Chapter 54

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Waitarou’s Request
We who became full after the breakfast.
Arrived at the hall with Ado’s guidance.
There were many wyverns gathered talking to each other.

This… smells of an incident.

Waitarou notices me.
“Tokukawa-sama. Thank you very much for coming.”
The wyvern politely bows.
Waitarou is very polite.
But, it’s clear at a glance from this atmosphere that the wyverns are troubled about something.
I mean… they have that distinctive tail movement.
I’m frequently observing Ado’s and En’san tail movements.
I came to know more about the emotions behind the tail movements.
That depressing looking tail movement is…
There’s no mistake.
They are in trouble!

“Waitarou. Are you perhaps having some problem?”
“Y, you can tell… As expected of Tokukawa-sama.”
“Please ask me anything. Because you are my family now, after all.”
“Deshu. Goshujin-shama is kind deshu.”
“Yes… Thank you very much. The truth is… The huge tree is in danger. Please take a look at this fruit.”

Waitarou shows us a withered fruit.
It withered and bubbly.
A rotted gray color.
A great difference from what I have eaten just a little while ago.

“This is… Just what has happened to this fruit?”
“Some kind of unusual phenomenon may be happening with the huge tree. The fruit should be growing because the tree is getting nourishment from the ground, right? However, we who fly in the skies have no knowledge about ground.”

Is the huge tree undergoing some kind of change…
If this tree disappears my wyvern followers will be in trouble.

“I understand. We will take a look at it.”
“I, is that alright? Tokukawa-sama.”

“What, it’s not anything great.”
“Thank you very much.”

“Then… is there a good place to start the investigation?”
“Yes, there is a hole at the base of the huge tree. You should be able to enter the basement of the tree from there.”

“Well then. We will go immediately.”
“Thank you very much.”

Byuu Zaza
A sudden gust of wind…
En-san lands nearby.
He remains in the big dragon form.

“Nu, of course, I’m going too. I got tired of the flight practice.”
En-san saved me trouble looking for him.
But, got tired…
Not so much time has passed yet, though…
En-san interests may be easily changed.

“Then, I will be relying on you.”
I and Ado get on En-san’s back and we depart from the huge tree.
The destination is the base of the tree.


[in flight]


“Descending in one go.”

“Wawawawaaa~ Deshu.”
“Oou. En-san I won’t mind if you go slowly.”

“Thoroughly witness my power.”


En-san starts the swoop.
I cling to En-san.
Ado clings to me.
Because of the sudden decrease in altitude, my heart tightens.










Swooping En-san.
Before I know what’s what, we have already arrived at the base of the huge tree.
Superexpress En-san.
Ado embracing me from the back has fainted.
Going out like a light state.

“Nu, we have arrived. How was it, the air travel? Comfortable, right?”
I get down from En-san.
Of course, I carry Ado on my back.
I just wanted to get my feet on the ground.
I wanted to touch solid ground.
I wanted to touch the ground which does not move.
I demanded Mother Earth.

“It was the worst deshu~ I hiyunhiyuned deshu~”
“I wish you could have gone more slowly.”
“W, why… really… my flying…”
En-san receives a shock.
He must have been confident in his flying.
This right now was a wild flight.
He probably wanted to please us.

“Ado, are you okay?”
“Slightly dizzy deshu~”
“Then let’ stake a little break here.”
“Nu, how childish. The ancient species nowadays…”

We lay at the base of the huge tree.
En-san pulls a leaf from the huge tree and also lies on the ground.
I look up at the towering huge tree.
Really, an enormous tree…
This tree…
Such tree existing in a dungeon…
I can’t believe it even now when looking at it.


Under the huge tree.
We spent time nonchalantly.

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