Chapter 20

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Grilled Ayuyu
First, the processing.
I use the cooking set I borrowed from El Jiisan.
I place the Ayuyu on the chopping board, remove the scales with the knife and wash the slimy stuff off with water.
I open its stomach with the kitchen knife and remove the internal organs.
I rinse it with water again and remove the blood.
This is the appearance of the『Aries’ Salt』.
I sprinkle both sides of the Ayuyu with salt.
Okay! On the netting.
Juwa~ Pachipachipachi
I wait until the oil starts jumping on the grill net.
Even white smoke starts coming out.
Patapatapata Patapatapata
I fan the Ayuyu with a big leaf I’ve picked up.

Ado watches the Ayuyu greedily.
I heard a gulping sound.

“Wait, Ado. Don’t snatch the Ayuyu without warning.”
Juwa~ Pachipachipachi
A pleasant smell drifts from the grill.
I can’t get enough of that delicious fragrance.
I swallow my drool unconsciously.
But, wait, wait.
I must not get impatient.
I must grill it from the other side.

Juwa~ Pachipachipachi
Oil flies out of the Ayuyu.
Patapatapata Patapatapata
I fan the grill with a leaf.
Juwa~ Juwa~ Pachipachi

I remove the Ayuyu from the grill net.
When I sprinkle it with salt again, I got a pachipachi response.
This fragrant scent is too much.
I want to sink my teeth in it right away.
I swallow my saliva.
I grasp the chopsticks.


I peel the Ayuyu’s skin and eat.
This is impossibly delicious.
This is dangerous.
The inside of my mouth is melting.
To think a grilled fish would be this good.
Ayuyu’s rich taste enhanced by Aries’ Salt’s sweetness and saltiness.
Fused together in the oil.

“Wanwan Wanwan.”
Ado rubs its head on me with sparkling eyes.
“Alright, alright. I will also give you.”
I give Ado half of the Ayuyu.
Paku Mushamusha
Ado lets out a strange noise.
It may be that delicious.
Its tail sways vigorously.

“Oh, what, what! I smell something good. What are you eating ja?”
It seems that El Jiisan was brought here by the scent.

“It’s grilled Ayuyu. I have used Aries’ Salt which I produced by evaporating the river water.”
“Hohou. That’s quite… Gulp.”
“There’s also El Jiisan’s share.”
“R, really!”
El Jiisan jumps in.

“Yes. Over here.”
I hand one over.

“Hoho~u. It looks delicious nou. Eating something else than Cypher meat and Nirvana Flower might be good.”
“It’s hot so be careful.”
“Well then, itadakunoja.”
“H, how… melting… delicious.”
Paku Paku Paku
El Jiisan eats with an amazing vigor.

“Amazing nou. You. To think you would also be this talented in cooking. How frightening no ja… after this much, I can’t just leave ja ro? Wait a moment.”


El Jiisan searches through his item box and hands me ten gold coins.
I see these for the first time… gold coins.
It’s shining wonderfully.
A gold atomic bomb.

Others: Gold coin
Description: Currency. White Gold coin > Blue Gold coin >Gold coin > Silver coin > Copper coin.
When converted to Japanse yen.
White Gold coin = 1,000,000
Blue Gold coin = 100,000
Gold coin = 10,000
Silver coin = 1,000
Copper coin = 100

Nice information.
Huh, I have just received 100,000 for a single grilled fish.
As expected, this is too much.

“Nono, I can’t receive this.”
“It’s alright no ja. Accept it. There’s no need to worry, I have more money than I need ja. Money is not necessarily needed in this place nou.”

“Haha~ Well then, I will gratefully accept it.”

I put the gold coins inside the item box.
Money will be necessary once I leave the dungeon.
It would be better to have some on me.

“However, Ayuyu is especially delicious. Sprinkling it with the salt…”

Ell Jiisan is a sage.
He might know the value of this Aries’ Salt.

“El Jiisan. This salt. For how much would this Aries’ Salt sell for?”
“I can’t tell. I’m ignorant of the worldly affairs~ I am confined in here for way too long. However, because of such deliciousness… One or two gold for a gram wouldn’t be wrong.”

S, seriously…
10,000 yen per 1g.
Two Gold coins for gram would be 20,000 yen per 1g.
Salt over gold, huh…
A white jewel.

With “Aries’ Salt” the road to becoming a millionaire is not far.
1g for 2 Gold coins.
In other words, 1kg for 2,000 gold coins.
That will be 20,000,000.

I may do this when I get outside.
But, there’s a problem before that.
Because it’s doubtful if I can even leave this dungeon.
I must steadily level up to the point I can defeat enemies on the other floors.

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