Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ancient Species – Dog-eared Girl
“Go, goshujin-shama~ I, I would like you to stop.”
“Oh, sorry.”

I separate my hands from Ado.
Ado promptly fixes her hair.
What beautiful hair.
I think it would be better to brush them properly from now on.
There’s no brush in El Jiisan’s house so I will have to create one myself with alchemy.
Huh, now’s not the time to think about presents.

“Ado, you have snatched my rare item.”
“N? I did not. It was Ado’s present. Goshujin-shama pointed at it, saying that I can eat it.”

Ado smiles.
It seems the communication between our races created a tragedy.
Rather, if I think about it.
It was doubtful whether Ado, the Earth Dog understands me in the first place.
If you think about it, conversing with a monster is weird.
Well, can’t be helped then.

“I understand. I will let it go this time. From now on, snatching things away is prohibited.”

Ado raises her hands and answer.
Her tail suddenly raised at the same time.
I will forgive you since you are cute.

“Well then, a lot has happened today so let’s return back.”
“Deshu ne.”

Tekuteku Tekuteku Gacha
Ado followed me inside the sage’s house.
Ado is now a demi-human so she can follow me inside.
As expected, letting her continue to live in the doghouse would be awkward.

“Let’s request El Jiisan to prepare a room for Ado.”
“Ado would rather stay together in the same room with Goshujin-shama.”
Ado says teary-eyed.
Her tail hangs down, she looks like she’s going to cry any moment.
“I, is that so… let’s do that then for the time being. It would be better to tell El Jiisan that the number of residents has increased.”





I introduce Ado to El Jiisan.
“This is my first time seeing such race ja nou. What a curious race ja.”
“According to appraisal, she’s a Hell Earth Dog-Human desu.”
“Wh, wh, wh, whatatat, really? Is that true? Are you serious?”

El Jiisan trembles.
What happened? A heart attack?

“Right deshu. Ado is a Hell Earth Dog da yo.”
“I see, I see. To think I would meet a race from legends…”


Fumufumu, El Jiisan entered his own world.
Jiisan in deep thoughts gives an impression of a scholar.

“Ado, are you unusual? The description said Ancient Species.”
“Hmm. I don’t know deshu.”

That’s right, huh~
I also don’t know if Baby Vampire is unusual.
Only Appraisal-san knows everything.
El Jiisan has returned from the “Fumufumu” mode.

“You. Hell Earth Dog-Human is tremendously rare species ja. After all, species from ancient times are rarely seen. It’s a rare encounter in life ja.”

I, it is so rare, huh…
It’s on a totally different scale compared to meeting a tanuki in a city.
Ado looks somewhat very delighted.
Probably from the rare words of praise?

“It’s so legendary that even the picture book I created can’t react na.”

Which reminds me that I haven’t heard the piko~n sound.
I have completely forgotten about it, though.

“Say, Tokugawa-san. Hell Earth Dog-Human.”
“Ado is alright, El Jiisan.”
“Is alright deshu yo.”

“I see, won’t you let me examine Ado? I may be able to find out something useful to my research.”
“No, it would be better to ask Ado herself, not me.”
“But, Ado is Tokugawa-san’s lesser demon, right? It that case, it’s customary to ask the contractor.”
“That’s right deshu yo, Goshujin-shama.”

What have you just?
Ado is my lesser.
I don’t have a memory of doing something like that, though.
El Jiisan took Ado as my lesser demon contract for granted.

“Umm, I don’t understand well, though. I have formed a lesser demon contract with Ado nodesu ka?”
“Right. You didn’t do it yourself? I have thought so the moment you came back home. I have thought that you definitely made a lesser demon contract with her.”
“However, I don’t remember… Ado, when did we make a contract?”
“Uu~un. A little while ago deshu. It seem that it formed during the evolution da yo~ Since I had an insufficient amount of magic during the evolution, I have received some from Goshujin-shama~”
“I, I see…”

It may be during that time I was struck by that light.
I felt growing weak, but to think that it was from taking my magic.

“Then, is it alright for me to examine Ado? I won’t do anything strange no ja? I will do it with magic ja.”
“What do you think, Ado?”
I ask Ado.
“No deshu.”
A refusal pose.
El Jiisan drops his shoulder in disappointment.
I’m also surprised at the unexpected answer.
“I, is that no good?”
“No deshu.”
Ado stubbornly refuses.
El Jiisan looks at me.
Even if you look at me with such eyes… I have to respect Ado’s wishes.

“It’s like this, you will be able to examine Ado if her feelings change.”
“T, that so nou… she may get attached to me soon nou.”
“That won’t happen deshu.”
“Wh… how terrible no ja.”
El Jiisan receives another shock.
Because of the uncomfortableness, or my magic getting stolen, I feel drowsy.

“Well then El Jiisan, I will head to the bed for today.”
“Ado too.”
“I, I see. Then, goodnight.”
I collapse on the bed in my room.

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