Chapter 39

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tortoise-san, That’s a Scary Face
After the yakiniku party, we went right to sleep with our stomachs full.






Then, on the next day.
When I get up, I can hear the sound of the wind.
My body is shaking.
What is it? Wondering, I open my eyes.

The landscape is moving.
The scenery is smoothly flowing, but…
What is going on?
“Ah, Goshujin-shama, good morning deshu.”
“O, ou, morning.”
“Nu, finally awake. You sleepy head.”
When I look around to verify the situation.
I seem to be moving on Ado.
I thought that I fell asleep in the fox den?
Why am I on a move?

“Why am I riding on Ado?”
“The dondon Tortoise-san came~”
“Right. That tortoise has returned to the den. In order to protect everyone in the den, we have decided to leave. We are the target.”

Nonono, En-san.
You say it cooly that it’s in order to protect everybody.
But, isn’t En-san alone the target?
Since you have blown off the sleeping tortoise quite far yesterday.

“Nu, it’s right after us.”

When I look back…
Dodododododododododo Dodododododododododo
A Triceratops Tortoise is certainly chasing after us.
It’s moving quite fast.
It’s fast walking on four legs.
That is not the movement of a tortoise?
That’s a wild animal.
Who was it, that said tortoises are slow…

“Lord, what to do? Keep or running? Fight?”
I wonder?
Can we even win?
This fast-moving, huge, tough thing looks quite troublesome, though.
“En-san are you able to win?”
“Nu, who do you think I am? I can’t lose. But, the enviroment will suffer considerable damage. Since that tortoise’s defense is quite high.”
Is that so?
It seems to really be a difficult monster to deal with.
The skill “Harden” I stole from it also seems quite useful.
I don’t want to destroy the environment, though.

“It would be good to run towards the 48th floor. It would probably not chase us there怨
“Nu, true. But, I don’t know the way to the 48th floor.”
“Ado, knows~”
I and En-san look at Ado.
What did you just say?
“Really? Ado.”
“Yea. The foxes told Ado yesterday.”
It seems Tsukitarou and the others knew.
Well, that’s quite natural.
It’s no mystery that they know where it is since they have been living on this floor for quite some time.
I should have asked earlier.
“Then Ado, where is it?”
“It’s that way. Ado will guide you there~”
“Nu, alright.”
Ado dashes through the jungle.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa





We have arrived to…
A big rocky mountain.
But… I don’t see the staircase.
Rather… the rocky mountain is crumbled.
It may have fallen apart just recently.
“Did the entrance get blocked by any chance?”
“It may be just as Lord said.”
“There’s no road~ What to do~”

Dodododododododododo Dodododododododododo

The Triceratops Tortoise approaches us from behind.
What to do?
No choice, but to fight?
“Lord, I will get the tortoise’s attention. My skills are itching for a fight after so long.”
It seems like En-san wants to stall for us.
Since En-san is a dragon-san, it will be probably okay.
“I will be troubling you, En-san.”
“Nu, this is just a small thing for me.”
En-san with a self-satisfied look.
What a brave, noble dragon.
“Goshujin-shama~ Ado wants to go to war~”
Such a fight between two heavyweights may be quite hard for Ado.
I don’t think that animals should participate in a Gamera vs Godzilla fight.
“Ado will stay at home. Together with me.”
“Eh~~ Even though Ado is strong~”
“Nu. Right. There’s no need to meddle in my fight. Well then, I’m going.”
Sasa Sasa
En-san starts running towards Tortoise-san.

Powan Dododododo Zudon
In the middle, En-san transformed to the Ancient Green Dragon and then rammed the tortoise.
Two ridiculously huge bodies collide.
The ground shakes.
Indeed, a monster battle.

I must look for the 48th floor entrance before it’s too late.
I think that it should be somewhere on this crumbled mountain, but…
“Ado. Is the 48th floor entrance around here?”
“Yea. The foxes said it’s around these rocks.”
Then, we have to somehow remove them.
To move rocks…
Move rocks…
Let’s ask Ado.
“Ado, pull up trees and stab them into this rocky mountain.”
Mishimishimishi Dosu Dosu Dosu
Ado immediately runs towards the jungle, pulls out trees with her monstrous strength and stabs them to the ground.
I connect the trees with a vine.

“Alright! Ado, that enough.”
“Goshujin-shama~ What are you doing~?”
“Well, just look. I will blow away the mountain at once. Ado, you hide. It’s dangerous.”
I pour magic down the vine.
This vine is connected to every tree stabbed into the rocky mountain.
I smoothly pour magic inside every tree.
Since the trees were just pulled up, they still have magic within them.
I’m using that fact.
The objective is a huge explosion.
I will pour more magic than every one of the trees can tolerate and make it explode.
A magic style dynamite.
Well then!
Doing it!
Magic unleash!

Dodododododododo Dodododododododo Dokka~n
The rocky mountain splits open.
Stones are flying around
As for me, I activate the “Harden” skill.
I ward off all the damage.

When the dust vanishes…
A large staircase appears.
Did iiiiiiiiiiiit.
It seems the entrance to the 48th floor was found.
“Goshujin-shama~ Split it open~”
“Yes, I get rid of it.”
“Ado, let me on. Let’s immediately call En-san back…”
While saying that.
En-san who heard the explosion is already heading this way.
It would be best to go up the stairs first.
Because the Tortoise-san is chasing En-san with a scary face.
Tortoise-san won’t be able to enter with its size.
“Ado, let’s go up the stairs ahead.”

Ado transforms into the beast and I quickly get on.
We start running towards the staircase.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa

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