Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First Encounter With a Human
After moving up on the stairs leading to the 48th floor…
We found a girl collapsed on the stairs.
A first human I see after coming to this world…
A big black robe and a long mage-like hat.
She is probably a mage adventurer.
She may have been dragged in the explosion a little while ago.
“Goshujin-shama~ Who is she~? This witch kid?”
Ado’s question is reasonable.
Who is this child?
It’s time for that at times like these.
Appraisal-san, your expert opinion, please.

Name: Marilyn François
Race: Human
Level: 31

As expected, a human.
Level 31.
That seems quite high for such a small girl.
I can’t say anything about Ado’s level 1 strength, though…
She must be without a doubt a strong adventurer.
Coming to the 49th floor, she must have the skill.

Kyorokyoro Kyorokyoro
I look around, but… I don’t see other people around.
I’m sure El Jiisan said that a party of intermediate level adventurers is necessary to get to the 50th floor.
That it should be hard for a single advanced level adventurer.
So I thought she may have companions… but, there’s no one else around.
Why is this child alone…
There’s no way she’s a lost child on this floor.
There may be some reason.

“Nu, have you done in this fellow?”
En-san says something dangerous from behind.
It seems En-san was able to safely escape from Tortoise-san.
As expected of Dragon-san.
“I didn’t do anything. She was like this when we came.”
“Right~ She passed on the floor~”
“I see, a human after so long. Quite young by the looks. May be a human child. What you plan to do about this fellow? It may be attacked by other monsters if you leave it here.”
That’s very likely.
I just can’t leave a collapsed child alone.
But, even so, this is my first contact with a human in this world.
I have to be careful.
I don’t know what kind of attitude humans have towards monsters…

“She’s does seem to be breathing, let’s carry her. I think she will wake up soon.”
Since the appraisal is still showing “Race”, I don’t think she’s dead.
I can’t leave er unattended after all.
“Ado will carry her~”
“Ah, please. You will have to carry two, will you be okay?”
“Ado is strong~ Strong~”
Paku Hyoi
Ado tosses the girl in the air and catches her on her back.
The girl is lying in front of me.
Well done!
“Then, let’s continue upstairs.”
“Yea, I’m looking forward to the next floor~”
“Nu, me too. In fact, I have never been on the 48th floor.”
En-san’s field of activity is way too narrow.
Well, since En-san came through the Transfer Gate, En-san probably didn’t even bother about other floors.
“I’m going~”
“I’m good anytime.”
“Well then, let’s go.”
Ado starts vigorously running.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa




Going upstairs… we came across a somewhat small hall.
A cave with the sandy ground.
Judging from the size alone, this doesn’t seem to be the 48th floor.
Then, what is this place?
A space between the 48th and the 49th floor.
That leaves one possibility… a room of the floor master.
It wouldn’t be weird if there was a boss room at the end of each floor.
Since we are going the opposite direction… it feels quite odd.
“Lord, this room… is slightly reeking of blood.”
“Ado also thinks so~ There may have been a fight.”
I sense it clearly.
Because I’m a vampire, my blood sensing is wonderful.
Those senses are whispering me about the presence of blood.
“Let’s look around a little.”
“Nu, leave it to me.”
“Ado will also look~”
We look around the room.
En-san checks the 48th-floor side.
Ado checks the center.
I check the 49th-floor side.

“Looking around.”

“Looking around…”





Several minutes later.
“I didn’t find anything.”
“Ado too~ It’s empty~”
“Me too.”
Because the walls and floor is broken, a battle was definitely fought here, but…
That’s all.
There’s nothing else.
The girl on Ado’s back may have defeated the boss? of this room.

“Uun, ah…”
An unfamiliar voice.
The girl on Ado’s back.
It seems that Marilyn has woken up.
The girl restlessly looks around in order to confirm the situation.
Then, she immediately sees us.

Sasa Sutan Kishin
She jumps down from Ado and wields her staff in a battle-ready pose.
Swift movements. As expected of an adventurer.
However, she’s looking around restlessly and shaking as is suitable for her age.
“Wawawawawa… bad monster-sans and nude child? nanodesu… I’m not tasty nodesu.”
It seems that she has instantly recognized us as enemies.
Well, can’t be helped.
We are a Vampire, a huge dog, and a small green dragon after all.
But, let’s try calming her down since we are not enemies.

Rather, I.
I’m not wearing clothes.
Because I’m living the monster life (completely nude?), I have never worried about it so far.
Well, no one has complained so far.

“Nono, you are wrong. Calm down, please. We are not your enemy.”
“Right deshu. Goshujin-shama is kind nodeshu.”
“Nu, me too. I’m the kindest among this lot.”
She looks at us nervously.
En-san tries to appeal its kindness for some reason.
You don’t have to try so much…

“N, no way… the monsters are speaking… In addition… all of them are unknown to me. Wawawawa, what to do~? They may be high-level races~ they may be from levels below~”
The girl starts trembling like jelly.
Her staff shakes like an electric toothbrush.
But, isn’t she an adventurer?
Although frightened, it looks like she’s checking the situation frequently, looking for a chance to escape.
It may be a rare encounter with talking monsters.
She may be actually really panicked.
Then, I must calm her down.
“Please calm down. We are no one suspicious.”
“Lies! You are incredibly suspicious. Aren’t you stark naked? You can’t deceive my eyes. Kukukuku~ I won’t fall for that trick nodesu.”
The girl’s lines seem somewhat familiar.
En-san who said the same thing seems somewhat embarrassed.
“Really. We don’t attack humans.”
“Kukukuku, you’ve come across a wrong opponent. I’m the most genius mage in the town, Marilyn. I won’t lose to monsters nodesu… eat this nanodesu!.”

The room is wrapped in light.
Looks like the girl used some kind of magic.
I felt the activation of magic.
It may be some kind of spark magic.

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
The girl has escaped towards the 48th floor.
“Go, goshujin-shama~ Ado’s eyes, are sparkling~”
“Fu, blurry. My eyes hurt.”
It seems that Ado and En-san caught the light directly.
Both are rubbing their eyes with their forelegs.
The puppy dog and puppy dragon figures are cute.

“Are you both okay? Do you want water to wash your eyes?”
“Okay~ Ado has recovered~”
“Me too. I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”
I’m glad.
They seem to have recovered quickly.
“Lord, should we chase?”
“Goshujin-shama~ Ado wants to play the tag.”
“Nono, we don’t have to chase. She looked healthy. She will be okay.”
“Nu, is that so… even though we have finally met a human after so long.”
En-san looks a little lonely.
En-san might have wanted to talk some more.
No wonder since En-san waited so long for the hero.
“We may meet her again when we go up.”
“Then, Ado will find her~ I will do my best~”
“Nu, I will be the one to find it.”

That… it seems like no one listened to me.
It may be a monster’s instinct to try and catch a human.
Well, let’s go up first.

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