Chapter 49

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Departing at the 48th Floor Once Again
We have relaxed at El Jiisan’s house for a few days.
I watch Ado’s running figure while laying on the grass.
How peacefull~
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I insert my fangs into Nirvana flower and drink.
So tasty and sweet.
The tangy poison is also quite nice.

But, I must not forget.
I didn’t level up at all.
Let’s appraise after a long time.

Race: Baby Vampire
Level: 5

No abnormalities.
Nothing has changed.
Well, that’s that…
I haven’t been defeating monsters recently.
The fight with Earth Dogs feels nostalgic.
I was on fire those days~

Because of the super-strong Ado and En-san I feel peace of mind.
But, but.
Isn’t that bad?
I have to become slightly stronger too.
In the monster society, power is everything after all.

In addition, I still don’t know much about this world.
First of all, let’s try getting to the gate on the 40th floor in order to get outside.
Let’s do that.

Well then, well then.
We must make preparations for the journey at once.
First, creating a lot of “Aries’ Salt” and catching lots of Ayuyu.
With “Online Shopping” we won’t be in trouble for food, but.
“Aries’ Salt” is exquisite.
The online shopping site doesn’t sell raw fish so we need to properly secure them.

I shout and wave my hand.
“What ish it~ Goshujin-shama?”
Ado comes immediately.
“Let’s go to the river. I want to get water and catch fish for the journey.”
“Ehehee, river deshuka~”
Ado likes playing in the river after all.
She’s also good at catching fish.
Because she whacks the fish with her forelegs.
“Then, let’s go.”
“Deshu ne~”
Ado turns into the beast mode.
After getting on Ado’s back.
“Well then, Ado, let’s depart.”




At the river, we have secured enough water and caught many Ayuyu’s.
It’s stored in the item box.
Time passed quickly while preparing other things in El Jiisan’s house.
And now, we are about to depart from El Jiisan’s house.


“Well then, El Jiisan, we are off.”
“Umu. Be careful no ja.”
“Teacher, farewell, I will miss you.”

It seems Marilyn will miss me.
Marilyn is not going with us.
She’s staying at El Jiisan’s place.
She will train here in order to get stronger.
Apparently, she came into the dungeon in order to train.

“Well then.”
“Ado will see you later deshu.”
“Nu, me too.”
We leave Sage’s house.




Sasa Sasa Sasa
I get on Ado and we advance.
We already know the way to the 48th floor through the 49th-floor’s jungle.
We continue advancing through the jungle… and arrive at the 48th floor.

“Nu, the wind is strong.”
“Byu~ Byu~ Deshu.”
“So true.”
We are at the cliff near the 48th-floor entrance.
The wind doesn’t stop, it keeps raging through the valley.
The wyverns seem to avoid flying in that fierce wind.
“Well then, let’s go. Marilyn told me that we should reach 47th floor by moving along the cliff.”
“Go deshu~”
“Nu, can you beat me?”

I get on Ado and we move along the cliff.
One wrong step could make us fall into the abyss, but Ado advances at high speed.

The sky is noisy.
A wyvern is flying above us.
It has been following us for quite a while now.
“Nu, Lord. That fellow is aiming for us.”
“Goshujin-shama~ A fight deshu, are we going to fight deshu?”
Wyvern, huh…
The monster who captured Marilyn.
It won’t be a problem if it come at us since En-san is here, so there’s no need to start the fight ourselves.
“Ignore it. Let’s proceed.”
We proceed along the cliff.

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