Chapter 18

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Training ~ Magic Control




I pour the magic, the bone breaks.
I can’t control my magic well.
Something like shaking comes soon, which causes me to pour too much magic.
The magic circuit itself may be fragile because it is just a bone after all.

It may be better to take a rest for a while.
I’m able to only pour the magic.
The problem is the uncontrollable quantity.
I have to somehow stabilize the magic.

I may get used to it after repeating it many times.
Isn’t there a better way~?
That’s right!
What about that method?

I pierce the bone with my fangs.
I pour in the magic with my right hand while biting the bone with my fangs.
I hope that this will allow me to hold the magic down, but…
It came, the wave!
I suck the overflowing magic with my fangs.
Chiyu Chiyu
The bone didn’t break.
I’m pouring in a suitable amount of magic.
I may be able to continue like this.

I continue pouring the magic for a while.
Sometimes, a big wave of magic comes, but I suck that with my fangs.
Because the magic returns back to my body, it’s not being wasted.
Because I have experienced the wave many times now, I’m able to get down the timing.
I’m able to regulate the amount of magic in advance.
Like this.
Nono, it’s different.
Like this?
I did it!
I became able to pour magic into the bone even without sucking with my fangs.
The control of the magic wave is important.
I’m able to pour the stable amount of magic after grasping the wave’s timing.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Magic Control Lv1” has become “Magic Control Lv2”.)

Level up.
It seems that the magic wave was the obstruction.

Let’s end for today.
Since I have leveled up.
I’m tired as expected.
I want to get to bed soon.
My energy is dried to the bones.

I quickly move and collapse on the bed.
Batan Mofu
I sink and melt inside the angelic bed.





The next day.

“Hello, Tokugawa desu. I’m a Baby Vampire, by the way.”

I introduce myself to Ado.
Ado has a puzzled expression.
It’s scratching its head with its forefoot…
Is it itchy?


It doesn’t sound right for some reason.
Why is it?
I may not be Tokugawa.
Although when El Jiisan asked about my name, I had the feeling『I’m Tokugawa!』.

Well, putting that aside.
Now then, now then.
Let’s pull myself together and start the Magic Control training.

The magic went well while hitting the bone.
Because of that, I was able to learn the control method of the wave quite well.
Let’s try something bigger next.

Something at hand…


I meet Ado’s eyes.
Practice for pouring magic inside living thigs…
There’s a magic circuit inside the ribs.
Are the magic circuits different in my body?

“Kyan, kyan.”

Ado stares at me nervously.
It’s okay, Ado.
I won’t experiment on you.
An inanimate object is first.
I want to practice on a big one.

Let’s try it on the fallen tree over there.
A lot of time has probably passed since it has fallen, so there most likely won’t be any magic left in it.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I grab the fallen tree with both of my hands and grab, I bite it with my fangs.
I’m like an insect sucking nectar.

Well then, magic unleash.
I can tell that warm water is flowing inside the fallen tree.
As I thought.
The fallen tree seems to by dried out so the magic is pouring down the circuits.
I confirm the magic circulation while pouring.
I continue pouring my magic, gradually filling the fallen tree up.
I circulate the magic in the same circuit again to stabilize it.
The magic wave suddenly came.
The timing is different from the bone.
The waves may be different in each and everything.
I suck with my fangs, trying to keep the wave down.

Urgent evacuation.
The moment I separate from the fallen tree.
The fallen tree explodes into a thousand pieces.


Ado on the side became covered in small wooden pieces.
It shakes trying to shake off the small pieces from its body.

“Are you okay, Ado?”
“Wan, wan.”

It should be better to wash it off.
Is there a river or something close?
Since El Jiisan lives here, there should be something.
Since Ado and the others live here, wouldn’t Ado know?

“Ado? Do you know where a river or a pond is?”

It lowers its head, saying get on.
I get on Ado and it starts running.

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