Chapter 52

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The Nest of the Wyverns is at the Top of a Huge Tree
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bite the wyvern’s long extended neck.
The same way when I made Moon Foxes my family.
“Become my follower~” “Become my follower~” I pray in my mind.
The wyvern meat doesn’t have the juiciness.

While tasting and praying…
Something came out.

(Wyvern has been added to the family.)
(Because there is no name, please decide on one.)

God’s voice after a long time.
Listening to this voice makes me somewhat feel at ease.
A name huh~
As expected, the wyverns don’t have names.
There may be only few named monsters, huh~
Then, a name…
What could it be?
Should I do the same as with the Moon Foxes?
Yeah, let’s do the same.

“Voice of God, let’s go with Waitarou please.”

(Waitarou registered.)

Alright, alright.
It seems that I got a new follower properly.

Thank you very much. A gentleman accompanied by considerably strong dragon-sama. I’m sure you have a proper name, but… how should I address you?”

The wyvern, Waitarou speaks up.
Indeed… it seems that by adding them to my family I’m able to converse with them.
It seems it wasn’t only Moon Fox’s special feature.

“Call me Tokugawa.”
“Yes. Tokukawa-sama.”

It looks like no one will get my name right.
It’s a name not widely used even in Japan after all.

“Best regards.”
“Waha. We wyverns would like to be added under Tokukawa-sama’s lead. If possible, all my companions.”
“Yes, yes. I understand. Just form a line. I will add everyone to my family.”
“Waha. Thank you very much.”

Zaza Zaza Pita
The wyverns form one line and extend their necks.
What a great scene.
It’s like gang members bowing in front of the gang leader in some yakuza movie.
The wyverns seem to be nicely behaving.

Well then.
Gabu, gabu, let’s turn them into my followers.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bit the first one and turn it into my follower.
I feel like my magic is escaping my body every time I make a follower.
I feel it stronger than with Moon Foxes.
Making strong follower may consume more magic.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu



After the last one, I already feel half-asleep.
“Goshujin-shama~ Sleep?”
“Lord. It would be better to take a rest.”
“Yes, I will lie down for a bit.”
It seems the magic consumption is larger than I thought.
When I exhaust my magic I become sleepy.
I want to lie down right now.

“Lord, then you should sleep on top of Ado. You can entrust this to me, your number one follower.”
“Eeh~ Ado is Goshujin-shama’s number one follower~”
“Nu. Ado was just early. I’m number one. The strongest!”
“Ado is~ Ado i~s. Ado is number one deshu.”
I hear talking voices, but…
I’m falling asleep.









Byuu Byuu Patapatapata
I wake up at the sound of wind…
This is not from a top of Ado… on top of scales?
I turn my neck… nothing’s here?
Eeh, that~
I don’t see anything, but the sky…
In addition, the scenery is moving.
“Ah, Goshujin-shama, awake?”
“Nu, sleepyhead Lord. You have woken up.”
After confirming my surroundings, I seem to be high in the sky.
I seem to be on En-san who has turned into the big dragon form.
By the way, Ado is closely sticking to my neck.
She may be supporting me so I don’t fall down.

“Why are we flying in the sky?”
“We are going to the wyvern’s nest. Because it’s on top of a huge tree, we fly deshu~”
“My flying is delicate. Don’t worry.”
When I look around…
I am surrounded by wyverns.
It seems we are flying in a formation.
We are located right in the middle.
After looking down, the bottom can’t almost be seen anymore.
The altitude is quite high considering this is a dungeon.

But, this reminds me…
Wasn’t Ado afraid of heights…?
Such a high place…
Is she alright flying in the sky?

“Ado, it’s quite high, are you okay?”
“Deshu? That reminds me deshu ne~ I haven’t noticed deshu.”

It’s that thing?
There’s a variety of people with acrophobia.
A people who are afraid of height, but can board a plane.
Ado is probably like that too.

“Nu, it’s the fruit of my safe flying. Ado, be grateful.”
“En, thank you deshu~”
“Fu, no need to thank me.”
He wants gratitude, but he refuses it.
As expected of En-san.
How difficult.

When I look at the flowing scenery…
Something came in sight.
In front of us…
A huge tree growing as high as the sky.
Its shape changes here and there… I can also see bird nests.
Wyverns probably make their own nests.
The proof is that the wyverns fly past those nests.
“That place seems to be the place of destination.”
“Deshu ne~ It’s huge deshu~”
“Fufu, compared to my pyramid… still have some way to go.”

Basa Basa
Large wyverns are flying this way.
They turn around in the sky and bow.
“Tokukawa-sama, please enter from Gate 3. The wyvern before you will guide you.”
“Nu, leave it to me.”

The wyvern in front of us changes a course.
En-san follows the wyvern.
Gate number three, huh…
Looking closely…
There seem to be several holes in the tree covered by leaves.
Each hole is most likely a gate.

Basabasa Zusaaah~
We land inside the huge tree.
It’s a large branch that seems to be something akin to an airport.
When I and Ado get down from En-san…

En-san returns to the small dragon form.
“How big deshu~ The leaves are bigger than Ado deshu.”
“It’s even bigger than me.”
“It’s smaller than my original form.”
We poke one of the nearby leaves.
It’s a really big leaf.
In addition, it seems to be well kept here so it’s quite beautiful.
I can also see the figures of small wyverns.
These wyverns are not different in size from us…
Are they newborn wyverns?

There is a smell of a peaceful life.

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