Chapter 44

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Peropero Peropero
Peropero Peropero
A lukewarm touch on my cheeks and wet sounds.
This feeling, perhaps…
Is not that feeling, right…
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
I hear Ado’s cute voice.

When I open my eyes…
My expected, I was right.
Ado was right in front of my eyes.
“Goshujin-shama~ Good morning deshu.”
“Umu, good morning.”
When I turn my neck and check the area…
I couldn’t see En-san and Marilyn.
Did they get up earlier?
Rather, I may be waking up the last every time.
Everyone is an early bird.

“Ado, where are the two?”
“Ummm~ Ummm~ They weren’t there when Ado woke up deshu~”
Is that so?
They might have woken up earlier and went somewhere.
En-san is thousand years old so he might be an early riser.
I heard that old people are light sleepers.
Marilyn, let’s see… cause she is a girl?
Girls rise earlier than boys.
“Well then, Ado, let’s go. Let’s get breakfast.”
“Yes deshu~ Breakfast~ Breakfast~♪”




Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I suck on the Cypher meat that was on the table.
I feel strength overflowing inside my body.

Mushamusha Mushamusha
Ado also sinks her teeth into the Cypher meat.
Her cheeks relax after she bites.
Her dog ears moving in joy are also excellent.

“Ado. It’s stuck around your mouth.”
Ado wipes her mouth with her hand, but…
The piece of meat is stuck on the opposite side.
I help her out.
“Gohushijn-shama~ Thank you deshu.”
“You are welcome.”


Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
When I return my fangs into the meat.
A small dragon enters the dining room.

“Nu, Lord, you have woken up.”
I nod while sucking on the meat.
The meat juices would spill out if I pulled my fangs out before sucking it all.
“I just returned from a morning run. Because the grassland is so wide, I just felt like running. It’s different from the full of trees 49th floor. The air is nice.”
En-san looks refreshed after exercising.

I suck all the juices and remove my fangs.
“That is good. What about Marilyn?”
“Nu, that mage, huh? She went to get the Moon River Grass from El Jiisan.”
That’s right.
We came to El Jiisan’s place because of that.
I must be still half-asleep.

“I have picked up this flower.”
En-san takes out a large quantity of Nirvana flowers from his item box.
I thought that there was a lot of deadly poison in it, though…
“What are you planning to do with these?”
“Of course, I’m going to eat them. This much poison won’t work on me. It’s a famous delicacy, you know?”
Is he poison resistant like me and El Jiisan?
That makes… me, El Jiisan and En-san.
Three people in this house are fond of Nirvana flowers.

Mushamusha Mushamusha
En-san starts eating the delicious Nirvana flowers.
I also take some and eat.
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
It’s delicious after all.
The fresh taste is something different.
The tingling poison and hotness are stimulating.
Above all, it’s tasty.

“Goshujin-shama~ Ado too~ Wants to taste~”
Ado looks at me wistfully, but…
Because the poison is strong, it’s impossible.
“The poison is strong, it would be hard for Ado.”
“Right. Ado’s level is not a match of mine. Work diligently!”
“Uuuuuuuu…… gusun. Ado tootootootootoo, tootootootootooooooo.”
Ado is sad.
The end of her sentence is also questionable.
“Tootoo” She cries in a loud voice.
Really, can’t be helped.

I take out an eggshell from the item box.
“Ado, eat this shell then try eating a leaf. The shell will protect your stomach from the poison and leaf is the least poisonous.”
“Wawawawa~i. Goshujin-shama, thank you deshu.”
Mushamusha Mushamusha
Ado eats the Nirvana flower with a smile.
Her appearances are heartwarming.
She looks very pleased.

Kuikui my hand is being pulled…
En-san looks at me with a grim face.
Is he worried about something?
“Nu. Lord, haven’t you spoiled Ado too much a little while ago?”
Do you think so~?
I thought I was doing alright, though.
Does En-san think so?
But, you see~ Ado is cute so it’s alright.
“I will try to be more careful from now on.”
“I do not really mind. I’m okay as long as I protect my food provider.”
It’s the gourmet En-san.

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