Chapter 35

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Pyramid in the Jungle
It’s Baby Vampire Tokugawa.
This may sound abrupt, but are you aware of play biting?
That thing where a dog or a cat lightly bits you to show love.
Well, that’s not much related, but.
Recently, I have been biting the big foxes.
Like Gabu Gabu.
I’m Tokugawa who bites everyone regardless of gender.

Finally, 20 Moon Foxes were turned added to my family.
Because everyone didn’t have a name, I had to name them during the biting.
Well, they became a Tsuki number series, though, for example, Tsukijirou, Tsukisaburou, Tsukishirou.
I became exhausted and went to the bed right after that.
I was fast asleep as if I had lost consciousness.
Making followers may be draining quite a lot of stamina.




Peropero Peropero
That tickles.
Peropero Peropero
I feel flickering pressure on my cheeks.
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
I hear Ado’s voice.
When I open eyes anticipating to see Ado licking my cheeks again…
In front of me… a huge kitsune? … A Moon Fox.

A 4m fox is licking me.
Rather, am I not going to get eaten?

Sasa Touu Dosa
I immediately separate from the huge fox.
“Goshujin-shama~ Over here.”
When I look towards the direction of the voice, I find Ado on top of the huge fox.
The dog-eared Ado is riding on a fox’s head.
It looks like the fox grew one more ear.
“What’s up, Ado.”
“Ado~ Just came back from a stroll~”
“Is that so? Then, what happened?”
“A found a lithograph~ Here, this~”

I catch the lithograph Ado threw at me
This is… certainly a fragment of the lithograph.
It’s similar to the one we found near the 50th floor’s gate.
Let’s appraise it first.

Others: Fragment of the lithograph of fire 1/4
Description: Something good may happen if you collect them all.

It’s the fragment after all.
It’s similar to the bird-like one from before.
Let’s compare it with the one in the item box.

Sukusuku Kachi
It fits in.
It fits in tightly.
It seems the fragments we have collected until now create a top half of the picture.
I see a bird-like figure.
We have to find two more.
I wonder what will happen after we find all of them~

“Goshujin-shama~ Was it a good thing?”
“Yes, Ado. A treasure. Outstanding discovery.”
“Ehehee~ I was praised by Goshujin-shama~ Ehehee.”
Ado rolls with a grin on top of the Moon Fox.
With a tremendous balancing power that won’t let her fall down.
Leaving Ado aside, just where are the other fragments?
I’m interested.
“Ado, where did you find it?”
“Ummm. Uun. In a place with lots of stones.”
What a suspicious place.
There may be more important items.
“Can you take me to the stone place now?”
“Yea. Sure thing.”
Wondering how I will get there…

Zaza Zaza Zusaa
The Moon Foxes lower their heads rushingly in order to appeal.
A fox riding platform.
While choosing which fox to ride…


Suton Chokon
“Goshujin-shama~ Over here~”
Ado lowers her head and appeals in the beast mode.
Ado is number one after all.
I choose you.
“I know.”

When I got on Ado’s back, the Moon Foxes seemed slightly lonely.
It may be a good idea to ride them later.
“Let’s go, Goshujin-shama~”
“Take care of me.”
Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado starts running.




Sasa Sasa Sasa
When we arrive, rather than a stone place… a pyramid?
An archeological site in a jungle.
Mayan-like feeling?
Darkish stones piled up.
There seems to be an entrance at the top of the stairs.
“Ado, where did you find the lithograph?”
“Ummm~ That place~ On the top of the stairs.”
Just around the entrance to the pyramid.
That is quite questionable again.
“Can you go there?”

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado runs to the top of the pyramid.
There’s a broken statue near the entrance.
It looks like a person, but since it’s destroyed I can’t tell clearly.
Did some adventures of the past venture up here and built this?
It doesn’t feel man-made for some reason.
At such times like this, it’s that.
Appraisal-san, please.

Others: Temple of the Warriors
Description: A temple built in memorial service for the fallen warriors. Currently not operational.

It’s a pyramid-like place after all.
In other words, a cemetery.
This may perhaps be the largest cemetery in the world.
“Goshujin-shama~ It was right over here.”
Ado points at a partially destroyed bronze statue.
Seems like an elephant-man…
There’s nothing else interesting.
“Are we going inside~?”
What to do?
I’m so interested it bothers me.
I don’t think this is connected to the 48th floor.
It other words, a detour.
Go in, withdraw…

Go in.
I’m not particularly in a hurry.
There may be some treasure inside.
“Ado, let’s go inside.”
“Yay~ So exciting~”
“Carefully, okay? There may be traps inside.”

I get on Ado and we enter the pyramid.

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