Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Unleashed… You Are… a Genius
“Well then, let’s start the magic unleashing training ja. If you can’t unleash the magic there would be no meaning to your talent nou.”

“First, you must memorize the feeling of magic circulation ja. I will pour magic into your body, do your best to memorize that feeling no ja. Here I go.”

El Jii puts his finger on my forehead.
Thereupon, I feel something like a warm liquid flowing through my body.
It’s similar to a circulation of blood, but… slightly different.

I concentrate and memorize that feeling.
I trace the stream of warm liquid inside my body.
I’m convinced that it’s operated like water.

The flow suddenly stops.
El Jiisan withdrew his finger.

“That’s it, that feeling was the circulation of magic. It may feel unpleasant at the beginning, but you will get used to it in no time jarou. If not, you won’t be able to use magic nou. I will do it once more.”

El Jiisan pours warm water inside my body.
But, a magma-like substance within me opposes it.
It forces El Jissan’s water back.

“W, what… this magic!”

When El Jiisan withdraws his finger, the interior of my body calms down.
Jiisan quivers while clattering with his teeth.
His long beard sways.

“What’s wrong?”
“No… inside you… there’s something strange… You, did you really not used magic until now?”

“Yes, I have just been born.”
“I see… it may be just my imagination… That was the feeling of magic, you must remember that feeling in order to use magic. That is the first step ja.”

I slowly recall the feeling from a little while ago and try to circulate the water inside my body.
If I’m not mistaken, circulate the warm water like this…
Through this circuit…
Go to this place…
Turn that way…
The water’s temperature about this much…

When I control the water inside my body.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Magic Control Lv1” acquired.)


“Nu, wh, what you…”

El Jiisan exclaims in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”
“Why are you asking, didn’t you just unleash magic no ja…”

“Eh. It wasn’t such a practice…? I have just traced the feeling from a little while though.”

“That is amazing no ja. A normal fellow wouldn’t be able to do that. Magic Control is hard no ja. A delicacy and precision similar to threading a needle is needed ja zo. It took nearly a week for a genius like myself to do it no ja. It’s normal to not be able to do it even after a month. To do it in only in several seconds… a genius!”

I circulate the magic while listening to the surprised El Jii.
Circulating the warm water feels nice.
My body is warming up.

“Y, you are… a monster.”

El Jiisan is frozen stiff.
He started moving.

“Wonferful nou. I got goose bumps ja. However, be careful no ja. Since you have learned Magic Control, be careful to not get drunk from magic nou. Training steadily is the most important ja. It would be better to just get used to magic today.”
“I understand.”
“Umu, work hard no ja.”

El Jiisan leaves.
I continue circulating magic, the warm water around my body.
I circulate it in circles.
This is magic…
It’s so mysterious.
It seems to be circulating in a different circuit than blood.

I sit on a fallen tree in grassland for the sake of relaxing and continue earnestly circulating the magic in my body.
The warmth is pleasant.
I want to indulge myself in this feeling forever.
I think that’s only natural.

“Ku~on, ku~on.”
The Earth Dog Ado is coming.
It may have been attracted by the magic.
It licks my face while I earnestly practice.
I’m training magic nodesu.
This is Sparta desu.

I rotate the magic around my body.
My body is somewhat creaking.
I have a burning headache.
A stinging pain.

T, this is bad…
It seems that instead of warm water, a magma is circulating around my body.
Let’s stop.
More than this may be dangerous.
But, at that moment.
The magic suddenly swelled up.
I heard the sound of something being snapped and lost consciousness.





“Wanwan Wanwan.”
It seems that I have suddenly lost consciousness.
Ado is licking my face.
It’s wagging its tail anxiously.
I’m alright, I pat its head.

Ah, pain!
My entire body is sore.
I may have used way too much magic.
But, I want to quickly circulate the magic again so I don’t lose that feeling.
I should do it again.
An imagine of water circulating inside me floats in my mind.
I open the waterway and pour magic in.
I circulate the magic while paying attention to the water’s temperature.

The water temperature increased halfway in after all.
The temperature gradually rises while I circulate the magic.
And when the temperature rises, the pain also increases.
I have lost consciousness.




“Wanwan Wanwan.”
I seem to have fainted again.
My whole body creaks from pain.
Experimenting with my own magic circuit may not have been a good idea.
If that’s the case…
I retrieve a bone from my item box.
I pour the magic inside the bone say the way I pour it inside my body.

I feel something.
As expected, bones may be magic’s circuits.
I’m able to sense the route the magic is spreading.

It broke.
I may have poured more than the bone can tolerate.
It may have broken because of that.
Let’s be more careful next time.
I will pour magic inside the bone while observing it’s maximum tolerance.

I retrieve a bone from the item box again and pour magic inside.
All right.
Good condition.
I pour magic in the circuit, it makes a path,
Then I slowly circulate it through the entire bone.
Carefully, not letting the magic overflow.
Slowly and carefully.
I carefully pour magic inside the circuits.

It broke again.
This is quite difficult.
But, it’s intriguing.
I understand that it gradually gets smoother and smoother, I will definitely succeed.
I take out another bone from the item box and continue pouring my magic power inside.




El Jiisan is looking outside from the house.
He is observing the baby vampire Tokugawa-san.
He carefully observes him who showed extraordinary talent in magic.

(That guy… he really is magnificent. This is my first time seeing someone with such magic talent. He’s even above me, who is considered a genius among elves. A talent is a terrific thing…)

(Besides… the strong magic I felt inside his body. Just what… was that? I felt threatened just by touching it. Who would have thought? That I would get goosebumps at this age…)

Right now, El Jiisan is watching Tokugawa-san pull out a bone from his item box.
He starts concentrating at the bone in his hand.

(Mu. Perhaps that fellow… He can pour magic into the material? Magic is controlled within one’s body. Unleashing magic is a considerably difficult thing to do. There are many who can’t pour magic into materials.)

The bone in Tokugawa’s hand breaks.

(W, what… he broke the bone on the first try. Just how much magic did he pour in it? Average people won’t be able to destroy materials while pouring magic in. That was a splendid magic attack.)

After El Jiisan trembles in surprise, Tokugawa-san pulls out another bone.

(How fierce nou. The purity of his magic that can destroy material so easily. The quantity that causes him to break bones and faint many times. His potential is horrific… I must guide him properly… if not, a calamity may fall on this world. Tremendous magic is not necessarily a good thing nou.)

El Jiisan strokes his beard and thinks.
What should he do for Tokugawa-san’s future?
How should he guide that enormous talent?

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