Chapter 53

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hotel, Wyverns
“Tokukawa-sama. This will be your room.”

We are guided by Waitarou to a birdcage-like room.
The rooms in this tree are like birdcage units, but… this must be one of the most luxurious rooms.
It decorated with jewels I don’t know.

“A good room deshu ne~ Bonebone deshu~”
“It’s suitable for me. There’s enough shiny.”
Ado and En-san seem to be satisfied.
Of course, so am I.
The bed made from some kind of feather seems to be very soft and fluffy.
I want to jump and make a bed dive, but…
“Nu, I’m first.”

Zaza Dobon
Ado and En-san took the initiative.
Both of them jumped on the bed and look like melting in the angel’s embrace.
“De, de, deshu~~~” (Melting smile)
“Me too~ Nu, outrageous softness~” (Stupid expression)
The two are in great delight.
Even though I wanted to dive in the most.

“Well then, everyone, I will let you know when the meal is ready.”
“Thank you.”
“Nono, it’s for Tokukawa-sama’s sake after all.”

Waitarou leaves our room.
I sit on the fluffy bed and look around.
There’s a huge bone all right.


This is… I try to pick it up while thinking about what it is for.
I tried moving it, but…
It doesn’t seem to be doing anything.
While thinking about what it is for.

Wyvern children come into my sight.
And also one fairly big wyvern.
Everybody seems to be playing(?) with the bone.
That’s not it…?
They may be biting the bone as dogs do.
Anyway, they seem to be bitting the bone and relaxing.
Apparently, this bone is… a plaything?

I place the bone on the floor.

Sutasutasuta Dobon
I jump into the bed.
First of all, let’s lie down and sleep.

“Suu~ Suu~”
Before I noticed, Ado already fell asleep.
“Suu~ Suu~”
En-san also seems to be in the middle of a nap.
He may be tired since he was flying for a long time.

Although I slept just a little while ago…
I become sleepy while listening to other people’s sleeper’s breath.
Well then, goodnight.











When I wake up to the usual feeling…
Ado-san is licking me.
“Ah, I’m up now.”
“Goshujin-shama~, Waitarou wanted you to come to the hall once you wake up.”
I don’t know where that is, though…
I will ask someone on the way.

“I understand. Then…”
I don’t see En-san around.
He woke up earlier and probably went somewhere.
“En is practicing. He’s ‘Teaching the sky’ to the wyverns.”
En-san’s switch may have been turned on.
Although he looks like that, En-san is a caring person.
“Then, let’s go have a meal.”
“Deshu ne~ I have learned the way to the dining room from Waitarou deshu.”
How admirable, Ado.
It seems she has been doing various things since she woke up.
She’s always up earlier than me after all.
“Then, let’s go.”
“Deshu, deshu~”




Tekuteku Tekuteku
We leave the birdcage and walk over a huge branch.
I feel dwarfed.
I feel like a rhinoceros beetle on a tree.
“This tree is really huge, huh~”
“Right deshu ne~ There are even big fruits deshu.”
It even has fruits…
How great.
But, that means…
“Ado, did you already have breakfast?”
“I didn’ eat deshu~ I haven’t digested the fruit yet, so I didn’t eat yet deshu. Sour deshu.”
Looks like Ado already ate the fruit.
I’m curious.

After walking for a while… we arrive at the dining room.
I’m glad that Ado knew the way.
It’s one of the largest birdcages on the tree.
When I lined up behind the wyverns.
I immediately received some kind of meat and fruit.
Looking at the other wyverns, it seems they are eating it raw.
I think I will be okay because of the Food Poisoning resistance and Poison resistance, but…
Let’s appraise it just in case.

Others: Chicken Meat
Description: Generic chicken meat.

Others: Yellow Fruit from the huge tree
Description: I ripe fruit from a huge tree. Although big, the flesh of the fruit is delicious.

Good, good.
It’s not toxic.
Well then, itadakimasu.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu
I suck the meat with my fangs.
Energy flows through my body.
I seem to be getting energy from eating meat after all.
A juicy taste.

Well then, the fruit is next.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu
I suck the flesh of the fruit with my fangs.
Feels like a fruit juice.
I think it tastes similar to mango.
I drink until the last drop.

I remove my fangs in satisfaction.
Breakfast is finished.
Although Ado is still munching next to me.
She seems to be just finishing.

“Ado, let’s go meet Waitarou-san then.”
“Deshu, deshu, my stomach is full deshu.”

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