Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Heroes Trial?
“It’s full of dust~”
“Yes, nobody may have been here in a while. Oh, it’s collapsing there.”
Ado jumps over the hole.
That hole looks quite deep since I can’t see to the bottom.
It may even be connected to the 50th floor.

After advancing for a while.
“Goshujin-shama~ Crossroads.”
The road is divided in two, right and left.
Which way to go?
The right road is slightly worn-out.
The left road is considerably worn-out.
There’s no other difference.
It will most likely not change no matter which road we take.
I thought about deciding properly, but… I give up.
I have magic.
In that case, there may be another way to decide besides intuition.
“Let me down for a minute.”
“What’s the matter~? Goshujin-shama?”
“There’s something I’d like to try. I may be able to understand this building’s structure if I spread magic through it.”

Suta Peta
I stick my hands on the floor and let the magic flow through it.
First, let the magic loose…
There it is.
I found the magic circuit.
Although the appraisal said that it’s not operational…
Magic is still flowing through the circuit.
How suspicious…
It may be a hidden dungeon-like place.
When I pour magic and pursue the source of the magic in the circuit.

Tsu~n Tsu~n Tsu~n
It seems one of the rooms is the source of magic.
Magic is being released from inside the room.
Then… the destination has been decided.
Of course, it’s that room.
There may be some treasure.
“Ado, let’s go on the right road. I may have found a treasure room.”
“Amaz~ing. As expected of Goshujin-shama~ You are like a detective~”
I get on Ado again.
“If we come across a crossroads again I will tell you where to go. I have roughly remembered the route.”
“Underscha. Then~ I’m going~.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance smoothly and arrive in front of one room.
“Goshujin-shama~ Is it inside this room~?”
“Yes. I can sense strong magic from inside that room.”
“Go ahead.”
Tote Tote Gigii~batan
Ado opens the door with her forelegs and walks in.
The room is dark, but it seems considerably spacious.

A few steps forward…
Bowa Bowa Bowa
Flames gradually light up and the room becomes bright.
Looks like a stage for a boss fight.

“Fuhahahaha~ Good job on getting here, Hero! Now then, are you able to win against me?”

The sudden laughter belongs to… a ridiculously huge dragon!
It’s genuinely huge, though.
The size of four houses.
Maybe even bigger than the Triceratops Tortoise.
“Goshujin-shama~ It’s a dragon deshu~ Dragon deshu~”
Ado seems excited.
It’s a dragon.
That’s certainly exciting.
We are no heroes at all.
Rather, we are the complete opposite.
I’m a Baby Vampire.
Ado is demi-human of ancient times.

“Hoho~u. What’s wrong, hero? Are you intimidated by my voice?”
The dragon looks very satisfied.
This dragon is casually talking.
Seems like strong monsters will develop a conversation skill after all.
Then, I must clear up the misunderstanding.
“That, excuse me. We are not heroes or anything, though.”
“W, what… are you trying to trick me? I won’t fall for that trick.”
“Nono, I’m a vampire, Ado over here is a demi-human. We are both monsters.”
“Ado is a Hell Earth Dog-Human nodeshu.”

“T, that can’t be… But, coming to this temple means that you are a Monster Hero, isn’t that correct?”
A Monster Hero…
It seems that Dragon-san in front of me is set on making me a hero.
“Nono, it’s the truth. We came to this temple only by a chance, I was born on the level below. Just recently.”
“Right nodesu~ Goshujin-shama is not a hero nodesu.”
“Nu, that presence really seems to be that of a monster.”
“Yes. I’m glad you understand. After appraising… it wasn’t supposed to be operational so we didn’t expect to find someone. In addition, The Transfer Gate below is broken.”
“Nu, really? Is what you just said the truth? Are you not lying?”
“So that’s why nobody was coming… Because nobody was coming all this time, I thought a lot about it. I was thinking of leaving this place and searching for the hero myself.”
“That is very… terrible.”

Apparently, this place is a place of trials for heroes or something.
But, for what reason does this dragon waits for a hero?

“Dragon-san, why are you waiting for a hero?”
“Nu, that is my mission. To wait for the strongest warrior and ascertain their strength, that is my fate.”
“Is that so, then, it seems to be unrelated to us. Please, excuse us.”

Sutasuta Sutasuta
When trying to leave the room.

“What a moment.”
“What is it?.”
“Where are you heading to?”
“We are aiming towards the Transfer Gate at the 40th floor.”
“In other words, leaving the dungeon?”
“Well, that may be quite possible.”
“Good. Then, I will accompany you.”

I think that such a monstrously huge creature won’t be able to leave the pyramid, though.

“I think that you would slightly stand out.”
“Nu, rest assured. I can transform.”

Boshu Chokon
Once the huge dragon disappears, what appeared is…
A small green dragon.
A baby dragon with a bobbing tail.
Oh my, how cute.
Let’s try appraising for a bit.

Race: Ancient Green Dragon
Level: 67
Description: A 1,000 years old Dragon. Ancient species.

So amazing I ran out of breath.
A level 67.
That’s a huge difference between the highest level I’ve seen so far.
Moreover, another of Ancient species…
Ado was quite strong from level 1.
The dragon in front of me may be ridiculously strong.


“Nu, you are appraising me.”
Appraisal has been discovered.
It may know because of the high level.
I cancel the appraisal at once.

“I don’t particularly mind. Many heroes appraised me before. But you, a monster with the appraisal is rare. What is your name?”
“Nu, Tokugawa, huh~ That is also a not heard before name.”
“Goshujin-shama is Goshujin-shama~”

Thank you, Ado.
When I pat Ado’s head.
She happily moves her head in synergy with my hand.

“An Ancient species like me under a Familiar contract… how interesting.”
“Yes, it turned out that way.”
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
“What’s wrong?”
“My stomach is growling.”

Nonono, Ado-san.
Because I wanted to talk with Dragon-san, I’d like if you could bear it for a while.
“Goshujin-shama~ Growling.”
However, I’m not able to leave Ado with her tail down alone.
My heart is being tickled when I look at her teary eyes.
“Can’t be helped~ Excuse me, Dragon-san.”
“Nu, it’s alright. I have waited for dozes of years. I can wait for a few minutes.”

With the dragon’s permission. I retrieve a grilled Ayuyu from the item box and hand it to Ado.
“Yay~ I love this. So fragrant~”
Mushamusha Mushamusha
“So delish~”
Ado looks happy.
Since grilled Ayuyu is our favorite dish, I have packed many in the item box at El Jiisan’s.
Because the item box is able to keep the freshness and temperature, we can eat it at any time.
By the way, El Jiisan also said “Leave some grilled Ayuyu behind by all means”, so I left him with a few pieces.

“Nu, you, that smells quite nice. Give me also one. If you do that, I will also agree to the Familiar contract.”
Are you serious?
Such a strong monster becoming a familiar?
“Are you sure?”
“What, I was just getting bored with this place. Going outside may not be bad. I will be expected food as compensation, though.”
Apparently, it’s tempted with food.
Dragon-san is also unable to win against appetite.
“Of course.”
“Nu, let’s make the contract then.”

(Create a Familiar contract with Ancient Green Dragon?.)

Oh, it’s the god’s voice.
I didn’t hear it with Ado, seems to be different this time.
The answer is of course, an OK.
Quickly before the other party changes its mind.

(Familiar contract completed.)
(Because there is no name, please decide on one.)

Monsters may fundamentally have no names.

“Umm, Dragon-san, do you have a name in mind?”
“Not in particular. You can decide as you like.”
“Then… Ancient Green Dragon-san.”
“Nu, isn’t that my race? Are you making fun of me?”

Dragon-san is glaring at me.

“Nono, not at all. Well then… How about En?”
“Nu, sounds good. En, nice, a good name.”

It seems dragon-san likes it.
Temporary relief.
Then, the voice of the god.
Let’s go with En, please.
Since dragon-san has given the consent.

(Name was set to En.)

It seems the Familiar contract is completed safely.

Like this, the Ancient Green Dragon joined my family.

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