Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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River & Salt Making
After we to the river, Ado starts bathing.
The water splashes my way.
He’s comfortably playing in high spirits.
The water transparent, dazzling water reaches up to my knees.
To think there would be a river in a dungeon…
Is this groundwater?

I finally after a long time, rather I’m bathing for the first time since being born.
I feel like my heart is being washed.
I don’t get much dirty because I’m a Vampire, but the cold water feels nice.
However, I thought incidentally.
Is this water drinkable?
It may not be a problem for me who have a『Poison Resistance』and『Food Poisoning Resistance』, but…
It’s that person’s turn.
Appraisal-san, if I could trouble you.

Others: River
Description: Lovely clear stream. High purity. Drinkable.

Apparently, it’s drinkable.
Well then, I scoop water with my hand.
Cold water goes through my throat.
A deliciousness different from Nirvana Flower’s juice.
Water is delicious after all.
There’s no sweetness, but it’s refreshing.
Being called the source of life is not just for the show.

Basha Pechipechi Pechipechi
When Ado bashed the water surface, a fish jumped out.
Nice going, Ado.
It seems proud of catching the fish.
Fish catching master, Ado.
A dog? that uses his paws in the same manner bears do.



While basking in the sun…
Ado brings another fish.
“Thank you.”
I receive the fish and observe it.
A normal river fish-like feeling, huh.
Although I am not knowledgeable enough to classify it.
Because I only saw raw fish in supermarkets. Probably.
Well then, I would like to ask you again.
Mr. Appraisal.

Classification: Ayuyu
Description: Fish inhabiting rivers. Edible fish. Matches well with algae.
Brought up in the lakes and seas, goes up the river after getting big.
Adult fish can grow up to 30cm. Popular grilled with salt.

This is… a sweetfish.
It is well-known on Japanese dining tables.
I got hungry just from appraisal’s words.
I assume that there’s salt in this world since it’s popular grilled?
Since this is the 50th floor, we are most likely underground.
If this world is similar in structure to Japan.
The water should move in this cycle “Rain→Groundwater・River→Sea→Rain”.
This means that the salt which was originally on the surface got dissolved in the water…
There may still be salt in this groundwater.
I may be able to make salt if I bring some water home with me…

Let’s give it a try.
If I’m not mistaken, there should be a container fixed in the item box I have received from El Jiisan.
There it is.
Chapun Chapon
I collect water in the container.
I take as much water as possible.
Not feeling the weight of the item box is seriously convenient.
Now then, now then.
I bathed and also got some fish.
We should return back.

“Ado, let’s go.”
I climb on Ado who lowered its head and we return home.




When I return back home and ask El Jii about the salt,

“Salt? Salt is a luxury ingredient ja kara nou… it’s not easy to get ja ro.”


I’m glad I have confirmed the existence of the salt for the time being.
However, a luxury ingredient…
Why is that so?

“El Jiisan, why is it a luxury ingredient?”
“There are not much rock salt mines ja. Rock salts are usually swarmed with strong monsters nou. It takes too many expenses to overtake no ja.”

Are? Why don’t they produce salt from the seas?
I have heard that they evaporating the seawater, though.

“There’s a method to get salt differently. Are you not getting salt from the seawater nodesu?”
“We are doing that, but the amount obtained is minuscule ja. And above all, the seawater salt is bad. It’s not popular.”

This world’s salt may not be that different from Japan’s.

“I have fetched water from the nearby river and I’d like to evaporate it, but.
Is there a way to get fire?”
“The river’s water… which reminds me that I have never tried to evaporate it. You have thought of something interesting ja nou… However, I’m able to use fire magic nou. Magic tools… don’t suit me.”

El Jiisan searches through his item box.

“Oh, this ja, this. Bracelet of Flames. Anyone with magic can use this to start a bonfire ja. You can use this. You will somewhat understand how to use it after putting it on your arm ja rou.”
“Thank you very much.”

I receive the bracelet and go outside the house.
I have borrowed a container from El Jiisan.
I pour the river water inside the container and remove the dirt.
Clean water filtered several times.

Next, I put the container full of river water on netting and put dry wood underneath.
When I put the bracelet on my right hand.
An image on how to use the bracelet floats inside my mind.
When I extend my right hand towards the dry wood and pour magic inside,
A flame came out.
The dry wood caught on fire.
I and Ado watch attentively.

Soon, the water starts turning muddy, but that’s not the salt so I leave it alone.
I filter the salt at the bottom of the container again.
After putting it back in the container again, it completely crystallizes.
It’s done!

I put a finger in after it cools down and taste it.
But, it’s sweet for some reason, this salt.
Absurdly delicious.
It may be different from ordinary salt.
In such times, that person appears.
You expert opinion please, Appraisal-san.

Others: Aries’ Salt
Description: Charming salt from the Great Dungeon of Aries. Specific location is unknown.
A rare fusion of sweetness and saltiness. A high-class article only for people in the known.

W, what you said…
I feel like I have made something great, but.
Location is unknown…
I have made it from the river water on the 50th floor, though.
Won’t I make mad profits if I sell this outside?

No, no.
My eyes almost turned into dollars.
I was in the middle of cooking.
Well, I was able to make the salt, let’s start grilling the Ayuyu now.

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