Chapter 46

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Second Time in Anima Temple and Rare Skill
Hello, it’s Baby Vampire Tokugawa.
After winning the match against Marilyn.
I have been troubled because she’s looking at me with admiring eyes and calling “Teacher this, Teacher that”.
Ado also confusedly calls me “Goshujin-shama~, nn? Goshishou-shama?”.
En-san, on the other hand, is a little upset saying “Why am I called En-san and not Teacher!”.
I don’t know even if you ask me~
Every day passes like that.


“Goshujin-shama~ What is the Anima Temple deshu?”
I have been suddenly asked while rolling in the grass.
I honestly don’t really know much~
About that temple.
Appraisal-san only told me that it’s a temple governing over life and death.
Also, there were many corpses of reincarnated people…
And there were many soul-like floating things.

“I’m not really sure. Just that it’s a temple. Why are you asking, Ado?”
“I’ve heard about it from El Jiisan deshu. That Goshujin-shama was there before deshu.”
He probably talked about a lot of things just in order to draw Ado’s interest.
“I have been there only once.”
Also… I wasn’t able to enter there again.
It’s a dangerous experience that has almost killed me.
I was able to create the revolver at that time.
“Ado too~ Ado too~ Ado wants to go to the Anima Temple deshu~”
Anima Temple, huh…
Let’s see~ Should we try to go one more time?
My level has increased.
Let’s give it a try, I have nothing to lose anyway.
“Alright, Ado. Let’s go take a look?”
“Uee~ Yaay~ deshu.”




Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
I got on Ado and we arrived at the temple’s entrance.
When I was here before… I had to desperately struggle for life.
I defeated the Earth Dog leader at the last moment and regenerated my bitten off arm.
A nostalgic past.
I did well.

When I approach the door…

(Anima Medal is necessary to be consumed in order to enter the Anima Temple.)

Different god’s words than before.
I’m certain that… skill points were needed the last time.
It’s Anima Medal this time, huh…
I have received it from El Jiisan, but he told me it’s only an antique.
Then, let’s try using it.
Uhh, I answered the god’s voice the last time, right?
Let’s try doing the same.
Well then…

“I understand, OK.”

(Anima Medal consumed.)

The door opens.
“Go, goshujin-shama~ It Gogogo’ed deshu~ Gogogo.”
“Yes, then let’s advance.”
“Deshudeshu…… ah, ouch deshu.”

Ado hit an invisible wall and can’t advance.
I’m inside, though…
Only Ado crashed into something.


The moment I was going to approach the teary-eyed Ado.
The door close shut.
I couldn’t see Ado anymore.
I push against the door with all my strength, but it didn’t move an inch.
I try to touch the door and pour magic inside, but…
My magic doesn’t pass…
There seems to be some interference.
This feeling is first.

I tried trial and error for a while, but nothing happened.
Even shooting the revolver won’t leave a scratch.
It seems to be some special door.

Can’t be helped.
I give up on the door and advance ahead.
Tekuteku Tekuteku
I advance like before and come across the large valley.
The souls are floating at the bottom as before.

? :?
?   :?

Nothing appears after appraising after all.
Is it some unknown substance or something?
I can sense something much larger since coming to this place.
It almost makes you believe in god or something.

After watching the fluffy floating lights for a while.
I go towards the mummies buried in the wall.
The one I got the “Blood Bone Alchemy” from is…
Was it this mummy?

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who created things

Right, right.
This mummy.
I was able to escape the predicament thanks to bitting this mummy and obtaining a skill.
What would have happened without that ability?
I’m thankful.
Thank you, Mummy-san.
I bow my head.


Then, I observe the mummies around.
I was sent out of the temple several seconds after biting that mummy.
Or did my time ran out?
I don’t know if bitting is the trigger.

I should observe the mummies while conscious about the time.
I don’t know when I will be kicked out after all.
It’s just my intuition, but…
I will most likely obtain a skill after biting another mummy.
A skill these people had while alive.
Because I got a monstrous skill.
The skill called『God’s Fangs』.

Now then, who should I choose…
I appraise the mummies one after another.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who healed people

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who crossed the sea.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who bet on luck.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who excelled at leisure.

Right after appraising them.

(1 minute remains. You will be forced to leave when time runs out.)

There’s no time left.
I have to hurry.
I have to choose from these four.

“Person who healed people.” “Person who crossed the sea.” “Person who bet on luck.” “Person who excelled at leisure.”

A person who healed people is most likely a healing skill.
A person who crossed the sea would most likely be some kind of water skill.
A person who bet on luck has signs of gambling.
A person who excelled at leisure, some convenient skill?

I want a skill that would allow me to capture the dungeon the most.
Which means… I don’t need a person who crossed the sea and a person who bet on luck.
There’s shouldn’t be a sea in the dungeon… and I can’t just rely on the luck.
Healing… Convenience…

I have decided!
This is where I choose convenience.
Since I have Ado and En-san with me.
I don’t think they will have troubles with enemies, or that they would get hurt.
Then, I will compliment them with convenience.

Well then, well then.
There’s no time.
Here I go!
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bite the “Person who excelled at leisure”.

(Skill “God’s Fangs” activated. Skill “Online Shopping” acquired.)

A convenient skill obtained.

O, ou.
I remember hearing this sound.
My body is suddenly wrapped in light with the sound of a bell.
It’s so bright I can’t open my eyes.
An electric shock runs through my head.
Like the circuit of my brain was forcibly played with.
It’s my second time, but… so intense!
Stay strong!

My vision is wrapped in white light…
And I feel like floating.
A sense of my body flying.




When I open my eyes again, I’m standing in front of the Anima Temple’s entrance.
Ado with sleepy eyes is in front of me.
I may have surprised her with my sudden appearance.
Morning, Ado.
I have returned!

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