Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Moon River Grass
“Nu, that tortoise. It’s still around. It probably wants to settle with me. I shall receive its challange.”
“Gohsujin-shama~ Fight? Will there be a fight? Slaughter?”
Ado and En-san are full of fighting spirit after seeing the Triceratops Tortoise wandering around the entrance.
These two are battle maniacs.
Really, Ado’s pretty face will get stained with blood.
“That is Triceratops Tortoise nanodesu. That’s impossible, no chance to win desu yo. It’s impossible with my strongest magic not filled up.”
Says slightly trembling Marilyn.
I think that should be the normal reaction.
I don’t think we should fight that huge moving mountain.

“Ado, En-san. Let’s avoid it. Let’s get the grass without being found out.”
“Nu, why do I have to sneak around? That tortoise should be the one to hide away from me.”
“Ado also~ Ado is also~ Against sneak~ing.”
En-san and Ado complain.
I have a feeling that Ado is being influenced.
“I know that En-san is stronger, but destroying the environment is not good. We could get the Moon Foxes involved. En-san and Ado, please act as kind monsters you are for the sake of others.”
“Nu, right. Having too much power is troubling.”
“Ado also~ Okay with sneaking~”
“Me too~ Am the strongest nanodesu, but I’m okay with sneaking desu yo.”

I was able to somehow persuade En-san and Ado.
Marilyn also went with the flow.
She gets on the Ado with me, though.
She’s caressing Ado’s ears with great interest.
Marilyn may love dogs, huh~

“Well then, let’s go since it has been decided.”
“Let’s go deshu~”
“Nu, let’s go.”
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa

We start moving.




The place En-san guided us to is… a collapsed ground.
It looks like a meteorite fell here.
Every tree and grass is destroyed, it seems that there is no living plant.
“En-san, this is a Moon River Grass place?”
“Nu, it should be, but… there’s not a single one.”
“Goshujin-shama~ It’s crushed flat~”
“How mysterious nodesu. Was a war fought here?”

Marilyn’s words struck me.
I think this is the place where En-san blew off Tortoise-san.
This is the landing point.
Pieces of the shell can be found around…


“Nu, a natural disaster surely happened here. Or perhaps a fight between monsters.”
“Deshu ne~ It’s crushed flat.”
“Nanodesu ka~ Monsters of the 49th floor are terrific.”
En-san leads the conversation astray.
Well, it couldn’t be helped at that time.
It’s not En-san’s fault.
“En-san, do you know of any other place?”
“Nu… I don’t know. That flower is rare after all. There may not be any other place they grow.”

I was certain they grow in various places.
“That can’t be nanodesu…”
Marilyn gets depressed.
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
“What is it, Ado?”
“You see, Ado~ Ado knows. Ado knows a grassgrass place~”

What did you say, Ado-san?
I’m surprised at the suddenly well-informed Ado.
She’s a child that likes surprising Goshujin-shama.
“Nu, is that the truth?”
“Ado, where is the place?”
Ado-san makes an overjoyed expression.
She seems pleased to be depended on by everyone.
What a cute fellow.
“It’s at Ojiichan’s place.”
By any chance…
“Ado, do you mean El Jiisan’s place?”
“Yes. That’s rigth~ There were many growing in one of the rooms.”
Certainly, with so many rooms in Sage’s house, it wouldn’t be impossible…
So it’s in one of the rooms, huh.
El Jiisan is conducting research about monsters after all.
It wouldn’t be strange if he had some mysterious grass in his house.

“Ado, great job.”
Wasa Wasa
Ado’s tail and ears shake in joy.
It’s one of Ado’s greatest selling points.
“Go, goshujin-shama~ Wafuwafuwafu~”
I’m happy you are happy.
Ado’s smile is the source of my strength.
“Lord, what is the El Jiisan’s place you speak of?”
“Right nodesu. A house outside of the dungeon?”
Right, right.
En-san and Marilyn don’t know about El Jiisan.

“He’s an elf Ojiichan living in the dungeon. His house is on the 50th floor so we can get there immediately.”
“Nu. An elf living in a dungeon? How rare.”
“Right nodesu. Elves usually live in elf villages or elf districts nanodesu. I have not heard about an elf living in a dungeon before nodesu. Moreover, on such high floor as 50th.”
Both of them seem surprised.
As expected, living in the house in the dungeon is not normal.
It may be possible only because he is a sage of a former hero party.

“Then, let’s go to El Jiisan’s house together.”
“Let’s go deshu~”
“Nu, I will be the first to arrive.”

Ado starts cheerfully running.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa

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