Chapter 51

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Followers
“Lord, what’s the plan? Should I kick them around?”
“Goshujin-shama~ Fight, are we going to fight~?”
Ado and En-san are completely in a battle mode.
They seem to be eager to fight.
However, bu~t.
I want to settle this peacefully.
I would like to avoid fighting 20 wyverns if possible.
Because… I have no idea if I can win.
I don’t even slightly understand my own strength.

“The opponents are still, let’s see what is it about.”
“Lord is too careful. I will watch over you so be at peace.”
“Deshu, deshu~ Ado is here too~”
What a reassuring companions.
Ado, En-san…
I may have been blessed with good friends.
“Then, Ado, let’s move a little bit forward.”

Sutasuta Sutasuta
We are inside the flock of wyverns.
When I approach the biggest guy.
The level 16…


It roars.
My cheeks shake because of the wind pressure.
What a great lung capacity…

“Ado, do you understand what it said?”
“Hmm. It wants a match.”

It’s a wild wyvern after all.
Power may be everything here.
It may not be settled with a conversation.
If that’s the case…
I have no choice, but to adjust to these rules.

“I understand. A battle between representatives?”

A tremendous roar once again.
The opponent may be trying to intimidate me.

“Yea. It seems to be okay deshu.”
“Then, the one fighting for us is…”
Someone who can ensure a victory…

“Lord, leave it to me!”
“Eh, Ado wants to fight too~”
Both of them are fully motivated…
En-san and Ado… they are both monstrously strong.
But… the opponent is a flying type.
This is En-san’s turn…
Ado can’t fly after all.

“Sorry, Ado. Let’s leave this to En-san.”
“Eeeh… deshu… gusun.”
“Fu, Lord, you made the right choice. As expected of Lord.”
Sad Ado, proud En-san.
Ado’s dog ears are hanging down.
It’s a dejected Ado.

“It’s alright, Ado. I will give you potechi later.”
“… In that case, it’s alright deshu. En, do your best deshu.”
“Nu, Lord. Of course, you will give me potechi too, right?”
“There’s also En-san’s share.”
“I see… with this I can fight without worries. My skills are itching!”
“Potechi, potechi, potechi deshu~”

With Ado’s potechi call, En-san steps forward.
Although he is in small form… he looks cool.
En-san talks to me with his back.
How cool.

“Well then, I’m your opponent. How at me, little chicks!”
Powan Basa Basa
En-san transforms back to the dragon form and flies towards the sky.
Dragon should be flying in the sky after all.
It has a unique appeal.

Basa Basa
The level 16 wyvern flies into the air.
It flies to the same height as En-san.

At this moment.
The sky battle has begun.




Both I and Ado…
The other wyverns…
Are waiting for the fierce battle that will happen.
I keep watching the sky with expectations, but…


“I’m going, little chick. Witness it! My power!”

En-san circles in the air…
He raised his speed…
And rammed the wyvern with tremendous momentum.



Hyuun Dosu―――。

The wyvern crashes into the ground while screaming.

The battle lasts approximately ten seconds.
Battle ends.
Winner, En-san.



The meeting place fell silent with disappointment.
The wyverns are dumbfounded.

I and Ado are also surprised.
En-san’s ramming attack exploded once again.
I haven’t seen En-san use another attack than the ramming attack.
Surely not, surely not…
It can’t be that he has only a ramming attack, right?
My expectations…
Well, he won so let’s leave it at that.
Victory is important.

Hyuun Suta
En-san comes back and turns into the small dragon form.
En-san without a single scratch.
“How about that? Have you realized my power?”
“En~ Amazing deshu.”
“En-san, you have done well.”
“This much is not worth the praise. Just a trivial matter.”
En-san humbly says with a self-satisfied look.
He’s so happy that his tail is vigorously moving around in joy.

Noshinoshi Noshinoshi
The fallen wyvern gets up.
It moves approaches us.

It turns towards us and… lowers its head?
Then, every wyvern does the same.

More feeble voice than before.
This soft tone, this posture…
Surely not…
Indeed, this is…
That, right?
It’s that, right?
I have seen it before.
This scene.
The same action the Earth Dogs and Moon Foxes did.

“Ado, the wyverns, perhaps…”
“They want to become Goshujin-shama’s followers.”

As expected…
It was that thing after all…
I had a vague feeling.
That monsters follow the strong.
Then, that rule.
Why don’t I answer it?

“Ai, I understand. Wyverns. I will accept you.”

The wyverns call joyfully.

Thus, I have obtained a flock of wyverns.

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