Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Arrival on the 48th Floor
When we climb up the stairs.
What appeared before us is… a valley?
The wind is loudly whistling from the valley in front of us.
Because the wind is quite strong, it’s difficult to walk.
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~ Ado can’t see the bottom~ The wind is strong~”
“The wind is certainly quite strong. Even I probably can’t fly in that wind.”
“Right. It would be better to not approach the valley. I think we can find a road if we move along the cliff.”
“Goshujin-shama~ Prob~lem. There’s a problem deshu.”
Ado shakes her dog ears.
Her fur also seems to be standing.

“What’s wrong?”
“Ado, dislikes high places~ My heart is huynhyuning~”
“Is that so?”
In other words, acrophobia, huh.
I heard that it’s sometimes found even in dogs.
“How pathetic, Ado. If you want to fly in the sky like me, you have to get used to it.”
“Uuuu~ Ado can also fly in the sky?”
“It all depends on your effort. I also couldn’t fly when I was young.”
“Then, Ado will do my best~ Ado wants to fly~”
“Fumu. Be diligent.”
It seems Ado and En-san found some kind of mutual understanding.
En-san can fly because En-san is a dragon, but what about the dog-like Ado?
I have a feeling that I have heard of a flying dog before…
She may perhaps fly…
Although that’s just my thought.
Rather than thinking about that, I look at a certain scene unfolding in front of my eyes.

A huge bird?
No, a dinosaur?
A wyvern-like thing is flying…
It looks like it’s carrying something in its feet.
That is… a human?
That can’t be.
Anyway, it’s that person, huh.
Appraisal-san, please.

Race: Wyvern
Level: 5
Description: A pterosaur with a high-flying ability. Be cautious of its talons.
Name: Marilyn François
Race: Human
Level: 31

I have properly appraised.
It seems the girl who escaped a few minutes ago was swept by a wyvern.
When the wyvern flies above us.
“Kyaaaaaaaaa, help me~~~ nanodesuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”
A familiar voice.
That’s a quite penetrating high-pitched voice.
The wyvern has a satisfied expression.
It may be happy with fresh food.
If it continues like this…
It seems she will end up as today’s main course.
Can’t be helped then.
Let’s help her?

“En-san. Can you save that girl?”
“Nu, who do you think I am? A bird-like that. I can settle it in few minutes.”
“Well then, please save her.”
“Leave it to me. I will return immediately.”
Powan Basa Basa Basa
After En-san transforms to the dragon form, En-san approaches the wyvern…
En-san rammed the wyvern forcing it to let go of the girl and then it escaped.
It’s the same as with the Tortoise-san, En-san’s ramming attack may be special.

I hear Marilyn’s voice coming down at high-speed from above, but…
Basa Tosa
En-san wonderfully catches her.
En-san who saved Marilyn from the wyvern returns with a satisfied expression.
En-san lowers the trembling in a fear girl and returns back to the small dragon form.

“Are you alright?”
“Nu, it was just a trifling matter for me.”
No… That…
I didn’t ask you, En-san, but Marilyn, though…
Oh well, since En-san had an outstanding performance.
“As expected of En-san.”
“En is stro~ng.”
“Nu, I’m the dungeon’s strongest!”
I leave En-san who said something ridiculous alone.
Ado is competing by saying “The strongest one is Ado~”, while I check the girl’s, Marilyn’s condition.


“Marilyn, are you injured?”
“No… Umm, thank you. That… Mr. Monster.”
“It’s alright. Marilyn.”
“Huh? Why do you know my name?”

Marilyn who was looking down the whole time finally looks at me.
Wondering how I know her name.
Although it’s because I have appraised her… let’s keep it secret?

“I somehow understood. My name is Tokugawa.”
The human Marilyn repeats my name in question.
After all, Japanese names may be rare in this world.
“So Marilyn, why did you end up like that?”
“I… uhh… that… I have run out of magic and was swept by surprise nodesu. If I had magic… that chicken would be nothing to me, the strongest genius mage.”

She can defeat that big bird?
As expected of someone who has come to the 48th floor.
Also, aiming to be the strongest… that may be something every one of this age dreams of.
“Don’t you have any companions? I find it quite unusual if you have come up to here alone, though.”
“We came together halfway, but… various things happened and everyone has returned nodesu. Kukukuku, they couldn’t keep up with the power nodesu. Of the strongest genius mage, Marilyn.”
She did well by coming this far alone.
She may have some reason.
“Why in the dungeon? Have you come here for something? I don’t think you came to level up.”
“Fufufu, good thing you have asked. I came to obtain a certain item. A Moon River Grass.”
Moon River Grass.
What’s that?
When thinking about what that could be.

“Nu, someone is sick then? Moon River Grass is used as medicine to cure illness.”
En-san answered.
Well-informed En-san.
As expected, the knowledge of a dragon who lived for 1,000 years is something different.
“Yes. I need it immediately.”
“I see, then, should we cooperate?”
I think that we should help an ill person in need.
“Ado cooperating~”
“Nu, I will lend you my power.”
“T, thank you very much. Monsters.”
Pekopeko she bows her head.
She seems to be relieved for now.

“En-san, do you know where to find that grass?”
“Leave it to me. I know the general place.”
“Ado, Ado… Doesn’t know… Gusun.”
Ado feels down for some reason.
There is no problem even if you don’t know, Ado.
“Ado, it’s alright. There is no problem if En-san knows.”
“Ado… Is glad~”
It looks like her mood has recovered.
I don’t want to see Ado’s sorrowful face.
“Alright! Then, let’s return for a while.”
“Everyone follow me.”
Following En-san who is in high spirits, we return to the 49th floor.

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