Chapter 34

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fox Den
Moon Foxes led us to a hole in a rocky place.
This is apparently their den.
I suddenly remembered that Ado recently burnt down a den and stealthily asked her.
I was told「I don’t know this place~」.
It apparently was a different den.
There may be several dens on this floor.
I’m glad.
If this was the very den Ado has burnt down, it would be quite uncomfortable.

We enter the depths of the den at the fox’s urging.
It’s quite a cool place.
There are a lot of fruits and meat in the cave.
In addition, I see several new Moon Foxes.
It seems that the group is larger than twelve foxes.
Well, they can’t leave the den empty, can they?

Kuikui Dosa
A meat was brought in front of me.
Wondering what meat it is, I appraise it.

Others: Moon Bear’s meat
Description: A meat with a lot of fat. Good in a hot pot dish.
Has a slight strengthening effect.

It may be meat from the Bear we saw before.
That blood-covered Bear, huh…
“Goshujin-shama~ Are you not eating?”
It seems Ado is waiting for me to start eating first.
She’s looking at the meat greedily.
“No, I will eat immediately.”

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
A mild taste. The fat is delicious.
The meat melts the moment it enters my mouth.
I suck the meat, but it looks like the foxes are waiting for something.
I can feel everyone’s gaze.

I ask Ado next to me who is stuffing her cheeks in high spirits.
“Should I do something?”
“Nn? Maybe they want a symbol of a friendship~”
A symbol, huh~
They may want something similar to Ado’s collar.
I can make it with the alchemy, but…
A symbol?
Since I’m a vampire, I may be able to do that thing.
Maybe they can become members of my followers if I bite them?
Biting a person and making them your follower is the vampire’s special trait after all.
Let’s give it a try.

“The Moon Fox over there, come here.”
I call the leader of the group.
“Me?” The fox is looking at me with such an expression.
“I will now bestow you with a proof of subordinate. Don’t move.”
My intentions probably transmitted.
Rather, I thought so with Ado, but it seems the monsters are unexpectedly able to communicate with me.
Although the weakness is that I don’t understand what the opponent is saying at all.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I bite at the fox’s neck and pray “Become a follower~” “Become a follower~”.
Drinking a living being is quite tasty.
Something has happened.

(Moon Fox has been added to the Family.)
(Because there is no name, please decide on one.)


Voice of the god-san.
Long time no see!
I have completely forgotten about you.
A name, huh~
To come up with a name all of sudden.
What to do?
Since he is a moon fox and a boss of the group, Tsukitarou?

(Tsukitarou registered.)

I have answered without thinking too much.
Oh, well.

“Thank you very much. What is your name?”

The Moon Fox in front of me suddenly started talking.
Even though, it went “Kuu~n” and “Gururu” until a while ago.

“Tsukitarou, you can talk?”
“Huh? I really can. It seems I became able to just now.”
A follower privilege?
Ummm… my name, huh?
Since I told El Jiisan that I’m Tokugawa, let’s go with that.
“I’m Tokugawa.”
“I understand. Tokukawa-san is it?”
It was said wrong.
It’s a not so popular name even in Japan after all.
“That, Tokugawa-san.”
“What is it?”
“Would it be possible to receive something? A symbol of friendship.”
Let’s see~
Certainly, it will be hard to tell the Moon Foxes apart.
Some kind of mark is necessary.
In this case, I will create collars for everyone.
“I understand. I will prepare immediately so wait for a few.”

I take out blood and bones from the item box.
“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
“Tsukitarou” a collar with a name was created.
“Would this be all right?”
“Waha. Thank you very much.”
Tsukitarou receives it politely.
When Tsukitarou withdraws behind, the other Moon Foxes look at it enviously.
Their ears and tails shake.
It feels quite weird when a group of 4m does that.

“I understand. I will add everyone to the family. Form a line.”
Zaza Zaza Zaza Suton
A line has formed before me immediately.
The fox in the front presents its neck.
Good gracious.
This may be quite tiring.

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