Chapter 24

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You can Turn into a Beast… Ado
Peropero Peropero
What is it?
My cheeks are tickling.
It’s tiny and lukewarm… slightly cold feeling.
When I open my eyes…
The dog-eared Ado is licking my face.
Although I didn’t mind Earth Dog, but when it’s demi-human it’s slightly dangerous.
A cute dog-eared little girl is licking my cheeks.
Dosa Sasa
I make a distance immediately.

“Ado, wh, what are you doing?”
“Eh? What deshuka? The same thing I was doing every day~ Peropero.”

What is it?
No, it’s just a vague what, though.

“When Ado does it in a human form, that… it feels strange. Therefore, peropero is prohibited!”
“Is that so deshuka. Then, is it alright in the beast form?”
“Well, that’s right, but…”

Ado became a dog the size of a small pony right before my eyes.
You are able to do such a thing… Ado-san.


Sasa Dosa Peropero Peropero
Ado licks my face.
W, wait!
I’m pushed down and straddled.
The reincarnated Vampire-san is not so big.
Peropero Peropero
Being licked is ticklish.
It’s┬átickling too much.
“Whoa. Ado, return to your original appearance.”

Ado returns back to human form.

“Goshujin-shama. What’s wrong deshuka?”
“I, it’s nothing. I was just surprised. Rather Ado, you can turn back into the beast form?”
“Right deshu. Goshujin-shama can’t do it?”

I wonder about that.
Since I’m vampire it may be possible to transform into a bat later.
I think it’s not possible right now.
I don’t understand how anyways.
“Regretable deshu. I wanted to play together… sniff.”
Ado’s ears hung down.
I take the opportunity and free myself from Ado’s straddle.
“Well then, let’s have breakfast. There’s probably something in the living room.”

Which reminds me, what does Ado eat?
Rather, what was she eating until now?
She seems to self-supplied her food, though.

“Can Ado eat anything?”
“Ado is… Ado is… probably alright~”
“I see, not being picky is amazing”
“Ehehe~ I was praised by Goshujin-shama~”

Ado moves her tail and ears in joy.





Ado and I are in front of a table.
It’s El Jiisan’s table.
El Jiisan asked Ado to sit beside him, but Ado has refused.
Ado trottles over and sits next to me.
El Jiisan is dejected.
Rather than a member of a former hero party, he’s like Ojiichan avoided by his granddaughter.

Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
I insert my fangs into the Cypher meat and suck.
Ado stuffs her cheeks with the meat.
El Jiisan is eating the Nirvana flower.
Since he is an elf he may be a herbivore.

“Ado-chan how about a race with me. Or how about comparing magic?”
“No deshu.”
“W… why ja…”
“No deshu.”

It seems that Ado dislikes El Jiisan for some reason.
No, rather than disliking him, it seems she is not much interested in him.
No matter how temptingly El Jiisan tries, Ado always resolutely refuses.
If the legendary race is that amazing…
My leveling plan may go smoothly.
I may be able to defeat all enemies on the 50th floor with Ado.

“El Jiisan, would I be able to arrive at the gate on the 40th floor with Ado’s help?”
“Uumu, I wonder na. Ado-chan’s strength is unknown after all nou. Since she’s a legendary species I doubt that she’s weak ja rou ga… she was just born after all nou…”

“Ado is strong deshu.”
“That’s right, Ado-chan is strong.”

El Jiisan immediately changed his opinion.
But, it would be better to grasp Ado’s strength when she’s serious.
I don’t even know my own strength, though.

“Do you know where the entrance to the previous floor is? I would like to take a look at the monsters’ levels.”
“Mumu. That is dangerous ja zo. I don’t doubt your talent, but… abruptly facing monsters of the 49th level would be hard.”
“However, the monsters on this floor are too weak.”
Ja na. Earth Dog leader and Cypher are the strongest nou. U~nu, then how about this. You will level on this floor until you are able to defeat the golems which I created.”

That fellow who generally appears as an early-game boss?
If that’s the case, it may be just right.

“I will be bothering you.”
“Hohoho. My golems are strong. Feel free to go all out no ja.”

The breakfast continued like this.

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