Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Genius Magical Girl Marilyn vs. Mr. Vampire
When I met Marilyn in the corridor, this is how she suddenly addressed me.
She’s looking at me with some kind of expectations.
Even though she was calling me Tokugawa-san until a while ago…
“What’s the matter, Marilyn.”
“Kukukuku, I have also become the Sage-sama’s disciple~ Becoming a disciple of a former hero party’s Sage-sama is an honor nodesu.”
That means I have become a senior disciple.
So that’s why teacher.
Fumufumu… I understand.

“Come to think of it, at what level is your magic?”
“Kukukuku, I’m the strongest mage Marilyn nanodesu. Strongest nanodesu.”
Marilyn is chuuni.
But, didn’t En-san said he’s the strongest in the dungeon?
There are many strongest fellows.
Although En-san sounded quite serious.
At any rate, he’s a 1,000 years old dragon.

“Teacher! I have a request.”
“What is it?”
“Please have a match with me!”
“Eh, that… why?”
“In order to exceed the teacher and become the strongest nodesu.”
I have just started learning magic and can’t utilize it at all.
Although I have become El Jiisan’s disciple, I have used only a little magic.

“Nu, nice spirit. Fighting is the best road to becoming the strongest. I assure you.”
“Gishujin-shama~ Fight deshu~”
Ado and En-san who appeared from somewhere say.
The atmosphere is already like I have accepted the match.
“Yes, yes, I’m glad nodesu.” Marilyn nods.
That, I have not answered yet, though…
I haven’t said anything yet, though…
No way!
Was the silence an OK sign…?

“Well then, let’s have the match at the grassland.”
Like this, the match between me and the self-proclaimed strongest mage Marilyn has been decided.





I and Marilyn face each other at the grasslands.
A revolver magnum is in my hand.
A magic wand is in Marilyn’s.
The situation has advanced very quickly for some reason.
Now we are facing like this.
I was not planning to fight, but I’m standing here like this for some reason.
Really, why?
El Jiisan, Ado and En-san are watching from the distance.
Everybody looks in excitement with some kind of expectation.
No, this is not particularly interesting… probably.

“Teacher! I’m coming nodesu. ―――A shining arrow falling from the sky, Godly hammer striking down from the ceiling. Split open, Holy Blow―――”

When Marilyn raises her wand.
A spear of light rushes towards me.
Wait a minute.
A little timeout.
You are using some kind of dangerous spell right from the start, though.

I load two Moon Bullets into the barrel and shot myself.
I have verified this recently.
One bullet will increase my speed 1.5 times.
2 bullets are 1.5×1.5 which means my speed will increase by 2.25 times.

Sasa Sasa Sasa
I avoid Marilyn’s attack with a high moving speed.

“W, what a speed… as expected of teacher nanodesu. Then, next is this one. ―――Angel’s bow right here right now. A desired ruthless attack of Angel’s arrow, Holy Arrow―――”

An arrow of light is attacking me.
I want to dodge quickly, but…
It’s chasing me.
Indeed, this is…

“It’s useless, this arrow has a homing function nodesu. It will continue on chasing until it hits.”


A tracking type after all…
What a dangerous magic.
It hardly looks like an angel’s magic.
It’s more of a demon’s arrow.
It would probably be better to quickly settle it.
By the looks of it, my opponent’s magic is weak in close combat.
Being caught by the wyvern, her physical ability is doubtful.
In that case…

Ban Ban Ban
I aim the revolver towards Marilyn and shoot.
The loaded bullet is Nirvana Bullet. The poisonous bullet.
As expected, I can’t use lethal bullets like Blood and Bone bullets.

“―――Angel’s buckler, Holy Shield―――”

The bullet is repelled by a transparent wall.
As expected of someone who came to the 50th floor.
There is no hesitation in her smooth movements.
She seems used to fighting.

“Teacher! You don’t have to go easy on me nodesu. Sage-sama can cure the injuries to some extent nodesu.”

Can’t be helped.
There’s no meaning in prolonging the fight.
Let’s settle it quickly.
In the first place, the match has been decided the moment we stepped on this terrain.
My victory was virtually decided.

Ban Ban Ban
I commence a suppressing fire while running towards a fallen tree.
I put both hands on the fallen tree and pour magic inside.
The rapid growth of the roots…. and explosion.

Zudodododododododododo Zudodododododododododo
“Wh, what is that nanodesu… Wawawawaaaaaa.”
The ground under Marilyn crumbles.
A severe collapse is completed.
She fell into a hole.

“Nu, it seems it’s Lord’s victory.”
“As expected of Goshujin-shama~ Zudon deshu.”
“Hohoho. To grow the tree and explode them in order to destroy the ground… Tokugawa-san’s magic is on a different scale as expected.”
The three approach me.
They clap their hands and nod “Yeah, yeah.”
My evaluation among them seems to be quite high.

“That was really nothing. I have just been lucky.”
“There’s no need to be humble no ja. A lot of people can’t do what you just did.”
“Nu. I also think so. I’m very interested in that weird weapon of yours.”
“Ado too~ Ado too~ Goshujin-shama is strong nodeshu~”
Even though I was honestly just lucky…
The place of the match was my luck.
Apart from that…
Is Marilyn okay?

When I look at the collapsed ground…
Pyon Sutan
Marilyn jumps out of the hole.
Her body is dirty with the soil here and there.
“Kukukuku, as expected of my teacher! Nanodesu. To beat the strongest me, you are quite strong yourself.”
I’m glad.
She doesn’t look injured.
Did she guard herself with magic?
“Then, with this, the match is over.”
“Yes, nanodesu.”

“Well then, I will give a prize for the winner Tokugawa-san no ja.”
Is that so?
It’s my first time hearing about a prize.
I will receive it gratefully.
“Here ja.”
“Thank you very much.”

What was handed to me… a medal?
What on Earth is this?
A picture of a scale is drawn on the gold coin.

“El Jiisan, this is…”
“Anima medal ja. It’s a valuable antique found in various places.”
“Is it okay? To give me something like this.”
“It’s alright ja. Take a great care of it no ja. It’s the proof of winningja.”
“Thank you very much.”

I store the Anima medal inside my item box.

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