Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Control 2
After eating the grilled Ayuyu.
My magic training with El Jii has started.

Wanting to understand my current condition, I showed him my magic control through the bone.
If it’s just a bone, I can do it without destroying it.

“I’m astonished… to make it this after only two days. You, you are not ordinary no.”
“Nono, El Jiisan’s teaching methods are splendid nodesu.”
“Hohoho. Maintaining magic in a material will exhaust your magic. It would be better to pour magic into something that has its own magic.”

Is that so?
I was trying to challenge something bigger, though.
Although the fallen tree… has exploded.

“El Jiisan. Should I stop trying it with a fallen tree?”
“Fumu. Maintaining magic inside something of that size would be difficult ja rou.”
“Is that so… so that’s why it has exploded…”
“Nunu? What you just said? The fallen tree has exploded!”

El Jiisan’s mouth opened wide.
He is that surprised.

“Yes. But, suppressing the magic wave is quite difficult.”
“I thought your magic was great, but… to think it was to such extent… Just making a material explode is normally difficult. A small bean or fruit, not a fallen tree…”
“Is that so…”
“It’s already offensive magic ja rou. It may be close to explosion magic. Nono, your talent is terrific nou.”

Fumufumu El Jiisan nods.
Jiisan has times where he enters his own world.

“El Jiisan. Then, should I try pouring magic into small things so my magic doesn’t run out?
What would be good?”
“Hmm~ What would be good ja nou. I would definitely recommend something small to an ordinary mage, but you are different. Aren’t both okay? You should alternate between them. That way, you would be able to sense the difference ja rou.”

“Alternate… is it?”
“Right. Circulation of magic isn’t different in small and large things. The problem is the magic control ja. With such large amount of magic, you won’t have any problems.”

“Then, what is the difference?”
“Usually, you borrow the magic of a magic tool and operate it with yours. Therefore, controlling a large amount of magic is difficult. Because controlling a mixture of magics is quite difficult kara nou.”

Is that so?
So you don’t use your own magic.
This might be another good thing to know.

“Then, I will continue trying magic on large things.”
“Right ja. Carefully sense the other magic if you are doing it on something which possesses magic. Overwriting the magic circuit of your target is the most important part ja. The more you suppress the target’s magic, the easier it will be for you to circulate your own magic in. Take a look, I will show you an example.”

El Jiisan plucks a Nirvana flower from the grassland.
Jiisan shouts and the Nirvana flower instantly withers.
A seed comes out.
Sage-like magic is wonderful.
I have ended up clapping my hands unconsciously.

“Right now, I have tempered with Nirvana flower’s magic circuit and concentrated on the seed. I have used only a minimum of my magic.”
“Growth promotant… That aside, the flower has magic, huh.”
“Most of the living things in this world have magic. Both small and large. The one who can control everything is called a magic master. But, such existence is just a legend nou.”

El Jiisan who is called a sage should be at the world’s peak.
I have thought that he knew everything, but…
Was I wrong?

“There is a magic that El Jiisan can’t use?”
“Of course ja. Magic has appropriateness. Although there are all-rounders, there is no one who can use every magic.”

Is that so?
The path of magic may be impossible even for sages.

“First, focus hard on growth promotant of the Nirvana flower no ja. Advancing steadily is most important.”
“Yes. I understand.”
“Umu, do your best.”


El Jiisan left.
I start practicing at once.
I take a Nirvana flower in both my hands.
I imagine warm water and pour magic in.
My magic certainly flowed in, but…
It collided with Nirvana flower’s magic and made a noise.
I try to pin it down with power.
The flower has exploded…
Petals are floating in the air.

I have done it again!
It seems I have poured way too much magic inside the Nirvana flower.
Let’s be more careful next time.
I pluck another Nirvana flower and pour magic inside.






The petals keep scattering.
A blizzard of red flowers.
How pretty~…
This is not the time for cherry blossoms viewing.
A quite delicate operating is necessary.
If it’s like this, should I use my fangs?
It may go well just like with the bones.
I will suck the overflowing magic with my fangs.

Calm down, calm down.
Since Nirvana flower contains a deadly poison I have to eat the eggshell first.
I retrieve the Vampire Egg eggshell and eat it.
I have calmed down after all.
Since it’s the first thing I have tasted after being born, I grew attached to it.
Well then!
Let’s continue.

Gabu! Chiyu Chiyu
I bite into the Nirvana flower and suck.
The magic is released at the same time!
Nirvana flower’s and my magic start mixing.
The wave came and almost blew off the flower’s magic circuit, but.
Chiyu Chiyu
I suppress the overflowing magic by sucking it through my fangs.
I may be able to control it well.
I have to pour more magic in while controlling the mixture of magic.
Yeah, yeah!
It goes smoothly.
Yea, this is it!
I pour magic inside the flower.
I did it.
Nirvana flower’s seed complete!
I was able to do the same thing El Jiisan did!

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. ‘Magic Control Lv2’ has become ‘Magic Control Lv3’.)

I have heard god’s voice.
Of course, Ado also barked in joy.
“There, there.”
I pat Ado’s head.


El Jiisan sat down on a couch in the house.
The first-rate food he ate just a while ago.
He starts drooling just from remembering the Ayuyu’s taste.

(Delicious nou. That grilled fish. Although I already thought that I won’t get interested in food again. My curiosity in food was sparkled again.)

El Jiisan thinks about Tokugawa-san’s magic.

(That Baby Vampire. Enough magic power to make a fallen tree explode, huh… The magic I have felt inside him is not ordinary after all. I must guide him on how to control it properly.)

(However… this time’s assignment may have been too early. Growth promotant is difficult kara nou. It’s not magic an elementary level mage can do. But, if it’s him… he may learn something from it…)

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