Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Once Again at the Sage’s Home
After a few hours.
We have arrived at El Jiisan’s place on the 50th floor.
Although we have left this house just a few days ago, I already feel nostalgic.
Feels like returning home.
I’m home~ El Jiisan.

“Hou. So this is an elf’s home. To think that he really would live in a dungeon.”
“Right nanodesu. Besides, this floor… seems really peaceful. There’s even a red flower garden nodesu.”
En-san and Marilyn seem shocked in various ways.
But, I must properly warn them to be careful.
Because Marilyn is about to touch the flowers.
“Marilyn. The red flowers are called Nirvana Flowers and it would be better to be careful since they are full of poison.”
“Na, nanodesu ka… Fuu~ I was almost caught in a trap… close one, close one.”
“It would be difficult for so many Nirvana Flowers… to grow in nature.”
It seems that En-san has noticed.
How sharp.
“It’s El Jiisan. It appears that he drove away the monsters when he planted these flowers.”
“Am, amazing nodesu… he may be equal to me in magic. That elf.”
Marilyn says impressed.
It seems she has immediately converted to El Jiisan.

“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~ Let’s quickly go inside~ I want to goron in the bed deshu.”
“Yes, let’s go, Ado.”
Tonton Tonton
When I knock on the door… there’s no response.
He is probably doing some experiments in his room again.
Well then, let’s enter.

“El Jiisan? I’m entering.”
I enter the house.
When we arrive at the reception room…
A familiar white smoke creeps in.

“Gaha, gaha, gaha.”
El Jiisan enters the reception room while coughing.
After he closes the door to block the escaping smoke…
“Oh, isn’t it Tokugawa-san, it has been a while nou.”
“Long time no see.”
“So, who is that in the back ja? Ado-chan, a girl and… a dragon?”
El Jiisan tilts his head.
“What?” He’s making such face.

“Yes. It’s adventurer Marilyn and Ancient Green Dragon En-san.”
“Hello nanodesu.”
“Nu, I’m En-san.”
El Jiisan freezes.

Several seconds later.
“Tokugawa-san. What is a meaning of this ja, Ancient Green Dragon, isn’t that an ancient species? A phantom race. To meet another one besides Ado-chan… what should I say ja.”
El Jiisan’s eyes start tearing up from emotion.
This may have a great impact on a monster researching Jiisan.
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~ Ado is sleepy~”
Ado says with heavy eyelids.
Ado worked hard today after all.
“You can go ahead to the room and take a rest.”
“I will do that deshu~”
Ado left to our room.

“Nu, Lord, I also want to rest.”
“Me too nanodesu~”
It seems everyone is tired.
A lot has happened today after all.
We have also traveled a considerable distance.
“If that’s the case everyone can stay and take a rest no ja. You are friends of my disciple Tokugawa-san ja. You can take it easy and relax.”
“Then, we will do as you say.”
“Nu, I’m looking forward to bed.”

We enter the familiar room number three.
There are four beds in the room, therefore there’s enough for everyone.
In one bed, Ado already “Suu~ Suu~” sleeps soundly.

I sit at the bed I have been using before.
Marilyn and En-san also choose their beds.
“Nu, tou.”
Tou Basha
Both of them jump on the bed and check its elasticity.
Poyoyo~n, they bounce on the bed happily.
They are giggling.
“Don’t be too overenergetic. The bed may break under you.”
“What, I will be okay. I have been bouncing with perfection.”
“Me too nanodesu. I’m the strongest genius mage Marilyn, you know?”

The two are infatuated with their beds.
They jump up and down many times.
Right~ I wonder how En-san’s weight works?
Such a huge dragon has transformed into such a small creature, but…
En-san doesn’t look that heavy.
The bed is not breaking.
The weight has most likely changed too.

Well then, I’m going to sleep.
I became sleepy the moment I sat on the bed.















After Tokugawa-san and Ado returned home.
El Jiisan sighed.

(Really~ Tokugawa-san keeps surprising me. He brought another ancient species along. And to think it would be an Ancient Green Dragon. Although it looked quite small, it surely is transformed. Its hidden magic was properly transmitted to me.)

El Jiisan walks in circles.
He can’t suppress the expectations in his heart.
His legs just started moving unconsciously.

(I really want to examine the Ancient species. Ado-chan is not opening her heart to me nou. The Ancient Green Dragon may be different no ja. What to do~ I want to stealthily take a look at its sleeping figure~)

After he left his room, El Jiisan stopped after taking several steps.

(Let’s not do that. They are tired now no ja. A good night’s sleep is important ja rou. Judging from the atmosphere around them, they must have traveled quite the distance ja kara nou.)

El Jiisan returned to his room.

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