Chapter 48

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Marilyn Settles Down
“Nu, I’m surprised. This thing called potato chips… a flavor I have never tasted before. An appetizing flavor. It makes me drool just by smelling it. It’s wonderful.”
En-san also seems pleased with the potato chips.
He started prattling while eating.
After dinner in Sage’s house.
I tried the “Online Shopping” skill again and bought more potato chips.
One bag of potato chips is 100 points.
A price similar to Japan.
The money in my possession is 10 gold coins.
In other words, 100,000 points.
I don’t feel itchy about 100 points.

I tried buying many one after another.
I thought there would be some kind of time restriction between purchasing, but.
It doesn’t seem like it.

“Goshujin-shama~ Ado wants one more potechi deshu.”
“No, you can’t. You had a bag just a while ago.”
“De, deshu~ I already ate it deshu… potechi deshu.”
Ado makes a tearful plea, but.
I shield my heart.
“Ado, it’s a bag a day. Eating too much is not good for your health.”
“Deshu~~ I understandeshu.”
Ado hugs the empty potato chips bag in her futon.
“Suu~ Suu~” and immediately her sleeper’s breath was heard.
“Lord, you did quite well. You have declined Ado’s request.”
“Potato chips before going to the bed are not good. En-san should also be careful.”
“Nu, is that so? Will I be alright?”
En-san became worried.
You don’t have to take it so seriously…
“I will go for exercise before sleeping. Moving after eating.”

Sasa Sasa
En-san runs out of the room.
“Teacher, there is nobody now nodesu. Please, give me one more potechi nanodesu.”
Marilyn pulls on my right hand.
“No. Haven’t I refused Ado just a little while ago?”
“Teacher… So Spartan nanodesu.”
Marilyn crawls inside her futon just like Ado.
She may be sulking.

Well then, I’m going to sleep as well.











After breakfast.
I asked Marilyn.
“Marilyn, you have received the Moon River Grass from El Jiisan, right?”
“Nanodesu yo.”
“Then, isn’t it better to return immediately? There’s a sick person waiting for that grass, right?”
Because Marilyn didn’t seem impatient or in a hurry.
I thought it was strange.
She has completely settled in El Jiisan’s house.

“It’s okay nanodesu yo~ That grass isn’t used to cure a sick person nodesu.”
Which reminds me…
When I recall the conversation…


“Nu, someone is sick then? Moon River Grass is used as medicine to cure illness.”
En-san answered.
Well-informed En-san.
As expected, the knowledge of a dragon who lived for 1,000 years is something different.
“Yes. I need it immediately.”
“I see, then, should we cooperate?”
I think that we should help an ill person in need.
“Ado cooperating~”
“Nu, I will lend you my power.”
“T, thank you very much. Monsters.”


Certainly, she didn’t say that there’s a sick person.
En-san said that the grass is effective for sick people.
Marilyn only said “I need it immediately”.

“Kukuku, you have been deceived, huh? By my ingenuity.”
Marilyn laughs questionably.
“But, it’s the truth that I needed the Moon River Grass immediately. It’s necessary for me in order to become strong nodesu.”
“What do you mean?”
“When you eat the Moon River Grass, your physical ability will temporarily increase nodesu. It’s indispensable for me in order to become the strongest nodesu.”

Ah, that?
A similar effect to my Moon Bullet?
“Do you have some enemy you want to defeat?”
“Kukuku. That is a secret nodesu yo.”
Marilyn smiles questionably again.
Dimples came out.
“Well, do your best.”
“Teacher, someday, I will defeat even you nodesu.”
Marilyn is full of vigor.

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