Chapter 25

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Anti-Golem Preparations
The fight against El Jiisan’s golems has been decided to happen after the lunch.
It seems he needs to make some preparations.
I and Ado are strolling around the Nirvana flower fields.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
There’s a reason I’m here.
It’s the preparations for the match in the afternoon.
My present weapon is Revolver Magnum.
A bullet that rampages through the opponent’s blood flow, Blood Bullet.
A bullet that tears opponent’s bones into pieces, Bone Bullet.
But, golems don’t have blood in the first place and it’s doubtful whether they have bones.
In other words, these two types of bullets won’t work.
Therefore, a new type of bullet is needed.

I gather Nirvana flowers and retrieve bones and blood from the item box.
Because of the magic training, I wasn’t able to do this recently.
I will be using the skill after a while.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
Poison Bullet, Nirvana Bullet has been created.
This bullet will allow me to apply poison from a distance.
However, will this work against the golems…

“Goshujin-shama, Goshujin-shama.”
Ado pulls on my hand.
“What’s wrong? Ado.”

Ado points at the bottom of her neck.
What is it?
I don’t see anything, but her fluffy hair…

I understand what she means.
Because the collar I have created before is now unusable because of the evolution, she may want a new one.
Can’t be helped.
Let’s make her a new one
I set up the blood and bones again.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
I created a red necklace.

“Ado, this is a present.”
“Goshujin-shama~ Thank you deshu.”
I place the necklace around Ado’s neck.
But, this… this may burst when she turns into her beast form…
Well, let’s not worry about that now.

The measures against the golems are the present problem.
Golem’s weak point… water?
Since they are made from soil, they should be weak against liquid?
If that’s the case…
“Ado, won’t you turn into a beast and take me to the river? I’d like to go to the water.”
“Alright deshu yo.”

When Ado turned into the beast, the necklace remained around her neck.
I’m glad it didn’t break.
I would get quite shocked if it burst.
Kuikui Kuikui
Ado bows her head and starts running after I get on her back.
Sasa Sasa Sasa




We have arrived at the river.
I have a feeling that Ado’s speed has increased.
I move to the shallows and scatter the bones and blood.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
I was going to create a water bullet, but it didn’t go well.
It didn’t turn solid.
I thought it would go well as the blood bullet did, but the affinity may be bad.
Let’s no give up and try again.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

Something is amiss…
I look at the Ado playing in the water nearby.
It doesn’t solidify because its density is lower than blood’s, huh…

Then… right.
There is more than enough concentration of Aries’ Salt in this river.
I change the image in my mind.
It’s not a drawing up water.
It’s not a bullet reflecting the image of freshwater.
The material is different.
What I’m making now is… white shell.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
All right!
I made it.
The name is Salt Bullet.
I may be able to defeat the golems with this.
The time is already coming too.

“Ado, we are leaving.”
“Ye~s. I caught fishes~”
Ado is holding a sack full of Ayuyu.
Today’s lunch has been decided.
I get on Ado and we return back to the Sage’s house.

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