Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Treasure Chest & Evolution?
I have quickly finished El Jiisan’s task.
I have decided to lie down.
Gorogoro Gorogoro

Ado is running around the Nirvana flower meadow.
That fellow is so energetic~
Which reminds me, according to Appraisal-san, Ado and the others are raising the Nirvana flowers.
So hardworking, huh.
Then, I shall cooperate a little.
Removal of the obstructing fallen tree?
Tekuteku Tekuteku
After I grab the fallen tree with both of my hands.
I pour magic inside.
I pour this time with the explosion as objective.
The magic moves from my body.
This tree…
Still has some magic remaining?
It does not seem to be empty…
Also, it seems it has roots spread on the ground…
When I poured magic inside the circuit, it went quite deep…
I have discovered some lump of energy.
The tree roots are caught in it.

This is quite bothering me.
But, the bottom is deep underground.
By sensing it with magic… I think it’s deeper than 10 meters.
Apartment’s story is about 3 meters tall, so it’s deep around the size of a 3-story apartment.
How do I dig it up?

Although there is a dog-like Ado…
As expected, “Dig here wanwan” would be probably impossible.
I got an idea.
I should just recall El Jii’s task.
I should just try to grow a part of the root.
In other words, I should grow part of the root and coil it around something bellow.
Then I should quickly try to move the root to the surface.
Fortunately, coming in contact with something bellow may not be that hard.

Since I have decided, let’s do it.
Okay, challenge!
Gabu Chiyu Chiyu
In order to not destroy the tree, I suck the overflowing magic with my fangs.
I pour magic inside the fallen tree with both of my hands.
Mukumuku Mukumuku
It seems I have successfully grown the tree roots.
The roots tangled around something in the ground.
Well then!
I grow the root upwards with all my might.

Come up!
Come to the top!
Show yourself on the surface!
I wash down the tree with my magic and bring the root up.
Myurumyurumyuru Doba
Something appeared…
A treasure chest entangled in tree root has appeared.
As expected from a dungeon.
It was buried deep in the ground, but the chest looks in a good state.

Ado seems very interested in the treasure chest.
It’s wagging its tail happily.
Well then, shall we open it?
When I open to treasure chest…
There’s some blue stone inside?
A gem… blue sapphire?
I don’t know.
That was close.
Ado is vigilantly watching the gem as it was prey.
I have to watch out.
I point at Ado.
“Listen, Ado. You can’t eat this.”
All right!
It seems to understand.
I protect the gem? with my body and call that gentleman.
That person appears at times like these.
Your expert opinion please, Appraisal-san.

Others: Transformer Gem
Description: Rare item. Allows special evolution if eaten by a monster.

Seemingly good item obtained.
Because I’m a Baby Vampire I also count as a monster.
I might evolve if I eat this.
I may be able to move to higher floors.
Will I be finally freed from Baby Vampire?
How nice~
Nice gem.
Nice stone.

Hyoi Paku Mushamusha

The Transform Gem vanished…
Huh, oi.
Ado ate it.
The rare item.
It’s munching on it with an innocent face.
Why did you do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
My precious rare item!

I grab Ado and shake it.
“Wa, spit it out! Immediately spit it out. Give me my item back!”
Just now, Ado swallowed it.

W, what.
So bright!
Ado suddenly started shining…
I reflexively release my hand from Ado.
W, what, what?
A rope of light coils around me.
I’m losing strength.
What’s this?
Am I going to get eaten by the light?
Emergency evacuation!
I quickly distance myself from Ado.


When the light disappeared… standing there was…
A small demi-human?
There’s a small girl? with dog ears and tail.
Who is this cutie?
Who is this outrageously cute child?
Who is this puppy?


The dog-person before me spoke.
Who is this child?
I feel like she resembles Ado here and there.
I don’t see Ado anywhere…
But, the large Ado became about the same size as me?
Did it become tiny with evolution?

“Y, you… are you Ado? The Earth Dog Ado?”
“That’s right deshu. I have just evolveded deshu.”

I, is that so
Is that so?
She’s moving her dog ears happily.
The tail looks fluffy.
Let’s appraise her first.

Name: Ado
Race: Hell Earth Dog-Human
Level: 1
Description: Demi-human. A monster that became human by mutation. Ancient species.
Able to use fire magic.

Mr. Appraisal.
A name has appeared…
It seems she really is Ado.
The race sounds quite dangerous.
Hell that basically means hell[2. Jigoku] right?
Rather, there seems to be fire magic in the description…
If that’s true, that’s more than I can do.
I can’t shoot fire from my hands yet, though.

“Ado. Can you use fire magic?”
“Uun. Probably~ I don’t know.”

I see, I see.
She doesn’t know.
She just evolved after all.
Really, what a reliable companion.
I mean, give me back my rare iteeeeeeeeem!
I shake with the demi-human in front of me.

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