Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Companion ~ Ancient Green Dragon
When I hand the Ancient Green Dragon En-san the Ayuyu.
Mushamusha Mushamusha
“Umu umu. The raw material matches with the salt exquisitely. I can’t get enough of the fusion between Ayuyu and salt.”
En-san starts talking.
Indeed, a thousand years old dragon is fussy about food.
En-san eats joyfully with melting cheeks.
“Lord, do you have more? Things like this?”
The way it calls me changed.
From Tokugawa-san to Lord…
It may have recognized me as the main.
“Nothing else in my item box beside some monster meat.”
“Nu, that is bad. It’s necessary to be devoted to food every day.”
It’s not Heroes Trial anymore, but Chef Trial instead.
But, the quality of food is important.
I have to fulfill the clothes, food, and house.
“I will be more careful. Apart from that, En. Magic is overflowing from this room, do you know about it?”
“Nu, if it’s magic then… it’s that thing.”

Tekuteku Tekuteku
En walks towards an altar and picks up a cup?
A cup leaking a light smoke?
“En-san, this is?”
“Magical Goblet. I was supposed to hand this to the hero who beats me.”
What is this wonderful item?
The aura around it is different.
“What kind of effect does it have?”
“Almost infinite magic restoration. The water in the goblet decreases to some extent on use so it’s necessary to wait between uses.”
What a convenient item.
An indispensable item for a mage.
I’m also a sage’s disciple for once…
“You can have it if you want. I don’t need it. Hero will also not come to this place.”
“Is that okay? Wouldn’t it be necessary if you meet the hero outside?”
“Nu, it’s okay. I have a few more items. This is not that valuable to me.”
Panpan, En-san claps on the bag around its waist.
En-san has one too… an item box.
Cause it’s convenient.
“Well then, I will gratefully accept it.”
“Nu, respect me.”
I store the Magic Goblet inside my item box.

I get out of the pyramid on Ado’s back.
Dragon En-san is flying nearby.
Flying looks so convenient.
“What will you do now, Lord? Going directly to the 48th floor?”
With Ado and En-san on my side, that would be quite possible.
We have met only a few monsters so far, but I don’t think these two would lose.
“Let’s do that? En-san, do you know the way to the 48th floor?”

A silent response.
I was certain for an instant reply, but En-san is playing ignorance.
“That… En-san. The way to the 48th floor, are you aware of it?”
“I don’t know. I came here using the 50th floor’s Transfer Gate.”
Are, monsters can use them too?
I was under the impression that its human exclusive.
But, if I think carefully about it…
I’m a monster and I thought about using the Transfer Gate on the 40th floor.
It’s a good thing that it’s usable by monsters…
Rather, wait a moment.
I did not think about this, but…
If I use the gate on the 40th floor and appear at the entrance of the dungeon…
Wouldn’t the people at the gate be surprised?
“A monster attack!” something like this.
I may get attacked by humans.


Well, the gate is on the 40th floor… that’s quite the distance.
I can think about it slowly.
The problem now is, how to get to the next level.
No choice, but to blindly look for the entrance…
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
“What’s the matter, Ado?”
“Kitsune-sans are calling us~”
“Hoou. Are moon foxes also obeying you? Good going, Lord.”
There’s certainly a pack of foxes in Ado’s line of sight.
Did something happen?
Everyone looks restless.
“Ado, quickly go to them.”
“Yea, coming~”
“Lord, properly introduce me, all right?”
“Leave it to me, En-san.”
You worry too much about little things, En-san.
En-san might be worried about the communication since being hikikomori for so long.

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
When we approach the foxes.
“Tokugawa-san, Tokugawa-san, it’s terrible…”
The Fox boss Tsukitarou says flustered.
What happened?
When I ask about the reason…
“In the back… Isn’t that the supreme ruler-sama…”
Tsukitarou gazes behind me.
The Ancient Green Dragon was apparently noticed.
Although it’s a baby dragon right now…
They may have sensed it from the aura.
“Yes, it became our companion. I would like you to get along well.”
“I don’t dare. Respect must always be shown to the supreme ruler-sama.”
“Nu, good attitude. Respect me.”
Tsukitarou lowers its head.
En-san’s influence in this jungle might be quite high.
Enough to be called a supreme ruler-sama.

“Tsukitarou, you said there’s some trouble?”
“Yes. In fact, the Triceratops Tortoise came to the den…”
That huge tortoise, huh…
That bulldozer that destroys every tree.
“Did it perhaps attack?”
“Nono, it has lied down to sleep and blocked the entrance to the den. We are troubled because we can’t enter.”
“That is… terrible.”
It’s a tortoise boasting with of defense after all.
Above all, it’s huge.
And hard… probably.
“It will surely leave soon, why not wait?”
“Lord, that is not the case. The Triceratops Tortoise can nap for a year.”
“Yes. It’s like supreme ruler-sama says. The ones left behind in the den will starve to death.”
“Goshujin-shama~ It’s serious~”
As Ado said, it’s serious.
I don’t want to see my followers die right in front of me.
But, what should I do?
It would be best if it woke up and moved aside, but…
“Lord, leave it to me. It’s a simple task for me.”
“Really? En-san.”
“Nu, don’t make light of me. I will show you my strength.”
You are full of motivation, En-san.
Well then, I will have En-san show me En-san’s strength.
No matter what, En-san is a level 67 Ancient Green Dragon after all.
“En-san, I will be troubling you.”
“Leave it to me. Lord can prepare me a meal for a reward. The grilled Ayuyu was delicious.”
“Yes, Well then, Tsukitarou-san, shall we go?”
“Waha, this way.”

We hurry towards the den.

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