Chapter 47

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Skill Inspection, Online Shopping
“Go, goshujin-shama~ Suddenly appeared~ Ado, surprised.”
“I’m also surprised, but that’s how it apparently works.”
“I want to try it one more time deshu.”
No~ How unreasonable.
I think that you probably can’t enter.
It won’t work even if you stare at me with such pure eyes.

But, watching Ado’s pure face, my heart hurts.
I approach the door, wanting to try…

(You cannot enter at this time.)

As expected.
I hear the same god’s words as before.
It may not be possible to enter again for a certain period of time.

“Ado, apparently I can’t enter again for a while.”
“Is that sho~~ Gusun. Regretable deshu.”
“But, I have obtained an interesting ability. It may be a good thing for you, Ado.”
“Really deshu~?”
“Yes, let’s try using it right away.”
“Deshu deshu.”

I confirm the image flowing in my mind.
The obtained skill “Online Shopping”.
I understand how to use it clearly.

“Online Shopping open!”

A screen with an online shopping site opens in front of my eyes.
A site with a friendly Japanese feeling.
The design looks similar to a certain amazon site.

A window pops up.

“First-time charge bonus, 10,000 points.”

A pleasant privilege.
The money I presently have…
Just several pieces of gold coins I have received from El Jiisan.
My mind is doubtful.

The usage of this online shopping site flows inside my head.

・I can purchase products by spending points.
・I can purchase points with this world’s currency.
・The purchased items will immediately appear.

I’m happy it’s easy to use more than anything.
Well then, at once.
Let’s try purchasing something.
Something cheap at first.

Pochi Pochi Suma Suma Suma
I tap the food section and scroll through.
A familiar operating method.
Talking about cheap… a snack food section.
Familiar snacks appear on the screen.
It has a Japanese feeling.
What should I get…
Let’s get this.

“Potato Chips Lightly Salted.”

I put the product into a shopping cart and press the purchase button.

Pikon Gata
The product pops up from the screen.
The real thing really came out.
Though I understood that in my head, I still got surprised.

“Fuwaaaa. Goshujin-shama~ Something suddenly jumped out deshu~”
“You don’t need to panic. Ado.”
That is surprising.
Ado doesn’t see this online shopping screen?
“Ado, do you see something in front of me?”
“I don’t see anything deshu~”
This online shopping screen may be visible only to me.
Then, I should pay attention to where and in front of who I use it.
I would look like a suspicious person moving his hand in the air.

Now then, now then.
Let’s try out the product.
In fact, I have been impatient since I saw the product on the screen.

Biribiribiri Boribori
I open the potato chips bag and eat.
D, delicioooooooooous.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm dooooooooooooown, me!
Calm down.
I have been entranced with the taste of potato chips after so long.
It was so delicious.

“Goshujin-shama~ Ado too~ Ado too~”
I have entered a solo mode and completely forgot about Ado.
Let’s share the happiness with everyone.
“Alright. Here, it’s alright to eat it.”
Boribori Boribori
Ado stuffs her cheeks with potato chips.
Pieces of the potato chips are stuck around her lips, how cute.
“Delish~ I can’t stop eating deshu.”
It seems Ado likes it too.
She stuffs her cheeks with potato chips at an amazing speed.


Several seconds later.
“Huh? No more deshu.”
“What is it?”

Oh my, oh my.
It seems that Ado wants another bag.
She may have fallen under the potato chips’ spell.
But, it’s almost dinner time.
It’s not good to eat too many snacks.

“Ado, this is all for today. Let’s have some tomorrow.”
“Dededededeshu~~ Goshujin-shama~”
Ado looks sad.
But, I must harden my heart here.
I was told by En-san that I have been spoiling Ado way too much recently.
“Ado, be a good child and endure it, you can do it.”
“Uuuuuu~ Ado, understandeshu.”
What a good child.
I want to give her potato chips as a reward.
“Then, let’s return home.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
I return to the Sage’s house on Ado’s back.

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