Chapter 59

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Catgirl Chiko Joins the Group
I finished the mission and evolved.
Already, this place…
There’s no need to stay in『Great Dungeon of Aries: 48th Floor: Huge Tree’s underground dungeon』any longer.

“Well then, the problem of the huge tree has been solved. We should go and report to Waitarou and the others. They are surely waiting for the good news.”
“Deshu ne.”
“Nu. That is true. I have completely forgotten because of Lord’s evolution.”

“Nyanya? How are you going to climb the tree nya? It’s enormously high nya.”

Chiko tilts her head.
Chiko has seen only En-san’s small form after all.
She doesn’t know that En-san is actually a large dragon.
That’s a natural question.

“We will fly on En-san. Although he looks like this, En-san’s true appearance is that of a large dragon.”
“Nu, respect me.”
“Nyanya? Is that so nya? That means you are transformed nyaow?”
“By the way Ado is not transformed, but she can turn into a beast mode.”
“Deshu yo~”

Chiko begins trembling.
It seems she doesn’t believe my words.

“Angel and transformed ancient species… this party is way too amazing nya…”

Certainly… it may be quite an outrageous party.
I did not notice until now, though.

“What will you do, Chiko? Do you want to go with us?… Rather, what were you doing here?”

Setting a trap that En-san carelessly walked into…
I think that matter becomes unsettled because of my evolution.

“I have come to supply the magic tool with mana nya. Even though I may look like this, I’m a plant professor nya.”

Eeh~ How unexpected.
I was certain she was an adventurer or something.
A professor on the 48th floor…
I think she must be a considerably influential person…
Because according to El Jiisan’s story, people who get on this floor must have considerable skill.

“Have you come alone? This far?”
“Right nya. My concealment skills are superior so I easily got here by myself nya.”

I, En-san and Ado didn’t notice her presence after all.
She really must be quite skilled.
It may have the opposite effect if she gets companions.
She would get discovered by monsters after all.

“We won’t have any problems with the monsters around this area so there’s no problem coming with us, what are you going to do?”
“Nyanya. Then nya~ I will go with you nya. I am interested in the wyvern’s nest nya. Best regards nya.”

Chiko bows with gratitude.
Her cat ears are twitching.

“Best regards deshu.”
“Nu, respect me.”
“Best regards~”

Chiko has joined our group.





“Then, let’s get out of the cave first. Ado, please.”
Ado turns into the beast mode.
As soft and fluffy as ever.
I climb on Ado.
The ride is the most comfortable.

“Come Chiko, get on Ado too. Let’s leave the cave quickly.”
“Is it alright nya?”
“Alright deshu yo.”
“I don’t mind as well.”

Chiko gets on Ado.
Ado is fairly large, there’s enough space on her back to carry two.
“Then, Ado, let’s go.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
We run through the cave.
En-san flaps his wings and flies towards the exit.




We left the cave.
I and Chiko get off Ado.
Ado turns back to human mode.

“It’s a transfer. It’s En-san’s turn next.”
“Nu, I was waiting.”

En-san transforms into the huge dragon form.
“Nyanya? He really became a huge dragon nya.”
“I told you so. En-san is an amazing dragon.”
“Deshu yo.”

“Fufu. I’m the dungeon’s strongest.”
En-san with a satisfied expression.
En-san’s mood may be easy to change.

I and Ado climb on En-san’s back as usual.
We choose a place that we won’t get shaken off carefully.
“Chiko, you come here too.”
The agile Chiko gets on En-san’s back.

“Nu. Everyone is on? Well then, let’s go!”

Basa Basa
En-san flaps his big wings and soars into the sky.
He flies up gently.
My heart starts tightening.
“Fl, flying nya~”
A sparkle of delight appears in Chiko’s eyes.
It may be her first time riding a dragon.
But, waving both hands in the air is a mistake.
“Chiko, it would be better to hold on properly. Wyvern’s nest is very high. You will get thrown off.”

“Leave the returning to me!”

En-san rises vigorously.
He speeded up without a care for the beginner Chiko.
Extremely fast speed.
My face is being transformed by the wind.

“Deshudeshu~ Hiyunhiyun deshu~”

I hold on En-san in surprise.
High-speed acceleration En-san.
We desperately hold on En-san.

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