Chapter 38

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En-san’s Power & Yakiniku
“It really is huge after all~ The Triceratops Tortoise.”
“Deshu ne~ Ado is also surprised~”
“Nu, it’s no trouble for me.”

We were looking at the monstrously huge tortoise.

Race: Triceratops Tortoise
Level: 7
Description: A huge tortoise averaging approximately 10m in size.
Because of its high defense shell, it receives damage only scarcely.

This guy is at the same level as the one I have appraised before.
It may be the same Tortoise-san.
It’s blocking the den entirely.
Because the den is a chilly place, it may be just the right place of rest for the Tortoise-san.
It seems comfortable.

“Tokugawa-san, please. Save our people inside.”
Tsukitarou-san says to me flustered.
Ado burning down the den and Tortoise blocking the entrance may be the same trouble.
The foxes have quite bad luck.

“Leave it to us. Well then En-san, I’m leaving it to you.”
“Nu, I understand. Everyone, get away from me. I will be returning to my original form.”
Apparently, En-san is going to turn back to that huge dragon.
We quickly evacuate.

Powan Dodododododo
Ancient Green Dragon makes the appearance!
“Wow~ Dragon-san deshu~”
Ado says with her eyes sparkling.
It seems that Ado loves dragons.
But, what does En-san plan to do?
The size seems to be similar, but Tortoise-san looks heavier.

“Behold the extent of my power!”
Basa Basa
En-san rises to the sky… builds up momentum… and assaults the tortoise?

Zuzuzuzuzuzu Dododododododododo Dokka~n
To think that En-san would use a direct ramming attack.
En-san charges in a straight line.
Have you lived 1,000 years just for this, En-san?!
The Triceratops Tortoise was blown off, but the hit looked terrible.
If the den got destroyed in the process that would be catastrophic.
I’m worried about the foxes inside.

“What do you think of my power? Respect me.”
Basa Basa
En-san says in satisfaction from the sky.
But, Tsukitarou and the other foxes desperately run towards the den.
They definitely want to confirm the safety of the foxes inside.
Seeing such a delicate scene, En-san quietly descends to the ground.

En-san returns back to the small dragon form.
En-san’s small feet reach the ground.
“That… En-san…”
“Nu, what?”
“You have overdone it a little. Wasn’t there any other way to do it?”
“… It seems I have strained myself.”
“En is amazing nodeshu~”
Ado looks pleased.
She is probably pleased by the clash of two heavyweights.
It’s a scale-up of sumo.

In a little while…
Tsukitarou returns after confirming the situation in the den.
“Tokugawa-san, everyone is safe. Thank you very much.”
Tsukitarou says with its raised fluffy cheeks up.
Seems there was no damage done by En-san’s wild assault.
Good, good.
If there were any victims, the awkwardness would shot trough the roof.
“Nu, such a thing is an easy task for me.”
The relieved En-san says with a triumphant look.
Although En-san looked quite uneasy just a little while ago.
That’s some positive thinking.
“Yes, we are grateful to supreme ruler-sama.”
“Nu, respect me.”


A lot has happened, but it looks like the problems are settled.
I feel relieved.
Which reminds me, is the Tortoise alright?
Did it wake up?
I don’t see any movements in the dust cloud in the distance, though…
“Nu, Lord, I request the food which was promised.”
“Right, there was something like that.”
En-san is cunning.
I thought the matter was definitely forgotten, but it doesn’t seem like it.
Well then, what should I make…




I take a look at the ingredients in the den.
From the fruit…
Oh, there’s a lemon.
From vegetables… spring onion and tomato-like vegetables.
It seems that the ingredients in this world are quite similar.

I remember a certain dish.
Let’s start cooking it immediately.
I put finely chopped spring onions and fat extracted from the Moon Bear meat.
In a container, I retrieve it from the item box.
I sprinkle it with Aries’ salt, squeeze out a lemon juice and mix it.
With this, the sauce is complete.
Next, I soak the Moon Bear meat in water and rub it with Aries’ salt.
It’s necessary to soften the tough meat.
I wait until it permeates sufficiently.
Then, I heat up oil in the frying pan, then I put a slice of meat on the pan for approximately two minutes.
The heat is adjusted with Ado’s fire magic.
After barbequing both sides of the meat, I pour the sauce over it and it’s done!
This is it.
“Special, Spring Onion Salt sauce Moon Bear!”

“En-san, it’s done.”
“Nu, I’m tired of waiting. Let’s see, let’s see, doesn’t it have quite a pleasing smell?”
“It’s hot, please be careful.”
“Ado will also eat~”
“Oh, very well.”
Paku Paku
Musha Musha
I eat meat with everyone.

“Nu, the Moon Bear meat is so soft it melts on my tongue. The refreshing flavor of the lemon. The difference in the sauce’s temperature tickles my tongue.”
En-san reviews the dish carefully.
“Goshujin-shama~ It’s hot and co~ld. Delicious~”
Ado is grinning.
I’m glad you like it.
Paku Paku

I also start eating.
It’s yakiniku after such a long time.
The taste of the soft meat and the sauce is unbearable.
Drool comes out of my mouth while eating.
Paku Paku Paku
Good grief.
Ado and En-san seem to be greatly satisfied.
I also want to continue eating.
“Wait a moment, I will make more. Ado, fire please.”
“Immediately~ Coming~”
“Nu, I can’t wait.”

We continued the yakiniku party.

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