angel deshu~”
“Chiko too nya~ I love sparkling nya~”

Good grief.
It seems that I am liked by mofumofu children.
I pat the heads of the two girls.
I can feel the difference between the dog and cat ears.
Cat ears are slightly softer… dog ears are slightly stiffer…
This is… too much.

“Feels goodeshu~ Will melt deshu~”
“Chiko too nya~ Paradise nya~”

What handful children.
I confirm the situation while patting Ado’s and Chiko’s heads.
In front of me… the Ancient Green Dragon En-san is shaking.
His jaw is rattling.
As if he has seen something he shouldn’t see.

“Lord… that appearance… surely not… a God species at such a young age…”

Can’t be helped.
He seems to understand.
After all… people in the know will know.
As expected of En-san.
Ancient species dragon-san.

“As you can see. I have become an angel.”
“Nu… angel, huh… I have heard rumors, but how divine. Lord is a special existence as I’ve thought.”

Is my figure that dazzling to En-san?
I put my hand in front of me.

“Lord, that light… are you able to control it? As expected if you keep shining like that, the surroundings will get affected.”

Ado and Chiko won’t separate from me.
And indeed, I think I’m sparkling way too much.
This will become troublesome in everyday life.

I focus on my body.
I’m going to keep the light in check.
I try to keep the light down and move it inside my body.


“Deshu? Goshujin-shama’s pikapika is settling down deshu.”
“Nyanya? Why nya?”

Ado and Chiko noticed.
They blink at me with their lovely eyes.

“I’m going to suppress the light for a bit. As expected, with too much light, I won’t be able to live peacefully. I will hide my true appearance for a bit.”

“Goshujin-shama… it’s serious, pikapika paradise deshu.”
“Tokukawa is modest nya.”
“Able to control the light at once?… As expected of Lord.”

I separate from Ado and Chiko.
I bow in front of the three.

“Everyone, although I have evolved, I’m still the same Tokugawa. Please, continue taking care of me as you did before.”

I promptly introduce myself once again.

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