Chapter 55

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dungeon Under the Huge Tree
At the base of the huge tree.
After the little break.

“I feel perfectly deshu~”
Ado’s sickness seems to have calmed down.
Ado smiles with vitality.
Her dog ears cheerfully twitch.
“Well then, let’s take a look at the tree.”
“Deshu ne.”
“My energy is also recharged.”
En-san says with drool on his mouth.
Glad you slept soundly.
“Then, let’s go. Ado, please.”

Ado turns into the beast mode.
I climb up.
“Let’s run inside in one go.”
“Me too.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa
We enter the cave under the tree.




Sasa Sasa Sasa
We run through the cave under the tree.
Huge roots can be seen growing here and there.
They are covered in a questionable light.
“This light… perhaps… that thing.”
En-san says some significant words.
It seems he knows something.

“Do you know about it? En-san.”
“Probably, but. The huge tree’s life force=mana is most likely overflowing. This light is the light of mana… I have no doubt.”
“A warm light, huh~”
Ado taps on a light sphere.
Of course, she can’t touch the light, though…

This may be a special place.
If that’s the case…
It may be worth checking it.
Appraisal-san, please.

Others: Huge Tree’s underground dungeon
Description: Labyrinth overflowing with Huge Tree’s mana.
A dangerous place. Many mana eating monsters are attracted by the overflowing source of nourishment.

A dungeon inside a dungeon…
Does this make it a『Great Dungeon of Aries: 48th floor: A Huge Tree’s underground dungeon』?
En-san’s questionable light=mana theory seems to be right.

“Ado, En-san. According to appraisal, this place is overflowing with mana which attracted many mana eating monsters.”
“Then, we must be careful. Mana is the source of life. If they have absorbed that… They may have become quite strong.”
“Ado too, Ado too… wants to eat mana~ I want to pakupaku it deshu.”
Good grief, Ado has a great appetite today.
Is it the growth period?
But… if there are monsters who can eat the mana…
We are monsters too.
If we eat mana…

Ado faces the light sphere and tries to eat it, but…
“Mmh… can’t eat it… gusun.”
“Fufu, Ado. Ordinary monsters can’t consume mana. It would be better to stop trying the impossible. You are still too young.”
“Uuuuu~ deshu.”

Is that so~
I can’t eat mana.
I thought I could it, though~

A sphere of light just came my way so…
I try to absorb it with my fangs since I have nothing to lose.

Gabu Chiyu Chyiu
It seems that I am absorbing the light sphere.
The sphere in front of me is becoming smaller and smaller…
My body is filled with energy.
A sense I have never tasted before.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Mana Bite Lv1” acquired.)

O, ouu.
I got something.
Rather, I got a new skill after a long while.
It has been so long, I have completely forgotten about this.

“O, ooooooooooooa! A, aaaah Lord!”
“Go, Goshujin-shama… eating… mana… eating the sparkling deshu.”

Ado and En-san tremble in surprise.
En-san’s jaw almost came out.
Ado’s mouth is also absentmindedly opened.

While thinking about what’s wrong.
My hand starts shining.
It may be because I ate mana, but…
My hand is shining!
It’s the same colored light of the surroundings.

“Lord! Surely not… have you perhaps eaten mana?”

En-san asks while shaking in surprise.
His jaw is making a rattling noise.
Is it that surprising?

“Since it was right in front of me, I Gabu’d it.”
“As expected of Lord. To think you would even be able to eat mana… It should be impossible to eat mana for monsters not born of mana eating race. A monster not born of mana eating race able to eat mana… That’s unheard of.”
“As expected of shiny Goshujin-shama~ Pikapika.”

Ado plays with my shining hand with great interest.
Being touched by paw pads… is slightly ticklish.
Ado’s hands are also very small.

“I can’t see the bottom of Lord’s talent. As expected of my Lord. Like this, won’t you be able to do mana search?”
“Mana search?”

What’s that?
First time I hearing about this.
Ado tilts her head and ask “Mana search?”. It seems she also doesn’t have a clue.

“Mana search is a technique that allows you to investigate using the flow of mana. The huge tree’s problem is most likely caused by mana fluctuations. A tree as big as this one definitely has enormous amount of mana, therefore even the slightest change of mana will cause problems.”


Knowledgeable En-san.
He’s saving me in various ways.

“Is it similar to magic control?”
“It probably is.”
“Ado will do it too~”

Ado touches the ground with her both hands, but there’s no effect.
She’s trying very hard, but… nothing is happening.
Her tail hangs down.

“Ado… can’t do it… gusun.”
“Good, alright, I will do it, Ado doesn’t have to worry.”
After patting Ado’s head, I put my hands on the ground.
And pour mana inside the tree.








I wonder?
I don’t understand well.
Rather, I don’t understand since mana is overflowing everywhere around me.
I don’t know what’s what…

At times like these…
Let’s try doing that.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bite the root of the tree and suck the mana.
I chase the flow of mana while storing some in my body.
I learned the magic control the same way.
My trait… I think that vampire’s biggest weapon is the fangs.








I might have found something.
A visible problem in flow of mana…
I certainly feel it.
It’s stagnant.
There’s something obstructing the flow of mana.

That place is…
Where is it?
I pinpoint the location by pursuing the flow of mana.

Found it!
There’s a place where mana strangely accumulates.
It swelled up like a lump of mana.
This is definitely the problem.

Going backward from that place…
Like this…
Ah, here… and like this.
I memorized the way.

I pull out my fangs.

“Ado, En-san, I might have discovered the source of the problem.”
“As expected of Goshujin-shama deshu.”
“Lord, as one would expect.”

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